Dave Dravecky

Dave Dravecky has been speaking professionally for over a decade, delivering inspirational and motivational speeches to a wide variety of audiences across the country. Dravecky was first thrust into the public spotlight when his career as a major league baseball pitcher took off, spotlighting him as a brilliant “southpaw” for the San Francisco Giants. Shortly after realizing his lifelong dream, he was diagnosed with cancer, a desmoid tumor, in the deltoid muscle of his pitching arm. The next years were a whirlwind of surgery, radiation, pain and depression. Eventually, Dravecky’s arm was amputated to stop the spread of the cancer and thus save his life. Through his personal experience, he addresses loss and suffering, faith, encouragement and hope, reaching out to others, and saying goodbye to the past.


  • The Value of Relationships
  • Authentic Living


Expertise:  Authors | Baseball | CELEBRITIES | HUMAN RESOURCES | Inspiring Lives | MOTIVATION / INSPIRATION | Overcomers / Adversity | SPORTS