Seth Mattison

Are you struggling with generational issues? Charged with understanding the newly-hired Millennials flooding into your workplace? Are you looking for an insightful presentation on the hottest talent trends accompanied by practical, applicable solutions? Millennial expert on the generations, Seth Mattison has the answers, delivered in an engaging, thought-provoking, media-rich presentation that leaves audiences spellbound. Seth is one of The Generations People who make up BridgeWorks’ multigenerational team of experts and speakers.

Individually and together they deliver highly customized, high energy keynotes and workshops that entertain and enlighten audiences and leave them with plenty of practical, take home tips. Mattison is an optimistic go-getter who wants to make a difference for workers and employers alike, his messages are already helping managers maximize the capabilities of their young talent and bring about genuine connections with their experienced workforce. He has a unique ability to help all four generations recognize not only their differences, but their commonalities and to laugh at their own misconceptions.

Mattison served as the voice of the Millennials for the recently-released The M-Factor: How the Millennial Generation Is Rocking the Workplace (HarperBusiness 2010). He has conducted numerous one-on-one interviews with both Millennials and top executives to discover firsthand the ways in which his generation is shaking up today’s business world. In addition, he has worked with companies as diverse as G.E., General Mills, Prudential, and The University of Notre Dame. His keynote speeches and workshops offer valuable insights and actionable solutions that Traditionalists, Boomers, Gen Xers and Millennials can use to bridge generational gaps, become more productive, and achieve organizational success.


Rocking the Workplace: Managing and Leading Four Generations
If you think you’ve heard the generations topic before, guess again. The team that brought you the best-selling book, When Generations Collide, uses cutting-edge research, multimedia, stats and case studies to highlight what it’s going to take to attract and retain the best and brightest talent of every age. Find out…

  • What makes the generations so different—and so perplexing?
  • How will demographic shifts drastically change the ways we recruit, retain and manage in the next decade?
  • How do you engage one generation without alienating another?
  • What can leaders do now to plan for succession and win the war for talent?

The M-Factor: Seven Ways the Millennial Generation Is Shaking Things Up at Work
Eighty million Millennials are flooding into the workplace and clashing with the generations already there. Learn the seven surprising trends that shaped this influential generation and the best tips and techniques for managing them. Based on the brand new best-seller, The M-Factor. Learn…

  • How you can win the war for young talent and become the place Millennials want to work
  • The keys for bridging communication gaps between texters, tweeters, and traditional communicators
  • How to handle entitlement
  • What it takes to engage Millennials without alienating the other generations

Selling and Marketing to the Generations
Markets are becoming increasingly segmented and one size no longer fits all clients and customers. This presentation reveals the hot buttons and preferences of Traditionalists, Boomers, Xers, and Millennials that marketers and sales people need to know to connect. This isn’t about inventing a new selling system—it’s about adding a generational lens to your already successful approach. Learn…

  • What should sales people do to customize their message to each generation they sell to?
  • What should managers know to coach all the generations on their sales team?
  • How can marketers target campaigns to one generation without turning off another?
  • How can you put a generational lens on your company’s selling system to make it even more impactful?

Just for Associations:

Engaging Four Generations of Members
Generation gaps are making it nearly impossible to meet the needs of every generation of members. This program reveals how to connect with each cohort and create loyalty with every generation. You can’t afford not to see the association world through a generational lens. Topics include…

  • How do you convince the generations to get involved with your association and stay committed?
  • How can you connect with loyal traditional members while getting the young ones in the door?
  • How can you engage four very diverse generations of staff?

Each presentation is customized to your event, audience, and objectives

Full Biography

Seth Mattison is an internationally renowned expert on workforce trends and generational dynamics. His presentations bring an entirely unexpected perspective on the future of work, talent, innovation, and the generations. With a passion for helping to create greater understanding and collaboration between the generations, Seth brings a tenacious energy to the stage that deeply resonates with audience members of every generation.

With his finger on the pulse of today’s changing workforce, Seth blends storytelling from his own personal experiences working with many of the Fortune 100 companies along with leading edge research to shed new light on the key trends impacting each generation today. His engaging and highly customized programs provide insight into how each generation developed its core values, how those values manifest in the workplace today, and why they can not only operate alongside each other, but can do so with extraordinary success.

Seth’s programs will validate some of your suspicions, cause you to question others, and open your eyes to new ways of thinking about and communicating with colleagues of all ages. His messages help leaders/managers maximize the capabilities of their young talent, as well as maintain connections with their experienced workforce, to drive innovation and sustainability and create engaging environments for employees, customers and members.

Seth currently resides in Los Angeles, CA where he spends his free time enjoying the outdoors, playing sports, and traveling with his fiancé. To speak with Seth about how he can customize a speech for your next event.