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Tom DeLuca has perfected programs that are entertaining, dynamic and results-oriented. “Theatre of the Imagination” and “Power Napping®” are targeted to business people who may be threatened by exhaustion and anxiety, or who are simply in need of an entertaining escape. Innovation can only come from the imagination, and Tom DeLuca’s hypnosis performance shows how innovative people can be when they’re relaxed and free of pressure. DeLuca’s show gets volunteers to break through mental barriers by allowing them to use their own creativity to fuel the show. Audiences are amazed at the incredible ideas that come from their peers. DeLuca creates a memorable experience that will have everyone howling with laughter. Once they get started, even the skeptics will be laughing too hard to doubt the power of suggestion.

The spontaneity and warmth of his live shows have made Tom DeLuca a frequent guest on television talk shows.


Corporate Hypnosis®
Tom DeLuca’s Corporate Hypnosis® Show is unique because it weaves together the light-hearted fun of a comedy show with the motivational message of a corporate presentation and a hypnosis show, all within the theme of the event. DeLuca creates an event to address your organization’s specific needs, and the applications of this show are vast. Whether it’s teambuilding, banquet entertainment, sales meetings, customer service conferences, incentive programs, general sessions, training or management conferences, Tom DeLuca’s show will deliver. Find out for yourself why America’s business leaders believe that Tom DeLuca has turned hypnosis into an art form.

Power Napping®
Heighten brainpower? Stress less? Re-energize performance? Things we’d all like to do, yes? NASA studies show that after a single 25-minute nap, pilots’ alertness and performance levels are enhanced. The front page of The Wall Street Journal, Dateline NBC and PBS have all focused attention on Tom DeLuca’s Power Napping® technique. Both TV programs targeted businesses that are getting hip to the way naps can actually benefit the company: When given the tools to restore mental energy, employees can work more effectively toward company goals. Power Napping® helps people move quickly into a deep state of rest for short periods of time. While this may sound like a loafer’s creative excuse, it is actually a practical personal skill that is invaluable in today’s stressful business environment. Executives, sales people and managers use DeLuca’s innovative technique to deeply relax and revive themselves within 20 minutes. Why not leave your next program with actual benefits not buzzwords? Learn how to recapture the energy lost when burning the candle at both ends.

ImaginAction! Workshop- Supercharge your Subconscious!!®
ImaginAction is a program that focuses your imagination on what you want to accomplish. WE often imagine what we want… but why don’t we achieve it? Tom will show you how to fill your imagination with the goals that you want AND keep them on track! ImaginAction works, because it teaches you how to seed your imagination with the goals you want and turn them into reality. Tom teaches you how to use your imagination at its DEEPEST levels.

Tom demonstrates how the suggestions we receive from other people combine with our own self-talk to shape our behavior – for better or worse. ImaginAction! is an exciting program that teaches you how to re-train your brain and focus your imagination on what you want to accomplish. Positive change begins when you seed your imagination with the goals that you want to achieve.

This is an interactive and fun presentation in which Tom will illustrate how suggestions, good or bad, become our reality.
In this program you will learn how to:

  • Achieve a deep sate of relaxation
  • Formulate positive suggestions
  • Use positive suggestions to direct you toward your goals

Full Biography

Tom DeLuca recognizes the importance of the imagination and shows America how valuable a tool it can be. All over the country, people call on Tom DeLuca to perform his Corporate Hypnosis® show and The ImaginACTION! Workshop, so that they too can harness the power of the imagination.

DeLuca earned a Masters Degree in Psychology from the University of Illinois. While working as a therapist, he also began performing before local civic groups; then went on to hone his skills as a stage performer throughout the mid-west before gaining national prominence.

Tom DeLuca brought his hypnosis show to corporate America where his intense touring schedule led him to a breakthrough discovery in the stress and burnout prevention area: The Power Napping® Workshop for Less Stress. Then he created ImaginAction, another real benefit program that teaches you how to re-train your brain and focus your imagination. These programs are valued resources
for Fortune 500 companies and associations all across the country.

The spontaneity and warmth of his live shows have made Tom DeLuca a frequent guest on television talk shows.

“Knocked our socks off!”
New York Daily News

“…Very funny…didn’t embarrass anyone!”
St Louis Post Dispatch

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