Clint Longenecker

Clinton O. Longenecker has been a business leader for the past twenty years, as an award winning professional business educator, as a business researcher and best selling author, as an executive coach and management trainer, as a consultant and practitioner of cutting edge business practices, and as a community servant and advisor. He wears a variety of hats that stimulate entrepreneurship and business success and he has a local, regional and national reputation as a leader who helps both organizations and individuals realize their potential for success in both the private and public sector. He has helped numerous organizations create high performance business practices that are being used across the country.


The Two-Minute Drill Approach to Leading Rapid Performance Improvement
Challenges participants to get better results using the practices of the Two-Minute Drill when approaching organizational change and improvement. The Two-Minute Drill can drive improvement when the stakes are high, time is short and losing is not an option. Learn why 70% of Two-Minute Drills in the NFL and college are successful while less than 20% of most organizational improvement initiatives are winners and what to do about it and how this same line of thinking can be applied to your next organizational improvement effort with impressive results.

Getting Better Results: A Leader’s Guide for Career Success and Survival in the 21st Century
This dynamic and interactive presentation is based on a research study of over 3,000 high performing business leaders from around the world and the things they do to achieve superior results. Participants will be challenged to assess their approach to clarifying desired results, using their time, empowering people, building teams and a myriad of other leadership practices that can create better performance. This presentation is rich with key research findings that make it easy for business leaders to understand the importance of specific practices and their impact on bottom line performance.

S.T.O.P.: Getting Better Results by Slowing Down
This presentation is designed to help participants S.T.O.P. and take control of the factors that influence their ability to achieve higher levels of performance. Everyone is busy in the modern workplace, but the question is busy doing what? This learning experience will equip participants with the tools that they need to identify what they are really trying to achieve, the key activities necessary for success, their use of time, their ability to work with others and the importance of creating a process for personal development and accountability. These leaders will come to understand the importance of the S.T.O.P. principle. Leaders need to have a systematic schedule to SIT, THINK, OPERATIONALIZE and then PERFORM. The research results shared in this program will demonstrate that leaders can achieve not only an improvement in their personal effectiveness, but equally as important greater satisfaction from life as they take the time to think.

Career Success and Survival in the 21st Century

Creating High Performance Leadership

The Disciplines of Successful Manufacturing Enterprises

The Best Practices of High Performance Professionals

The Job That Ate My Brain: Incredible Challenges in Business and How to Succeed!

The Bathsheba Syndrome: Lessons from the Ethical Failings of Successful Business Leaders

Taking Your Faith to Work


Life lessons from a broken Haiti
Public service has corporate, personal benefits


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