Greg Schwem, America’s Favorite Corporate Funnyman Author & Motivational Speaker, Nationally Syndicated Humor Columnist, Standup Comedian. Greg gives audiences a chance to enjoy a good laugh together, with his crafty, knowledgeable, and on-target humor.

Greg Schwem tells all his clients, “I’m here to make you laugh but, at the end of the day, I want to be your biggest cheerleader too!”  That approach is why the Chicago Tribune recently proclaimed Greg “king of the hill in the growing world of corporate comedy while HuffPost calls Greg, “Your boss’ favorite comedian.”  Indeed, Greg’s comedic take on the 21st century workplace and work/life balance has landed him on SIRIUS Radio, Comedy Central and the cover of Exceptional People Magazine.   During the 2020 pandemic, Greg’s virtual keynote, You Can‘t Quarantine Laughter, was lauded by clients such as Cisco, Verizon, Merrill Lynch and his alma mater, Northwestern University.  One participant called it “fantastic and just what everybody needed during this time.”  More than just a business humor keynote speaker and sought after corporate emcee, Greg is also an author, nationally syndicated humor columnist for the Chicago Tribune, award-winning greeting card writer and creator of funnydadinc, voted one of the top Dad humor sites on the web in 2020.  His recent business travels have resulted in a hilarious web series, A Comedian Crashes Your Pad, winner of a 2020 Telly Award for travel and tourism He has shared the concert stage with the likes of Celine Dion, Jay Leno and Keith Urban.

What sets Greg apart from other corporate entertainers is his ability—and willingness—to customize material for his audience while working within the parameters of the corporate environment. That means no profanity or politically incorrect material. “That’s never been a part of my show anyway,” Greg recently told a reporter.

When Greg presents, live or virtually, at whatever time of day, audiences will see and hear the following:

  • A heavily researched and customized presentation featuring material created with the help of Greg’s client.  Greg doesn’t “phone it in.”
  • Customized multimedia support that includes video, audio and screen grabs from a client’s website.
  • A motivational message that uses humor and real world examples from actual companies that show the “do’s and dont’s” of succeeding in business. Let Greg tell your audience about his experiences with the highly successful American Girl Doll company!

Greg’s preparation always includes a conference call with company executives and, in some cases, an onsite visit.

Customized Material from Past Shows

John Hancock: You sell the U.S. Global Leader Growth Fund.  Is there a U.S. Regional Follower Growth Fund as well?

Michigan Realtors Assoc.:  Your organization has been around since 1915?  What kind of sessions did realtors attend at the 1915 convention?  “The do’s and dont’s of selling that log cabin!”

Campbell’s Soup:   You make “premium organic” baby food?  Don’t you realize that, after the baby eats your incredibly healthy food, he’s gonna grab a fistful of the cat’s hair and eat that too?

Greg also is the author of two Amazon best sellers:  Text Me If You’re Breathing: Observations, Frustrations and Life Lessons From a Low-Tech Dad and The Road to Success Goes Through the Salad Bar:  A Pile of BS (Business Stories) From a Corporate Comedian.


 Keynote 1 – Work, Laugh, Repeat

Perfect for any group that needs a humorous break from the serious side of business.  Despite its therapeutic qualities, laughter is often absent from the business environment.  Greg shows it is possible to laugh at work and about work.  Audience members will put down their iPads and Blackberries and laugh along with Greg as he good-naturedly discusses topics such as Smart Phone abuse, social network overload, never-ending conference calls, “frequently” asked questions, and home office workers. His preparation includes company web site research, phone conferences and maybe even a personal visit!

Keynote 2 – You Can’t Quarantine Laughter (live or virtual)

 Is COVID-19 funny? Absolutely not. But Greg Schwem also knows people turn to humor to cope with tragedy and hardship.  Which is precisely why he developed the hilarious keynote, You Can’t Quarantine Laughter.  Performing live or virtually, Greg introduces audiences to the Five Stages of a Pandemic: Fun, Creative, Panic, “Meh” and Normal.  Then, using examples from businesses who used innovative means to cope during the quarantine, and his own experiences coping with a changing career path, he shows how humor can be a powerful weapon in dealing with a new normal.  One virtual audience member summed up the presentation: “100 percent pure awesomeness!”

  Keynote 3 – Rock, Roll & Laugh Your Way to the Top!

 Greg Schwem knows a thing or two about rock and roll.  As a comedian who has opened concerts for stars ranging from Keith Urban, to Celine Dion, to Enrique Iglesias to (wait for it) KC and the Sunshine Band, Greg has seen how rock and roll is really a business. Like your business.  In short?  Every company and employee has “rock star” potential.  Greg shows you how to achieve that potential in a highly motivational presentation that combines hilarious comedy, live concert footage and a musical soundtrack featuring everything from classic rock to country to Lollapalooza.  Topics include “Why Every Office Needs a Keith Richards,” “Are you Team Taylor or Team Kanye?” and “Don’t Let Your Company Become a Country Song.”

 Meeting emcee/video host

A good emcee needs to multitask. He must keep the event moving, be adept at improvisation and work efficiently with all participants onstage. Greg Schwem has hosted everything from a one-hour awards ceremony for 200 BAE Systems engineers to a three-day conference for 6,000 McDonald’s restaurant managers, to a virtual webinar for IBM customers. He is equally at ease chatting with a company CEO live on stage, pronouncing (correctly) the names of awards recipients, or conducting humorous on-camera interviews with meeting attendees.

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