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Retired Army Master Sgt. CEDRIC KING retired after two tours of Afghanistan.  After surviving a blast from an improvised explosive device on 2012, King Trained and recovered, and within 21 months ran the Boston Marathon on prosthetic blades.  His story is only just the beginning as he finds opportunities to encourage and lead millions of us with his inspiration.

Tim Gard Thriving Even In Times Of Stress – International Keynote and Workshop presenter TIM GARD’s customized programs concentrate on how to thrive even when you have little control over external circumstances. With more than 20 years’ experience doing just that, Tim offers a variety of programs specifically designed to help his audiences thrive despite their particular stresses.

From the rubble: 9/11 survivor picks up pieces. GENELLE GUZMAN, THE LAST PERSON RESCUED ON 9/11 experienced a miracle after 27 hours. Only one explanation really makes sense. . .
If you believe in miracles, Genelle’s survival was just that – a miracle. “Somebody had to be the last”


A police officer trapped inside a burning vehicle, Jason suffered extreme burns to over 40% of his body, dramatically altering his appearance.  His incredible story of survival is now his calling, sharing a new perspective on life, rebirth and transformation in an event you’ll never forget. 


Johnny Quinn is a former pro football wide receiver, U.S. Bobsled Olympian, and International Keynote Speaker with a new perspective on life, rebirth and transformation in an event you’ll never forget.

Colonel Greg Gadson
survived the worst of war. His life is a portrait of courage in the face of great adversity.
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Emmitt Smith

Entrepreneur, Motivational Speaker, bestselling author, and one of the most valuable personal brands in the sports-entertainment field

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Erik Ronningen
1st Lt United States Army Corps of Engineers. The last person to escape the South Tower of the World Trade Center on September 11th before it collapsed.
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LT. GENERAL WILLIAM GUS PAGONIS was the director of Logistics during the Gulf War
BRIGADIER GENERAL NICK HALLEY has commanded soldiers in combat in Viet Nam, Grenada and Desert Storm.
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Shawn Harper
Shawn is a former NFL offensive lineman. For over 25 years, this gifted motivational and inspirational powerhouse has helped break the chains holding individuals, teams & businesses down in defeat!
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Kathy Buckley
Hearing impaired Comedian, Thought Leader and Motivational Keynote Speaker
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Charlie Plumb
Former Fighter Pilot, Keynote Speaker, Six-year prisoner of war
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Kizer and Bender

• Advertising Tricks of the Trade
• Re-Energizing Your Business
• Neutralizing Your Competition
• Sore Planning, Design and Visual Merchandising
• Creating Traffic-Building Events and Promotions
• Branding Made Easy

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Brian Redman
Sportscar Champion

Dr. Tanya Balov

Weight / Mgmt / Education

Hurley Haywood
Porsche Driver

Devon Harris
Jamaican Bobsled Team Captain

David Hobbs
Formula One

Susan Brooks,

Dennis Gage  
My Classic Car

Jessica Cox
Born without arms, Jessica Cox is recognized internationally as a highly sought after inspirational keynote speaker
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Darren Law
Automotive Personality

Lt. Col Joseph Ruffini, USA (Ret)
Security, counter-terrorist ops and more.

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