“Mike’s show is a whirlwind of comedy juggling and ventriloquism with a splash of magic and lots of audience participation.  He juggles everything from balls to bowling balls!!  But the highlight of almost every show are the little people in suitcases.  You are likely to meet Butterball the paranoid Turkey, Rosie, a 92-year-young spinster or a number of other crazy comedy characters.  You’ll love when two hostages…um…er…volunteers are turned into real live puppets; Finally, the show comes to an amazing crescendo as Mike juggles a bowling ball, apple and battle axe…while eating the apple!  This show is clean and appropriate and fun for everyone!”

Bring Mike to Your Next Event!

Mike’s show is the answer to the question “what could we do that would be REALLY fun and different, something that would appeal to everybody, and make our event truly memorable?”  Mike offers you the chance to be the hero that discovered the entertainment solution!

Every Show is Customized to Your Audience

Mike’s performances are usually 45 minutes in length, but can be adjusted to accomodate your needs.  Some clients prefer a 20 minute blast of entertainment to energize their meetings, while many theaters and performing arts centers require 75 to 90 minutes.

Mike’s shows are constantly evolving.  As more than one spectator has exclaimed “you never know what’s going to happen next!”  Usually the highlight of the shows are the little “puppet people”.  Among the characters you are likely to meet are Tyson the paranoid chicken, Harold the mid-western farmer, Bongo the ballistic monkey, or Rosie the 92-year-young grandmother.  Another performance highlight is when two or three audience volunteers are turned into real, live puppets (you’ve got to see it to believe it!).  In addition, every show is personalized with select madcap juggling and a touch of magic.  Then finally, after all the fun and laughter, the show builds to a dramatic finale as Mike juggles a real bowling ball, and an apple )…while eating the apple!

These shows often receive standing ovations at corporate and club events, accolades from event planners, as well as praise from teachers and school administrators.

Rest assured that children’s shows are appropriate for children, that family shows are geared towards family audiences, and that his adult shows will “kill” at your next banquet, meeting or club event!

Mike provides his own tables, props, sound, backdrop etc., so you can be assured the look and sound of a professional performance without having to worry about anything.


He went door-to-door selling newspaper subscriptions to earn enough money to purchase his first “dummy”, a hardwood puppet named “Marvin”. Marvin is now happily in retirement and Mike primarily uses sculpted foam and latex puppets. He learned the art of ventriloquism like so many have, from a “Jimmy Nelson Instant Ventriloquism” record album.

He first learned to juggle from a talented co-worker. He started with tennis balls, and has evolved to bowling balls, knives, machetes, torches and other ridiculous things! Finally, magic and balloon sculpting were incorporated to compliment one of the most unique acts in the business.

Since graduating from Wright-State University in Dayton, OH, Mike has performed at thousands of Corporate Events, banquets, Schools, Libraries, Fairs & Festivals, and Theaters.


Never offensive, always funny and universally appealing, these shows are perfect for sales meetings, employee get-togethers, holiday banquets, customer appreciation events and more.  Clean + funny is hard to find, and nothing political or suggestive will ever be uttered here.  These performances are often followed by comments like “good luck topping this next year!”