Insightful,  Humorous,  Entertaining,  even Contagious . . . words that are often used to describe Rhonda Scharf.   A speaker with the uncanny ability to look at the normal and see something quite different.  International Speaker Rhonda Scharf is a well-recognized Professional Speaker, Trainer, Consultant and Author. Since 1993 she has worked with tens of thousands of people in dozens of different countries. She is a respected consultant, provides uplifting and fun on-site training and workshops, and a highly entertaining keynote speaker who is fully competent and capable of putting you ON THE RIGHT TRACK.

• Inspiration/Motivation     • Communication     • Conflict Management     • Leadership     • Time Management

 • Government      • Health Care       • Education       • Fortune 500

Rhonda’s a funny girl, with funny stories and a fun way to look at life as well as live life. She comes from a small town outside of a small town and her small town quirky look on life is going to make you question why you do what you do. You are guaranteed to learn a thing or two on your journey from her unique perspective.

Rhonda has been a professional speaker for over 25 years, has spoken in dozens of countries, won a few awards, and has written a bunch of books too! Her proudest accomplishment is finally breaking 95 on the golf course.

Rhonda has been earning money from speaking since she was two years old!   Her mother used to offer her 25 cents to be quiet for five minutes.  Since that time, she has figured out how to get clients to pay her to speak and to not be quiet.  Her mother and her family still don’t understand why.


Artificial intelligence is taking over our lives
Ask Alexa to call a client or confirm your schedule for the day, and Alexa will do just that immediately. Ask her a question, give her a command, or just share a joke together, and she becomes your new best employee.

How is artificial intelligence taking over our lives? It isn’t just about playing music on your speaker or finding the best route to drive

to work. AI has infiltrated almost everything you do! Your role is changing now faster than it has ever changed before (and that is saying a lot!). What you did yesterday won’t be what you do tomorrow. Change is happening faster than ever, and we can expect that our working lives will transition in ways we could have never imagined.  Is Alexa stealing YOUR job?  Be sure to find out why Rhonda thinks your future looks bright!

•       Understand what admin skills will be critical in the future.

•       Learn how to avoid skill obsolescence (what skills won’t be valued in the future).

•       Gain insight on how to maximize your value & provide skills AI can’t to make yourself invaluable

•       Get an update in emerging technology (automation, AI, and robotics) & its impact on your role.

Maximizing Your Inner Super Hero

All Super Heroes have Super Powers, & when they use them for “good” rather than “evil” they can leap tall buildings in a single bound, catch a speeding bullet, or stop a runaway train in its tracks.

We all have super powers, we just don’t always know what they are, nor what to do with them. Learn to harness the super powers you have to be a Super Hero every day at work.

Come along for a fun ride as Rhonda shares how to find your super powers, and how to use them to help you maximize your Inner Super Hero.

–       The top 10 super powers & how you can apply them everyday to improve your life, personally & professionally

–       What do the Beatles, Starbucks, Amazon, & YOU have in common?
–       Learn how innovation can make you stand far above your competition.

–       Easy to apply techniques to maximize your inner super hero

–       Laugh, play, learn, and enjoy as you share your journey with Rhonda

Sometimes You’re The Windshield…Sometimes You’re The Bug
Sometimes life gets the better of us, and we ask “Whose life is it, anyway”? When you stop living for yourself, and live only for everyone else, something is missing! In this humorous keynote, Rhonda shares that not only do we all experience this feeling – it’s OK to be frustrated!

I Can’t Get No Satisfaction
Do you feel like you are just putting in time when you come to work? Hopefully not. Do you feel appreciated, valued and like you are an important part of the team? Don’t fear if you don’t – You’re not alone! Learn to get “satisfaction.”

Charisma, Credibility & Confidence. The 1-2-3 Plan for Success!
Why is it that some people can walk into a room, and everyone will notice. Or with others, there is that immediate connection with (or the opposite – the immediate dislike!) Everyone wants to be the person that exudes Charisma, Credibility and Confidence.

Make the Leap to Remarkable
I get it, you’re good at what you do – but are you remarkable? Do you really stand out as “one of the best”? And if you’ve been doing your job for a while now (lets say, over five years), how do you know if you are that good anymore?

Where’s Waldo – Finding the Elusive Success!
We hear about success and happiness. We have even occasionally felt that perhaps we are happy and successful, but like Waldo, it seems extremely hard to find, and it disappears even after you find it.


Rhonda Scharf, CSP, HoF, GSF is a well-recognized International Professional Speaker, Trainer, Consultant and Author.  Since 1993 she has worked with tens of thousands of people in dozens of different countries. She is a respected consultant, provides uplifting and fun on-site training and workshops, and a highly entertaining keynote speaker.  Add in webinars and coaching along with full customization of all programs, and she is fully competent and capable of putting you ON THE RIGHT TRACK.

Her enthusiasm and positive energy truly make her stand out in her profession. Rhonda has the ability to make learning fun and interesting.

She is very active within the administrative community and its various associations. She is known as the “go-to” person for Administrative Professionals and widely known and respected for her approach and solution based information

Rhonda has earned the highest speaking designation in the world, the “Certified Speaking Professional” designation (CSP), was named as a member of the “Speaking Hall of Fame” in 2017, and earned her “Global Speaking Fellow” designation (GSF) in 2019. Combined with her peer awarded “Spirit of CAPS” award in 2008, she is the only person in the world with all four honours. Rhonda has been named in the current edition of “Who’s Who in Professional Speakers” (where she has been listed since 1998).