For over 25 years, this gifted motivational and inspirational powerhouse helps break the chains holding individuals, teams, and businesses down in defeat!  By pointing to the prize, visualizing the victory, and speaking to success, you can direct your destiny!  Change your focus to change your life!  Harper understands that on the journey to victory, challenges and challengers will come, but “Winners always focus on what they are going to, not what they are going through.”  Choose to WIN. 

A former NFL player and now a successful life coach, business owner, and motivational speaker, Shawn’s life has been full of successes. The insurmountable odds he overcame to achieve these successes required instinct and true passion for his goals. These are some of the same qualities that today’s business owners and executives need to succeed in their professional lives and fully contribute to the success of their organization. From behind the scenes of NFL locker rooms to the front lines of American business, Shawn Harper shares his insight on:

  • Overcoming limitations and winning small, daily battles that compound for greater success
  • How the concept of winning vs. success at the personal level translates to organizational achievement
  • The habits practiced by elite level athletes and business people that allow them to achieve on the world stage in large scale, high stakes situations
  • How to turn struggle into strength when confronting multi-dimensional issues that require teamwork and cohesiveness.
  • The critical mindset for uniting personnel across all business units to steer the ship while celebrating diversity and recognizing individual contributions.

Shawn’s speeches are a testament to how young students can write their own destiny by overcoming limitations and developing a winning mindset. He struggled with learning disabilities and speech impairment as a child yet rose to achieve things most had never thought possible. He is a successful life coach, business owner, and national middle and high school motivational speaker. Shawn’s ‘no excuses’ philosophy has motivated millions of students to dream big and push through setbacks to realize their true potential.

Over the last of 15 years, Shawn has reached thousands of students from all socio-economic backgrounds and has traveled to all 50 states to motivate and empower our nation’s youth. Your students will be amazed and inspired by the former NFL player’s presence, dynamic story and powerful message. Students are drawn to and fascinated by Shawn because of his humorous, rousing presentations and feats of strength. Shawn infuses his mantra, “We’re not born winners or losers, we’re born choosers,” in the hearts of young people to expand their minds and impel them to greatness.



Many students have settled for limiting thoughts, shattered dreams, and hopeless futures because they do not have the support, the leadership, or the examples in their home or communities that teach them otherwise.  Shawn Harper was raised in a broken home, suffering poverty, learning disabilities, and failing academics.  He also walked in the shadows of physical abuse, alcohol, and drugs.  Instead of becoming a statistic, Shawn Harper broke the mental chains of his past and rose to become a graduate of a Big Ten University, an NFL player, a business owner, a world-wide speaker, and a family man.  Hear how he did it!

In this program, students will:

  • Learn how to identify their self- limiting beliefs
  • Gain the hope that breaking their own chains is possible
  • Be encouraged to seek support in a mentor, teacher, or business owner
  • Realize that dreams can and do come true

Voices and Choices    (YOUTH / CHRISTIAN / SCHOOL PROGRAM)

In life, we encounter thousands of voices shouting around us to go this way or turn that way.  It’s difficult to navigate without knowing who you are and which way you want to go.  Moving toward dreams and goals often involves difficult choices that mean old habits, bad relationships, and counter-productive activities must be released.  In this program, hear what Shawn Harper had to let go of to achieve his goals and dreams.

In this program, students will:                                              

  • Be encouraged to discover what their dreams and goals are
  • Identify who/what around them is detrimental to their dreams
  • Be motivated to take positive steps toward their goals
  • Be reminded to push through resistance and never give up

Anti-alcohol/Anti-drugs  (YOUTH / CHRISTIAN / SCHOOL PROGRAM)

Our culture is suffering under the weight of rampant drug and alcohol abuse. Students can be easily enticed and entangled into using these substances that will ruin their lives if unchecked.

In this program, students will:

  • Learn that the earliest choices have the most weight in their lives
  • See that drugs and alcohol never produce anything positive
  • Hear of real-life examples of people who were derailed by getting caught up
  • Be encouraged to stay clear of drugs and alcohol


From elementary through high school age, from poverty-stricken to affluent schools, bullying has infected students everywhere.  While districts may follow a no-tolerance policy toward bullying, it does not stop the underlying reasons for it.  Shawn Harper puts his finger on the causes of bullying and how to stop it in its tracks.

In this program, students will:

  • Learn how to identify a bully
  • Discover the psychology of a bully
  • Understand how to challenge a bully as an individual or as a group when attacks occur
  • Learn what steps to take to prevent or deter future attacks


Hear the details of Shawn Harper’s story–how he and key people changed the course of his life from despair to destiny, one decision at a time.

  • Create major impact and paradigm shifts in your thinking and operations as you break away from the status quo
  • Inspire your people to press through and overcome adversity to reap uncommon results
  • Study examples of the greatest leaders in history and follow their trajectories


Learn what great coaches do behind closed doors to win the game! Use these principles and strategies in your corporate office, school, or organization to stay on the cutting edge!  Good teams work together, but great teams work as one.

  • Discover the difference between success and winning
  • Understand your true role and responsibility as a leader
  • Build trust and authenticity among your team members and leaders
  • Create a winning culture and energize your team by getting your employees to invest in the mission of your business or organization


Next to nothing can be accomplished without clear and effective communication!  So much can be lost in translation through texts and emails, so it’s extremely important to make face-to-face contact impactful. Learn about the four major communication styles and how to be fluent in each.

  • Understand body language, facial cues, and speech patterns
  • Learn how to decode, navigate, and communicate to the four major personality types
  • Harness the power of affirmations


Hear the fascinating personal story of Shawn Harper, who went from academic failure to college graduate; from sub-par football player to NFL career; from stutterer to international speaker, from broken home to family man and business owner. Learn how he overcame insurmountable odds to win at the game of life.  Listen to a grabbing and powerful personal testimony of overcoming adversity to inspire and motivate. Challenges team members to rise above what is holding them down to release their full potential

Upon completion of this experience, participants will emerge with a plan of action and will be able to:

  • Gain the tools of vision and perspective
  • Uncover harmful belief systems that may be setting you back from achieving your goals
  • Break the chains that are limiting your potential
  • Create a new mindset that turns dreams into reality



Name a well-known leader who did not have adversity to overcome…you can’t!  To create a diamond, carbon is at first exposed to very high pressure and it is under these circumstances in which a diamond is created. A lot can be gained from facing obstacles and challenge, find out what you can gain from your trials.  Adversity will either break you or make you a record-breaker! Pressure helps make a lump of coal turn into a beautiful diamond. As the saying goes–no pain, no gain!

After participating in this program, participants will be able to:

  • Learn from the decisions that great leaders had to make
  • Consider a different perspective on the relationship between leadership and adversity
  • Receive helpful tips on how to cope with pressure and manage your stress levels


When an organization is not evolving, it’s dying. Being unprepared for growth and change easily occurs when managing day-to-day challenges prevents planning for the future. Capacity must be created!

In this session, learn secrets from business legends such as Walt Disney, Ray Croc, and Bill Gates who foresaw what their businesses should look like well into the future and made plans for sustained growth and prosperity.

After participating in this program, participants will be able to:

  • See why companies have failed due to capacity issues
  • Discover how to recognize the signs of capacity overload
  • Learn the importance of building capacity into strategic planning


Shawn Harper was expected to become just another inner-city statistic but instead, his big dreams and tenacity along with key supporting people helped him overcome insurmountable odds:

  • From learning-disabled, failing student to college graduate
  • From average, un-celebrated football player to coveted 7-yr NFL career
  • From problem-stutterer to powerful, national motivational speaker
  • From business rookie to owner of a multi-million-dollar company

In the NFL, Shawn Harper was offensive lineman for the Rams, Colts, and NFL Europe.  He dominated using the powerful teamwork and strategic moves gained on the playing field. 

As CEO of American Services and Protection, Shawn uses the same principles and tools to motivate and guide his staff to reach their fullest potential in the business world.  In effect, he transferred his skills from the locker room to the boardroom!

Along with his achievements in sports and business, Shawn Harper yearned to teach others the secrets to his success.  He founded Bridge Builders International, a motivational speaking and writing platform aimed at helping corporate staff and business leaders apply new perspectives on vision, leadership, teamwork, communication, and the capacity to WIN at all their endeavors!  His first book, “The Winning Edge” was released in 2017.

“Turn your biggest set back into your biggest come back.  Stop focusing on what other people might think about you. You’ve got to push to outperform yourself. You are your biggest opponent.”

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