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DAVE WEBER is an internationally recognized speaker, with a track record of success. He is an honors graduate from Mercer University with a B.A. in Communications. He simultaneously captained the university’s NCAA Division I soccer and volleyball teams for three years and received All-Conference honors in both sports. As a Sales Representative for Motorola, Dave received over fifteen outstanding sales awards, including the prestigious “Top 10″ award each year. In 1987 he started his own speaking and training firm. His high energy and fun entertaining style quickly made him a highly sought after speaker.

Motivational, inspiring, and challenging, Dave Weber is a super-star. He ‘wows’ his audience to think and take action now. I predict he will become one of the top ten speakers of our time.” Mark Victor Hansen, Co-Creator, #1 New York Times best-selling series Chicken Soup for the Soul. “David Weber’s dynamic presentation of ‘Overcoming Life’s Goliaths” is life changing!


Sticks & Stones Exposed: The Truth Behind Words and Relationships
– or – Some Days You’re The Pigeon…Some Days The Statue

This presentation is so good it has two working titles and it is Dave’s “hottest” program right now! Based on his best-selling book, Sticks and Stones Exposed: The Power of Our Words, audiences from coast to coast, in all kinds of industries, are laughing and learning their way to creating a much better culture and climate in which to work. Why is this important? It’s all about relationships. According to the Gallup Organization, over 80% of the people who leave or quit an organization do so because of negative relationships issues that exist in the workplace. The impact this has on morale, productivity, customer service, absenteeism, safety, learning, dealing with change, etc. is devastating. Relationships are so crucial that The Harvard Principal’s Center has even found them to be the most critical aspect of student achievement.

Leadership Redefined: The 12 X’s of Success for TODAY’S Leader

For years audiences of all types have been raving about the timeless concepts covered in this 1-3 hour presentation. Rather than industry specific or job title focused, the 12X’s relies on a series of proven and time-tested principles that can be universally applied to/in all kinds of settings. Using principles from Dave Weber’s book Leadership Redefined: The 12 X’s of Success for TODAY’s Leader, Dave will challenge your current definition of what a leader is and help you discover who truly can be a leader.

Overcoming Life’s Goliaths

This fantastic Keynote presentation has been our #1 most frequently requested motivational/inspirational program for years. Infinitely flexible, it is appropriate for events ranging from large conventions, conferences, and trade shows to smaller gatherings like company/departmental functions, faculty meetings or luncheons.

My Inbox is Full and I Can’t Get Out!

Dave has identified the critical success skills and key functions needed to maximize the impact of Outlook®. As participants learn our process, Outlook® is transformed from simply an “ok personal organization tool” that came with my computer into a command control center of events, information, contacts, and activities where users literally learn how to manage every detail of their life and never have anything fall through the cracks.

Rock Your Future

Dave completely “cuts loose” in this program specifically designed for middle and high school students…and tens of thousands of them have sat spellbound during this presentation. Created to encourage young people to make good choices in life and especially stay in school, don’t expect some “stuffed shirt, coat and tie” presentation. Clad in jeans, cool shoes, spiked hair, and armed with silly string and $20 bills, Dave has figured out how to grab and hold onto students’ attention to really get the message of this program into their heads and hearts.

I Got This!

As students get older, they’re becoming more responsible for their own work and parents naturally become less involved. Student activity levels increase and keeping a strong GPA is more important than ever in a day of rising standards. The worst thing that can happen is for a student to make poor grades and lose the motivation and vision to graduate! This workshop is perfect for educators and students who are ‘at risk’ of not graduating and as a continuous improvement strategy for high achieving students.

I’m Spread So Thin…You Can See Through Me!

As the sheer volume of responsibilities and workload in today’s business environment has grown, Dave believe that everyone is being asked to do more, with less, faster, cheaper, and better. There is more on your plate than ever, and at the end of the day you feel further behind than when the day began. How do you maintain a high level of focus throughout a crazy, interrupt driven day? DAVE HAS THE PROCESS! More than ever before, providing “best in class” service has become a necessity. Whether you are serving internal or external customers, students, or clients, what differentiates one organization from another may truly boil down to the professionalism and attitude of its people. Let Dave bring out The Winner In You!

  • Change
  • Managing the Dynamics of Change
  • Communication
  • Conflict Resolution
  • Education
  • Effective Listening
  • Leadership
  • Productivity
  • Stress / Stress Management
  • Teamwork/Teambuilding
  • Time Management / Self-Management
  • Team Building / Self Esteem
  • Time Management and Personal Productivity
  • Life Planning … and more

Complete Biography

For over 25 years Dave Weber’s fun, high energy, and entertaining style have made him one of the country’s most sought after speakers. Presenting well over 160 times each year to tens of thousands all across the country, he is often described as a “Chihuahua on caffeine” and is always a crowd favorite.

From the most well respected corporations in the world, to middle schoolers, and everyone in between, Dave delivers an infusion of life into any event. Whether it is an inspirational keynote to kick off or close out a conference, or a “nuts and bolts” personal organization training program to a small group, participants come away eager to implement what they have learned.

As a captivating presenter and phenomenal story teller, Dave has discovered that laughter opens the head and the heart to consider internalizing new principles…and humor is a big part of all of his presentations.

Weber believes, “People like to laugh and have fun. Talk to anyone who has just returned from a meeting, conference, or retreat and the first thing they’ll tell you is whether or not it was fun – then they’ll discuss content.”

Dave’s style might initially get him invited to present, but it is his great content and timeless principles that get him invited back time and time again.

Dave strongly identifies with the challenges other professionals face. His goal with every presentation is to motivate, challenge, and inspire everyone who hears him…and have a lot of fun along the way. Dave stakes his reputation on change…

  • changed perceptions
  • changed attitudes
  • changed behaviors
  • changes lives!

In addition to presenting on the motivational speaking circuit, Dave is the author/creator of the LifeTime Organizer and the author of the best selling book Sticks and Stones: Exposed: The Power of Our Words. He is president and CEO of Weber Associates, Inc., a training and speaking firm in Atlanta, Georgia. He and his wife Tina are the proud parents of two great kids.

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