Keynote Speaker • Student Leadership Conferences • Entrepreneur •  Creative thinker  and  Professional Storyteller.  Jones also has a long history of supporting the national retail, publishing, consumer products and services industries.

A modern-day Renaissance Man, Jones spends his days reading, writing, arithmetic-ing, as well as delivering keynotes and hosting the popular JONES.SHOW podcast.

International Keynote presenter and media man Randall Kenneth Jones brings his unique brand of infotainment to a broad range of business, civic, and educational platforms. His material comes from his personal brain trust of 250+ celebrities, newsmakers, and thought leaders who have taken a seat opposite him over the past eleven years of podcasts. These sometimes sentimental, often hysterical, always life-altering conversations lie at the heart of his spirited presentations and seminars.


Jones shares wit & wisdom. Equal parts oration, tutorial, and stand-up routine, he intellectually and emotionally challenges audiences of all ages to be more conscientious students of—and teachers to—the world.
Audiences learn to:
• Understand their innate importance.
• Celebrate what is important to others.
• Win by looking for the BEST in people.

A self-described chatterbox, Jones embarked on his media career for selfish reasons: to force himself to be quiet and pay more attention to—and learn from—those in his orbit. The result is a stunning series of whimsical, surprising, and touching anecdotes of his new life as a very active listener.
Audiences learn to:
• Live in the present.
• Be more attentive.
• Communicate with increased clarity and purpose.

A passionate advocate for all-things collaboration, Jones juxtaposes the art of storytelling against exciting, on-your-feet exercises to create a celebration of expression and thought. The only bad idea truly is the one that is never shared.
Audiences learn to:
• Dismiss negativity.
• Embrace uninhibited thought.
• Unearth and proudly express new ideas and solutions.


“As a speaker, Randy is happy, fearless, and open. He is quick-witted and downright funny. Time spent with him is guaranteed to make you laugh.”
—Erin Brockovich

“Randy can fire up a room in a way that makes everyone feel important.”
—Phil Beuth, Former President, GOOD MORNING AMERICA

“Randy owned the room the minute he took the stage at our management team event. His funny yet relevant anecdotes cast a refreshing new light on timeless topics such as creativity, innovation, listening, and kindness. Randy brought a burst of purpose-driven energy to a very important day.”
—Scott Lowe, Market CEO, Physicians Regional Healthcare System


Modern-day renaissance man and storyteller Randall Kenneth Jones has built a marketing and public relations portfolio that includes respected household names from the IT, healthcare, entertainment, publishing, retail and consumer products & services industries. Though Jones wears many hats, his expertise in the art of storytelling has garnered the most notice. Every human being and every business has a story to tell — and an audience they need to hear that story. Jones helps individuals and businesses develop their most compelling stories for the online or traditional media best suited to deliver their message. After Jones’ 2010 move from Washington, D.C., to affluent Naples, Florida, the award-winning writer and creative director now writes an independent newspaper column — a blend of personal and professional development. For the next few years, the ultra-inquisitive public speaker and scribe arranged to conduct over 100 best-practices interviews. With a Foreword by Peggy Post (The Emily Post Institute) and an Introduction by Erin Brockovich, Jones’ subsequent book, “Show Me: Celebrities, Business Tycoons, Rock Stars, Journalists, Humanitarians, Attack Bunnies & More!” was published in late 2016.  His most recent book, “Ruby:  Magic Comes from the Heart” was published in late 2022.