Valerie Oberle

Valerie Oberle’s culture-building expertise grew from her decades of practical experience as a key executive with the Walt Disney Company. Roles in Guest Relations, Theme Park and Resort Operations, then as the first female executive at Walt Disney World as VP of the Disney University, makes her uniquely qualified to provide audiences with specific strategies to build a sustainable service culture. The lessons focus on behaviors, processes, systems and leadership practices that are proven to increase customer and employee loyalty and therefore company profits. Oberle knows how to translate these strategies into action for other businesses as she was the driving force of the highly successful Disney Business Seminars. Since forming The Oberle Group in 1997, she has charmed audiences with her authentic approach and instructional stories in keynote presentations and workshops held around the world. Her style and content are acclaimed by clients as engaging, educational, and transforming. You’ll leave buzzing with fresh ideas and insights, along with the practical tools and motivation to implement them.


Beyond Customer Satisfaction to a First Class Guest Experience
Learn the key ingredients for delivering a consistent customer experience that will drive loyalty. From building a service focused culture to customer experience training for staff and managers, Valerie Oberle provides practical solutions to your customer service challenges.

Coaching for Excellence
An interactive workshop for learning effective feedback, coaching, and accountability skills for leaders and managers, all critical for building a culture of excellence.

Team Building for High Performance
Realign your staff with your company’s goals, motivate high performance, and boost morale through team building activities and workshops.

Understanding and Motivating Today’s Generation Y Workforce
Managing the workforce of today requires an understanding of generational influences and the motivations that yield the highest level of productivity. You’ll laugh as you recognize the generational differences, and you’ll also leave with the tools you need to improve understanding and get results.

Preventing Discriminatory Harassment in the Workplace
This very hot topic is essential for managers and staff to understand both the definitions and the implications of inappropriate behavior. This workshop has two modules designed for managers and staff.

Communication Skills for Facilitative Leaders
Listening for understanding is every bit as important as how you express yourself to your team. This workshop goes beyond the basics to build communication skills in managers and leaders that facilitate more involvement in the workplace.

Managing Change Effectively
With proper planning and sensitivity, members of your team can continue to be productive during transitions. Understanding the factors that contribute to positive morale and high productivity will help your company successfully implement change.

Retention Strategies: How to Keep the Right People
Leaders who participate in this workshop will learn the seven key strategies to engaging and retaining the right employees, invaluable skills that can save your company significant money.

Full Biography

An accomplished business leader, consultant, certified DISC Success Insight™ coach, and internationally acclaimed speaker, Valerie Oberle is a passionate advocate for organizational excellence and cultural change.

She has extensive experience in operations, people and performance management, selection and hiring, training and communication initiatives, quality customer service processes, training/motivation/retention, executive leadership development, and creating a service focused culture, and she fully understands the complexities of running a business.

Valerie cultivated her leadership skills during an illustrious 27-year career with Walt Disney World®, a preeminent customer-service-focused corporation. Her achievements include:

• Rising through the ranks to become the first female executive for Walt Disney World Resort;

• Key leadership roles in Guest Relations, Theme Park Operations, Resort Management, and Human Resources;

• Serving as Vice President of the world-renowned Disney University;

• Responsibility for the internationally successful Disney Business Seminars, which provide professional development programs to business leaders.

Since establishing The Oberle Group in 1997, Valerie has helped businesses and non-profit organizations from around the world bring out the best in their leaders and employees, exceed the expectations of their customers, and

reap the benefits of excellence.