Jef Gray

JEF GRAY    –    CBA Speakers Bureau
Social Media Expert, Technologist, Artist

Jef designs and manages web solutions for various business and corporate development projects. He is a “whole project person” rather than a dedicated programmer, who also enjoys design, workflow and face to face interaction. Jef is an expert in:
•  Automation Development      •  Web Technology
•  Marketing / Advertising           •  Creative/Design

Jef Gray is a technology executive and entrepreneur who began his career in the US Air Force and then transitioned into the corporate technology world. He has led large scale projects in both military, government and private business. His interest in international business led him to explore and become a success in the East European market as both a business man and philanthropist. His expertise in web solutions and deployment of new technology brings a refreshing mix of real world experiences that are easy to apply in the work place.


Social Media and the Bottom Line: The number of fans or followers are simply an ego with no value unless you monetize and culture the interaction you have with your unique group. It’s not enough to be popular or recognized, you must find creative ways to engage and direct your following to a desired result-like buying your product or service.  Presentation and a demonstration of the technology/tools used in the industry will bring a quick result in launching or harvesting your social media investment.

The Modern Web- a storm of change approaches: Open source code, mobile devices, search engines, social media and ecommerce have given rise to the next generation of Internet presence. What’s the next step and where should you be focused to remain competitive? There is a paradigm shift coming that will change the landscape of the traditional web into something as expected and ever present as electricity. This presentation illustrates cases already taking place that have changed telephony, television, marketing, purchasing, stock prices, and more.

Automate Now! Paper is Evil: The hidden costs of paper based systems in any organization are shocking. This presentation reveals lessons learned and success stories for offices and companies that made the change in automating their approvals and workflows and the latent benefits the new technology uncovered. It will also provide solutions and next steps for making the shift from paper to digital.

Doing Business with Eastern Europeans: The ethics, culture, mentality and tactics can be mysterious but the results of a successful business agreement with these companies can be extremely lucrative. Eastern Europe operates on a different demand principle than the United States and the nuances between the cultures can make a simple gesture offensive or close the door forever.  Learn the facts about the culture, history and modern thinking in Russia, Ukraine and Belarus. The upcoming generation is completely different than their 10 year senior peers, and even more removed from the post-Soviet generation currently in power.

Social Media “Wonders and Blunders”  Being present in Social Media is no longer a concept waiting to be proven, it’s here and part of any modern marketing plan. There are successes and pitfalls with any emerging technology, especially one that has grown as rapidly as the social media network.

Jef will present an engaging look at Social Media “Wonders and Blunders” taking your audience on a media rich journey of amazing successes to epic fails. This is more than a case study, it’s information you can use the same day to fine tune your marketing efforts while spotting potential gaps in the customer experience.

 “No one will ever pay you to play video games!”   Unless you’re talking about Gamification strategy.  In this presentation, Jef reveals the evolution of customer reward programs and how the mix of online commerce and interactive media have created a new niche that is making companies rethink their channel markets, demographics and product development.

Once upon a time there were reward cards offering points for everything from free meals to airline tickets. These were straight forward programs based on a singular element: The more you buy, the more points you earn. Things are different today, people share, like, rate and comment on products of all shapes and sizes. And their friends and other consumers are paying attention.  Jef will explain how  a rewards system, wrapped in a gaming environment can benefit retailers in a huge way.

Platform Wars for the Mobile Consumer  There is a plethora of devices in the market place and consumers have yet to pick a “winner” beyond a 65% market share.  If you’re looking to launch an “App” you should prepare for an entire new vocabulary on device operating systems, distribution requirements and user testing.

Jef will present the top channels in mobile development market, comparing the individual strengths of each and how to reduce the duplication effort of producing an app for multiple platforms.

Full Biography

Jef has over 25 years of international I.T. success as a decorated veteran, award winning specialist and technology leader in corporate, government and private business. Beginning in the US Air Force, he became an agent of change, launching large scale projects including air traffic control, weather, secured communications and automation systems. He then transitioned into civilian life and led modernization projects for legal, real estate and public power markets.

Jef then set his sights on web based international projects and became a recognized leader with East European communities as a successful entrepreneur and philanthropist.

His reputation for excellence caught the eye of Radio Disney, where he is regularly interviewed on Internet Safety for children. He has also been interviewed by the Voice of Russia and WebMir TV regarding the development of the Russian speaking community in the US.

He is currently the Vice President of Information Technology for the Kissimmee Utility Authority, CEO of American Experience, an international travel and web consulting company, and the publisher of Florida Russian Lifestyle Magazine. Gray also serves as board chairman for the Russian- American Community Center of Florida.

Gray holds two Associate of Science degrees from the Community College of the Air Force, and a Bachelor of Science in Liberal Arts from the University of the State of New York, Regents College

Expertise:  BUSINESS | Communication | Creativity | Design | Information Technology | Networking | SALES / MARKETING | Social Media / Networking | TECHNOLOGY | Technology | Telecommunications | The Internet | Training