Sue Hershkowitz-Coore

Sue Hershkowitz-Coore, CSP, one of the top business speakers in the country, makes a difference in the way your attendees think, communicate and perform. A communications expert, she believes that success is dependent on how you communicate your message to your customers, colleagues, staff and even to your own self. Hershkowitz-Coore’s high-energy way of presenting energizes and excites audiences, and they connect with her, and listen to her message, not just because she offers fresh thinking and practical information, but because they know she cares about their success. Of course, the fact that she keeps them laughing throughout the presentation helps too! An award-winning speaker, Sue Hershkowitz-Coore mixes practical business applications, constant research, and life experiences, to make a difference in the way your attendees think, communicate and perform.


How to Get Attention with Persuasive Messaging
It’s a battle to get people’s time and attention. Win them over by creating an engaging, brisk micro-message. From email messaging to presentations, learn to structure content and convey intent to engage buyers, build relationships and communicate influentially.

Taking Care of Business: Looking for a Second Right Answer
Kick off your meeting and get your attendees pumped and ready to increase profits and potential. They laugh. They learn. They see that second right answers create different results –the results they need today.

Communicating When Strangling Isn’t an Option!
Been there? Everyone loves this. Funny and relevant, irreverant but never impolite, your group learns to use specific skills to stay calm, focused and professional when all they really want to do is scream, bite and kick! With Sue’s Masters Degree in counseling, she is uniquely qualified to help stressed out, overworked and overwhelmed attendees manage their conversations perfectly.

Change the Conversation! How to Communicate to Create Abundance
Garbage in… garbage stays. Change your conversation and change your results. This engaging keynote motivates your team to stop trash talkin’ and start talking the language of abundance. This isn’t some woo-ey presentation; it’s based on proven success principles and guaranteed to help you engage customers and co-workers in more productive and profitable conversations. Funny, real and full of fresh ideas to move from scarcity to prosperity.

Communication Skills
Everything depends on what we say to ourselves and to others. Professionals with great communication skills get better results, drive revenue more easily and make the office a nicer, more productive place to be.

Can You Hear Me? 5 Specific Tips to Listen and Be Listened to!
It’s odd that the hardest part of communication success is keeping quiet and listening! Odd or not, listening doesn’t come easy. We hear just 25% when we disagree, and double that when we agree. Listen for agreement and change your world.

Be a Storyteller: Communicate Your Message with Impact and Influence
How do you persuade skeptical people to make the leap from disbelief to engagement? How do you get people involved and excited about your product, your idea, your brand? How do you influence others? It’s about connecting with listeners on an emotional level in a transparent and authentic manner. Attendees discover how they can tell stories from their everyday life to more easily motivate and influence others. You leave with new ideas to compel listeners, extend brand image and build commitment. Makes a perfect keynote or an engaging, intensive working session.

Advanced Communication Skills for Leaders
Exactly what the title says. This isn’t for the uninitiated. This one is for the management and executive teams — because they may need it most of all.

Email Selling Skills
The use of email as a prospecting and business-building tool has blossomed during this economic blip. As we move forward, it will be more important than ever to help buyers feel safe and smart about their buying decisions. Email can do that! It can either attract more customers or turn them off! Whether the conversation starts at a trade show or on Twitter, following-up well will be key.

Bringing Sexy Back: How to Make Email Work Today
Do your emails tempt your readers to do business with you, or are they a major turn off? This session helps you transform bland messages into emails that entice customers to want to do business with you. Learn how you can set yourself apart from your competitors to create a more appealing brand message. If you’re looking for a practical session with specific ideas you’ll apply right away to build business and profits, this is a must-attend session. You’ll have fun and leave with new tools to prospect and sell more.

Make Your Email Communications Sell: How to Prospect and Follow-up Today!
Email may not be the best way to prospect today (or is it?). If you’re using email, are you certain that your messages aren’t causing your prospects to retreat? How do you reopen a conversation with someone who has told you “no”? How do you avoid the horrible introductory email? Why does using your “inside voice” matter? You’ll leave this energetic and educational meeting with specific new tools you can apply that same day to build business and profits.

Power Sales Writing™
Proven to increase shop scores — and sales — this training session is so specific, so practical, and so critical that you just can’t afford to let your sales people write another email or sales letter until they attend.

Email: Write Like Your Reputation Depends on It!
What you say and how you say it determines your success. This session provides the tips and tricks you need to sell your ideas, build strong relationships and boost your career success.

Power Writing: How to Get Action and Results from the Emails You Write
Want to recession-proof your career and boost the value you bring to your organization? Learn to write emails that get action and results. Fact: More than half of all professionals overestimate their ability to write clearly (so if the person in the next cubicle writes well, guess what?!). Represent your company and yourself more professionally.

Email Drives the Dialogue: Creating Relevance Today
Social media is impacting the way we use email. It’s more important than ever that emails be relevant, respectful, clear and concise. If you aren’t writing in a style that engages your recipients, your email is nothing more than an interruption. Whether your goal is to get things done within your organization or prospect for gold outside of it, messaging needs to be relevant. And consider this: where the conversation starts doesn’t matter either… eventually you’ll need to write an email that influences the other person to do what you want.

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