Driven by service and experience – Susan’s talks produce growth and measurable results!  She delivers top-notch result-based strategic coaching for both business owners and corporate leaders.
Susan is an international Speaker, Trainer and Consultant who is ready to transform your organization!

Presenting world class speaker Susan Brooks, who will teach and empower your attendees through her interactive keynotes and training sessions.


Are your employees feeling invisible?
Are they feeling disconnected from you, each other, your customers?

This 30-minute virtual presentation will be a welcomed wake-up call.

Susan is an animated and engaging speaker (even on zoom) that puts the right words to familiar feelings, especially during this time of COVID19. She provides the tools and the action steps that will get the heart beat going again!

RESILIENCE NOW! helps you create a vibrant employee culture in the midst of this difficult environment.

Susan Brooks is a ‘cultural provocateur.’ From building her leadership program in China to elevating the tourism experience in Aruba, Susan knows how to engage with actionable take-aways that allows for immediate implementation.

Susan has a no-nonsense, right-between-the-eyes approach that turns organizational cultures around so they intentionally focus and tune-in to both their external and internal customers. She is a gifted messenger who delivers big ideas and customized perspectives to clients and audiences around the world. ‘Committed to serve’ is the quintessential description of Susan Brooks.  As an innovative, award-winning entrepreneur, Susan built a 30-year, multi-million dollar business (and sold it!), while raising two children.




Cultural Change


Customer Service



Ÿ  Leadership

Ÿ  Motivation

Ÿ  Business Success

Ÿ  Women’s Programs

Some of Susan’s Programs

She Rises… Where are YOU headed!
Honoring our foremothers, celebrating progress and power of today’s strength, this is our moment! We now have a seat at the table.. the question is what are you going to do with this opportunity? What would YOU do if you were brave today?

Career Jumpers: How Organizations avoid a talent free-fall
While low unemployment is positive for employees, organizations MUST focus on retention of talent. Time to pack your organization’s parachute with a retention strategy for talent to experience extreme engagement.

Serves You Right!

The Ultimate Customer Experience is the battleground for brands today! How your customers experience your brand is your differentiator. This program teaches you how to convert customers into steadfast champions!


Susan Brooks is the founder and former CEO of a multi-million dollar retail and corporate gifting company. Headquartered in Arizona, Susan was at the helm of her growing organization while consistently called upon by other organizations to replicate the service-driven culture she had created.

  • 30 years Cookies from Home™ owner, operator multi-million dollars in revenue, created and managed 13 cookie franchises
  • Small Business of the Year Award, Tempe Chamber of Commerce
  • INC Finalist for Entrepreneur of the Year
  • International Speaker
  • Founding Facilitator of World Academy for the Future of Women at Sias International University, China
  • Founder National Association of Women Business Owners (NAWBO), Phoenix chapter
  • ASU Venture Devil Mentor
  • Author 3 business books
  • 12 year business columnist for Phoenix Business Journal