Joy Loverde

Imagine this: You’re busy at work, preparing for an afternoon presentation, when the telephone rings; it’s the doctor’s office telling you to come to the hospital, your mom fell and broke her hip. And life as you knew it changed in an instant.

If you are not currently caring for an elderly family member, you soon will be. With an aging population upon us, not only can we expect to take on the role of our parents’ caregiver, there are grandparents, aunts and uncles, spouses and siblings who also will require our attention.

With a profound understanding of the problems associated with family caregiving, and a seasoned family caregiver herself, Joy Loverde translates complicated eldercare issues into practical solutions. She offers practical, doable solutions to these issues, uniquely combining the concepts of “planning” and “communication,” giving audiences the tools and tips they need to proactively address their own eldercare situation immediately. Joy’s customized programs are ideal for professionals and family members who want to lessen the financial and emotional stresses often associated with caring for elderly loved ones.

Joy is recognized as one of the leading experts on family caregiving, eldercare and successful aging. Her best selling book, “The Complete Eldercare Planner: Where to Start, Questions to Ask, How to Find Help” (2009, Revised and Updated, Random House), reflects the depth of her understanding and compassion for the needs of older Americans.


  • Successful Aging: Discover What’s Next for You
  • Are You Ready? Caring for Aging Parents and Loved Ones
  • Aging Parents: Talking about Tomorrow
  • Making the Most of Holiday Visits with Your Aging Parents

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