In the cockpit, flawless execution is a matter of life-or-death. Afterburner teaches their methodologies to enhance organizational performance and achieve corporate success. Audiences will learn how to focus on the mission by defining strategy and assessing risks, and that communication and execution are key elements not only in aerial combat but in business. No matter what your needs – keynote presentation, breakout session, one or two day seminar – the Afterburner fighter pilots provide you with the skills to get your people motivated and ready to face any challenge.


Plan.Brief.Execute.Debrief = Win: A Fighter Pilot’s Secret to Business Success
A high-energy, multimedia team building keynote designed to help your whole team unleash the power of Flawless Execution in your organization.

Leading Flawless Execution from the Top
A lecture-style team building keynote designed to equip corporate leaders with the latest strategy and alignment principles used by today’s top military planners. High-level information you will not hear anywhere else!

Flawless Sales Execution
Can a sales team really improve its performance overnight? Get ready for the new Flawless Sales Execution Keynote.

Afterburner Day
The legendary high-energy, multimedia, interactive team building event designed to equip your team with the basic principles of Flawless Execution

Leaning Forward
For clients who have limited time, Leaning Forward contains some of the core elements of the Afterburner Day team building event in a compressed format.

Flawless Safety
The atmosphere in a fighter jet is a “0-errors, 0-losses” environment. The men and women of Afterburner specialize in accelerating our clients’ safety performance through Flawless Execution. They have been trained and tested their entire career in the safe, zero-loss execution of their mission, with an unmatched level of importance on the safety of their equipment, their crew and everyone involved with operations. Afterburner uses their battle proven process of Flawless Execution to improve clients’ safety records. By leading groups through a core process of Plan, Brief, Execute, and Debrief, the Afterburner trainers begin to induce a cultural change in the organization, evolving how teams plan for and execute safely on each and every mission.

Flawless Healthcare
A high-energy, multimedia keynote will explore the Flawless Execution Model and how the model relates to the demanding and changing healthcare business. For the last 20 years, the World Healthcare Organization and other medical organizations have recognized that the improvements in teamwork, communication and collaboration that dramatically improved aviation safety since the 1980s directly relate to many of the challenges facing the healthcare industry. Today, many medical units are using techniques from the aviation community and specifically the Flawless Execution Model to dramatically improve the way their teams perform.

Black Ops
Black Ops℠ is composed of unique men that have served in the Joint Special Operations Command or JSOC. JSOC is the joint command that coordinates each branch’s elite military forces such as the U.S. Navy SEALs; the U.S. Army’s Delta Force, Green Berets, Rangers and Task Force 160; and the U.S. Air Force’s Para-rescue. These Black Ops℠ team members have unique real world business experience enabling them to facilitate Flawless Execution, not just as soldiers, but as businessmen as well. Each member of the Black Ops℠ team has a background in not just leading troops, but leading companies. Elite military commando units have an impressive record of near 100% mission success in high-risk and unpredictable operational environments. In this program, a 2 to 8 man team will lead your company through an exciting, cutting edge Black Ops℠ event and instruct participants on how to incorporate the same “Flawless Execution” cycle in their business missions – the same cycle that America’s elite military forces use every day. The Afterburner Black Ops℠ group excels not only in Special Operations within the military, but in some of America’s most notable corporations. This experience provides them the valuable insight into what it takes to assist your teams in accomplishing their missions on the modern business battlefield.

Program description:
Every Black Ops℠ event is centered around the Flawless Execution Model℠ – Plan, Brief, Execute, Debrief, Win! This innovative team building event is under 3 hours in length and uses the latest in technologies including i-Touch communication devices and custom digital mapping software. After the opening lecture, your group will be formed into teams of 18-25 participants. These teams are then put through an energizing team building exercise. This exercise stresses the Plan, Brief, Execute, Debrief process that has made units like Delta Force and the U.S. Navy SEALs so successful. Real business take-aways are obtained during two complete cycles of planning a hostage rescue mission that highlights the benefits of debriefing and the value of lessons learned. On average, groups have yielded an improvement of over 70% when properly debriefed between the first and second missions. These debriefing techniques and lessons learned are reinforced during the wrap up and connected to your team’s real world business execution rhythm.


Afterburner  Inc  is  a  team  of  elite  military professionals that are experts in helping your team pursue Flawless Execution.   Using Afterburner’s Flawless Execution methodologies we can help take your team to the next level in performance.  The combination of sound organizational development and combat-proven methodologies has made Afterburner Inc one of the fastest growing training and consulting organizations in the country.   The Flawless Execution Model is a proven process used by elite military professionals around the world to execute missions when the stakes are high and failure is not an option. Corporate success, like success in combat, depends on execution.

Afterburner’s team of men and women elite former military professionals has a powerful mix of combat experience combined with extensive business skills. Many members are graduates of top business schools   and   academies.   Afterburner  uses   the combat proven methodologies of elite military professionals working with your team to achieve victory in a rapidly changing business environment.

Flawless Execution works! It is dynamic and powerful because it is simple to use, yet the effects are lasting. The results are disciplined, coordinated and predictable.  Afterburner has an unwavering focus on improving your team’s ability to execute.  Your team can improve execution and stay one step ahead of the competition in just four simple steps.

The Flawless Execution Model

The plan starts with an objective that is clear, measurable and achievable and supports your company’s overall strategy.

You communicate the plan. It is essential that people on the front lines know exactly what is expected of them. Businesses ignore this — often at their peril.

Even with a solid plan and a good brief, a mission can still fail due to Task Saturation or task overload. Task Saturation is the reality or perception of having too much to do without the time or resources to accomplish it. Even with the resources people still have to manage conflicting priorities. We know that as Task Saturation increases, performance decreases; therefore, at Afterburner we help teams combat Task Saturation by identifying resources and managing priorities.

The last step is the Debriefing.  After each mission, Fighter Pilots hold a nameless, rankless Debrief. Each person, without fear of reprimand, rehashes what worked, what did not work and why both the good events and the bad events happened.   We then take the key lessons learned from the Debrief and apply them to the next plan.  Debriefing speeds up learning. It lets us fine tune the processes that ensure success.

Our goal is to win by aligning your team around a disciplined, scalable process in order to achieve business results.With offices in the United States, Australia and China, Afterburner has performed training events in38 countries and has had their materials translated into more than 20 languages.  With over 300 events per year, the Afterburner team has trained more than 100 of the Fortune 500 companies on the Flawless Execution Model.  At Afterburner, “Leading the World’s Top Corporations to Flawless Execution” is more than just a slogan—it’s the foundation of our company.

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