Laughing Stock Comedy Company is the funniest company in business today. Armed with only a bag of props, their quick wits and some audience suggestions, Laughing Stock takes you on a wild ride through America’s business culture. Their improvisational comedy show is about you and the issues you wrestle with every day in your work lives. Members of LaughingStock have been delivering interactive, intelligent and memorable entertainment for sales meetings, customer events, association conferences, awards banquets, trade shows and more for over 20 years.

Clients include AT&T, American Express, IBM, United Airlines, Dr Pepper/7UP, American Bankers Association and over 1,000 others. Laughing Stock is a versatile, experienced company providing a gaggle of comedy services; bring them to your next meeting for banquet entertainment, general session mental coffee breaks, emcees, fake experts, industrial video or any project where comedy can help your members communicate. Join Laughing Stock as they discover what’s so funny about your group.


A major computer maker drew its best booth response ever with an original trade show script written and performed street-theater style by Laughing Stock.

A national health-insurance company wanted to develop an internal speakers bureau to address the community about health care issues. Laughing Stock’s Presentation Skills Workshop gave them real tools and new confidence to succeed.

An oil and gas corporation needed an attention getting format to deliver a Customer Focus message to dealers and jobbers. Laughing Stock created a fun and informative game show that became the talk of the marketing conference.

A large software developer looked for a theme to parody its annual customer conference. Laughing Stock created a “Soft Copy” news team to uncover offbeat scoops (like the teeny-tiny hotel soap conspiracy), interview attendees entering sessions and cover the final party at the MGM Studios.

A management-consulting firm wanted to impress a handful of potential new hires. Dinner at an exclusive Chicago restaurant and a send-up of management consultants by LaughingStock made a memorable impression.

A medical-device manufacturer hosted its customers at an annual banquet and treated these valued clients to a hilarious Laughing Stock performance lampooning the end users, the company and the customers themselves.

A major shoe brand wrapped up an annual sales conference with a luncheon performance by Laughing Stock. “…a chance to laugh at ourselves and make light of the situations that crowd our all-too-serious lives.”

When one regional bank merged with another, 200 jobs became “redundant.” Laughing Stock’s performance at an ice cream social provided catharsis, relieved stress and helped thank these people for their efforts in a difficult conversion.

A retail-store chain added comic diversion to their semi-annual buyers meeting with a presentation from “Greta”, the new accessories buyer: Laughing Stock’s Lesley Abrams. She amazed and delighted the audience with outlandishly stunning ideas.

A wood-products company sold their new square-centered round toothpicks to grocery store buyers nationwide with a five minute audio program created by Laughing Stock. And the competition has been left picking up the pieces.

A software company launching a new version sought an entertaining look at their product “through the ages” for their user conference. Five Laughing Stock comedians conjured over 50 characters in 16 scenes in a 45-minute live spoof.

Full Biography

Laughing Stock Comedy Company is the funniest company in business today.

For almost 20 years, members of Laughing Stock have been sending up America’s corporate culture at banquets, association meetings, customer fetes, trade shows and other special events. They have created comedy mayhem live on stage, on audio and video industrial s, on CD’s and on-line.

Laughing Stock’s success is a result of extensive background research into every single audience for whom they perform combined with quick-witted comedians taking and using audience suggestions during the performances. Laughing Stock’s experienced actor/comedians are well schooled in improvisational comedy techniques and — armed with their background research — spontaneously create fun and funny scenes based on the work lives of the audience.

Another key to Laughing Stock’s success is their ability to roast the job without roasting the person. Laughing Stock rarely names names, poking gentle fun at all the other constituencies that get in the way of someone getting their job done: management, customers, regulators, associates and even family.

Laughing Stock has performed well over 1000 shows for corporate and association special events in the US, Canada and Mexico. Business sectors have included financial and insurance, healthcare and pharmaceuticals, technology and manufacturing, transportation and communications, utilities and government and many, many more.

Laughing Stock’s comedians come from a variety of backgrounds and educations and have one important thing in common: they all think making people laugh is the best job in the whole world.