DEBORAH GARDNER – Mrs. Arizona 2020 & 2021, Author, Speaker, Show Host, Hospitality Today LIVE Accelerate Performance and Drive Results ™   Hospitality Keynote Speaker Deborah Gardner teaches companies how to extend hospitality to all facets of a business, and achieve outstanding results, by focusing on people. Deborah’s business accomplishments include; CNN Top 75 Keynote Speaker, Meetings Today Top 20 Meetings Trendsetters 2021, Smart Meetings Top 50 Smart Women Leaders and Meetings Mean Business Ambassador.  With her expertise, enthusiasm, and outstanding personality, she is the perfect collaborator to work with throughout the entire process. She is a valuable asset for anyone looking to enhance their personal or business life.



Deborah Gardner was voted one of the Top 5 Most Requested Speakers by Meeting Professional Int’l and is considered BEST IN CLASS with Professional Convention Management Assoc. She is a highly energetic, vibrant and a truly captivating international presenter. Deborah brings 27 years of experience in the hospitality sales profession to each of her clients. She challenges audiences to think and act in an effort to inspire immediate self-motivation and positive action.

Better known as the “pit bull in a skirt” by many of her Fortune 500 worldwide clients, Deborah helps companies align strategies, goals and objectives with an “all hands on deck” approach that translates into innovative ideas for an overall competitive company spirit. Through her keynotes, workshops and training programs she shares the most relevant, up-to-date practices using real-life stories and examples in a conversational, interactive way that engages audience members and gets results. Deborah has infused her humorous, sassy and entertaining presentations with a lifetime of experience that includes everything from being Olympic trial swimmer to CBS sports broadcaster.

Deborah has a monthly radio show called, THE GARDNER REPORT and soon, she will be the host for a weekly Television show called … “WHAT’S HOT ARIZONA”. She is the author of “How to Sell to Men Without Wearing a Low-Cut Dress” .





The Streamline Method.

As a lifelong professional swimmer, I learned the power of momentum. When you dive into a 50-meter pool, you face over 660,000 gallons of water resistance. However, by using a technique called streamlining a swimmer can reduce the force of resistance. This is so effective, swimming competitions limit this technique to the first 15 meters of a race.

Throughout my career, I learned you can harness the same momentum gained by using streamlining in business—and life. Today, I speak around the world teaching organizations how to move beyond obstacles and remove friction. The result, a proactive team that achieves goals.


Streamline  into Action.

Obstacles are more than just roadblocks. They prevent a business from achieving goals. Get your team members to view change as an opportunity rather than a roadblock.

Come along for a ride as Deborah G takes you on a journey that explores The Streamline Method. With only a few simple changes, you’ll learn how to reduce resistance to change, move beyond obstacles, and build a proactive team. Instead of being complacent with current level of success, what if you could convince your team that the way forward is moving beyond what they thought was achievable?

Get ready for an exhilarating interactive program that will empower participants to achieve the following outcomes:

  • Learn effective strategies to cultivate confidence and thrive in high-pressure environments, both personally and professionally
  • Discover a simple exclusive method that has been proven to yield great results with minimal resistance
  • Overcome complacency and embrace disruption by taking calculated risks that will enable you to achieve your goals and reach new heights
  • Transform the fear of failure into a powerful catalyst for elevating performance
  • Dominate any stumbling blocks that slow innovation and adaptation – and embrace opportunities to move beyond them
  • Streamline for Effective Teams
  • Cracking the Action Code
  • Streamline for Leadership Collaboration
  • Changing Lanes: How to Move to a New Level of Success


A swimming champion turned author & competitive performance expert, Deborah helps hundreds of companies and organizations advance to new levels of success while working and living in the fast lane. Better known by many Fortune 500 companies as the Pit Bull in a Skirt, Deborah is rising to international prominence with a captivating, entertaining, humorous, and sassy presentation style.

Deborah’s competitive practice comes from living in the fast lane; being a Marine Brat to growing up in a small 16-foot trailer, a real-life wedding crasher to an Olympic Trial swimmer, a ground-breaking leader as one of the first female broadcasters with CBS Sports and a longtime hospitality sales veteran. Today, Deborah is the founder and host for the popular Hospitality Today Live broadcast show that takes special pride in formulating the first-ever International Hospitality Women’s Day 2021.

With a laundry list of honors, Deborah is most recently named CNN’s 2021 Top 75 Motivational Speakers Worldwide, Meetings Today Magazine Top 20 Meetings Trendsetters 2020, Smart Meetings Magazine’s Top 50 Smart Women Leaders, Meetings Bean Business Ambassador, Fabulous Arizona Magazine’s Fabulous People to Watch and crowned as Mrs. Arizona 2020 and 2021.

Allow Deborah’s powerful winning approach to help accomplish your organization’s rediscovery of the competitive spirit.