DEBORAH GARDNER – Mrs. Arizona 2020 & 2021, Author, Speaker, Show Host, Hospitality Today LIVE Accelerate Performance and Drive Results ™

Hospitality Keynote Speaker Deborah Gardner teaches companies how to extend hospitality to all facets of a business, and achieve outstanding results, by focusing on people


Deborah Gardner was voted one of the Top 5 Most Requested Speakers by Meeting Professional Int’l and is considered BEST IN CLASS with Professional Convention Management Assoc. She is a highly energetic, vibrant and a truly captivating international presenter. Deborah brings 27 years of experience in the hospitality sales profession to each of her clients. She challenges audiences to think and act in an effort to inspire immediate self-motivation and positive action.

Better known as the “pit bull in a skirt” by many of her Fortune 500 worldwide clients, Deborah helps companies align strategies, goals and objectives with an “all hands on deck” approach that translates into innovative ideas for an overall competitive company spirit. Through her keynotes, workshops and training programs she shares the most relevant, up-to-date practices using real-life stories and examples in a conversational, interactive way that engages audience members and gets results. Deborah has infused her humorous, sassy and entertaining presentations with a lifetime of experience that includes everything from being Olympic trial swimmer to CBS sports broadcaster.

Deborah has a monthly radio show called, THE GARDNER REPORT and soon, she will be the host for a weekly Television show called … “WHAT’S HOT ARIZONA”. She is the author of “How to Sell to Men Without Wearing a Low-Cut Dress” .





Executives and senior level leaders across all hospitality segments

Executives and senior level leaders across all hospitality segments

Meeting and event specialists, travel industry

Women striving to overcome obstacles to gain leadership positions

AWAKEN YOUR INNER CHAMPION…. Behind Every Successful Woman Is Herself.    As a successful leader in a highly competitive global world, having goals is just not enough to win. And, when dealing with every facet of your chaotic life, whether in business, dating, families, activities, very decision you make says something about you. Do you know what it takes to win? What does success look like today? Do you know how to lead while living in the fast lane?

BUCKLE YOUR SEAT BELT! A swimming champion turned author & performance expert, Deborah Gardner will boldly unveil the most under-rated topic in a wildly entertaining and humorous high-energy format. Interactively experience how to awaken your inner champion for maximum winning results. No matter what role you have as a leader, it’s time to put YOU into action. Grasp new ideas by hearing astonishing stories that exemplifies … behind every successful woman is herself. Are you up for the challenge?

Explore how can be a champion leader and avoid the “goal crushing” mistakes

  • Participate while learning the ultimate winning formula for more success
  • Explore how can be a champion leader and avoid the “goal crushing” mistakes
  • Discover the #1 single most critical element to awaken your inner champion

As a successful leader in a highly competitive global world, having goals is just not enough to win. And, when dealing with every facet of your chaotic life, whether in business, dating, families, activities, very decision you make says something about you. Do you know what it takes to win? What does success look like today? Do you know how to lead while living in the fast lane?

Imagine your goal is to win the GOLD! Being the star in a new job, exceeding your quota or simply the joy of every day victory, winning is a phenomenal sensation. Conquering goal’s comes from the intensity of three critical traits combined with personal and professional strategies to help you succeed.

  • Faith – With the true meaning of competition, believe in the emotional heart-activating techniques to your dreams, passions and interests you long desired.
  • Focus – Spotlight your momentum to velocity while concentrating on minimizing pain and maximizing gain to win.
  • Finish – Encounter the powerful “wave” created by experiencing your own experience!

Deborah Gardner’s “amateur swimming abilities to winning the gold after many failure attempts” story, helped her conquer something that not even her swimming idol, Olympic medalist, Michael Phelps has done before. In this program, discover your longtime ambition and purpose “experience your own experience” while going for your gold.

Buckle your seat belt! Watch as Deborah Gardner boldly unveils the most in-depth business topic in this humorous high-energy program. The world of competition breeds winners. To become a winner, you must perform. Yet, do you really know how to compete, consistently win or do you merely co-exist? Do you ignore the competition? Do you know who your biggest competitor is? Competition is part of every facet of our lives … in business, in our families, in dating, in our daily activities and even within ourselves. Everyone’s goal is to win! And, every decision you make says something about YOU.

Hear astonishing real-life business and individual case studies that exemplify the three main drivers for better competition. Discover the ONE thing that separates you from others. Experience an immediate stimulation to the true meaning of competition and find out, are you going to win or are you going to lose?

  • Perception – A judging mechanism that brings awareness to your product, image, influence foundations, decide is it good or is it bad?
  • Position – Identifying and demonstrating why others want to work with you is all about positioning you correctly.
  • Performance – We judge our intentions but others judge us by our actions. To win, it’s about putting to work, the right people, doing the right things with the right clients, the right way. Find out what to start and stop doing in order to thrive.

Are you exhausted with all the sales calls, the lunch appointments, feeling fatigued with all the customer demands and only receive dead end results? Well … WAKE UP! Think about all the time, effort, and money that go into capturing customers. And, once they become your customers, are they in for life? Do you think your customers are even satisfied with your products and/or services? Customer satisfaction doesn’t always mean customer loyalty. These days, even if you’re customers appear completely satisfied with your product or service, 55% of them will leave you and start doing business with your competition.

The truth is … customer expectations have changed dramatically. Satisfying the needs of your customers by providing fast, efficient service or the best product is no longer enough. Do you want your customers to consistently return? Do you want to know what will make your customers express their happiness with you and your company? Then hear this entertaining, insightful and humorous program so you don’t get screwed with your next customer encounter. Discover the powerful influence or jail bait to better understand how to build trust, loyalty, and profit while capturing lifetime customers.

  • Stop Servicing – Find out the true meaning of servicing customers today.
  • Spotlight – Concentrating on minimizing the pain and maximizing the gain to win customers.
  • Seize – Learn new opportunities for stronger partnership relationships.

Are you deploying proven, better practice strategies and tools that ensure consistent outcomes? Are your skills powerful enough to prevent business losses and increase gains for you? Do you want to be caught naked during your next negotiation encounter? Then, it’s time to get into shape!

The naked truth starts here with a new negotiation mindset that creates a winning combination when dealing with your customers, co-workers, the boss, family friends and even the Starbucks coffee server. This program is designed for those who expect to analyze and participate in challenging business negotiations. Be free and let go of old techniques and strategy ideas. Identify the new way to approach the basics to the most relevant, innovative and fresh techniques in order to formalize better deals in any situation. Listen to how buyers negotiate with you, the seller. Deborah will challenge you while giving compelling real-life examples to help acquire momentum for you. Attend and find out … do you have the negotiation power within today’s hospitality profession?

  • Get Ready – Uncover the truth about today’s negotiating process while discovering new powerful skills.
  • Get Exposed – Visually see and participate how the top 5 most misperceived techniques may be used immediately.
  • Get Naked – bare all and forever rid the long-time myths so you stay in shape and always look good.


A swimming champion turned author & competitive performance expert, Deborah helps hundreds of companies and organizations advance to new levels of success while working and living in the fast lane. Better known by many Fortune 500 companies as the Pit Bull in a Skirt, Deborah is rising to international prominence with a captivating, entertaining, humorous, and sassy presentation style.

Deborah’s competitive practice comes from living in the fast lane; being a Marine Brat to growing up in a small 16-foot trailer, a real-life wedding crasher to an Olympic Trial swimmer, a ground-breaking leader as one of the first female broadcasters with CBS Sports and a longtime hospitality sales veteran. Today, Deborah is the founder and host for the popular Hospitality Today Live broadcast show that takes special pride in formulating the first-ever International Hospitality Women’s Day 2021.

With a laundry list of honors, Deborah is most recently named CNN’s 2021 Top 75 Motivational Speakers Worldwide, Meetings Today Magazine Top 20 Meetings Trendsetters 2020, Smart Meetings Magazine’s Top 50 Smart Women Leaders, Meetings Bean Business Ambassador, Fabulous Arizona Magazine’s Fabulous People to Watch and crowned as Mrs. Arizona 2020 and 2021.

Allow Deborah’s powerful winning approach to help accomplish your organization’s rediscovery of the competitive spirit.