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Susan Brooks is a ‘cultural provocateur.’ From building her leadership program in China to elevating the tourism experience in Aruba, Susan knows how to engage with actionable take-aways that allows for immediate implementation.

Susan has a no-nonsense, right-between-the-eyes approach that turns organizational cultures around so they intentionally focus and tune-in to both their external and internal customers. She is a gifted messenger who delivers big ideas and customized perspectives to clients and audiences around the world. ‘Committed to serve’ is the quintessential description of Susan Brooks.

As an innovative, award-winning entrepreneur, Susan built a 30-year, multi-million dollar business (and sold it!), while raising two children.

Susan’s experience, enthusiasm, and intellectual spark delivers results!


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  • Communication
  • Customer Service
  • Entrepreneurial
  • Leadership
  • Motivation
  • Small Business
  • Success


Breed Fierce LoyaltyThe Ultimate Customer Experience

Loyalty is the battleground for brands today! How your customers experience your brand is your differentiator. This program teaches you how to convert customers into steadfast champions that keep them coming back for more.

Career Jumpers:  How Organizations avoid a Tallent Free-Fall

While low unemployment is positive for employees, organizations MUST focus on retention of talent. It is time to pack your organization’s parachute with a retention strategy that creates the ultimate climate for talent to experience extreme engagement!

IGNITE Wonder Women: Your Organization’s Super Power

Are you prepared to awaken sleeping giants within your organization? This experiential program taps into super power mindsets: strength, hustle, agility, resilience, vision, and courage. Grab your bulletproof bracelets and lasso of truth. We are going into battle to transform cultures, thrive, and yes BE FIERCE, on purpose!

Get What You Want: Goals That Deliver Results

Goal setting gets a bad rap. The ‘ugh’ of change reminds us of what we didn’t get done. This session will clear the fogginess about what to focus on next and how to make your new plans align with your present needs. This is not your standard-fare goal setting session!