Nina Spencer

If you are searching for excellence in a female motivational speaker or workshop facilitator, Nina Spencer is a rare find. With her energetic, enthusiastic and unique perspective, she will help make your next meeting, conference, or in-house workshop a long-to-be-remembered experience! Author of, Getting Passion Out of Your Profession: How to keep loving your living…come what may, and profiled by The National Post as, “one of Canada’s leading motivational speakers”, Nina is a seasoned (but not too marinated!) keynote speaker who informs and inspires her participants to reach for the best within, whether she’s working with 8, 80 or 800! Nina conducts business keynotes and workshops on a wide variety of topics, all of which dovetail into the themes of leadership, interpersonal communications, adjusting to change, skills for the future, respect for self and respect for others. Nina’s dedication to walking her talk has clearly led her to an articulated life purpose of Inspiration and Communication.


Getting Passion Out of Your Profession
Remember when you Got the Job!? When YOU were the one selected for that coveted position? It was a cause for celebration! Who did you call? How did you celebrate your wonderful news, that very day? What happened? The first bloom of excitement and passion for a new position, can easily slip away. Can the embers be fanned? Tune into WII-FM (Whats In It For Me) to get tips, techniques and strategies for Getting Passion Out of Your Profession…for your own sake! In this invigorating, provocative and uplifting keynote or workshop presentation, Nina Spencer will share eight passion points for reclaiming that zest for your work, and empower you to grab your professional life by the ankles and give it a fling!
Life is change, and work is change, but passion, for our professions, and for our lives, is optional…and each one of us gets to choose!


Skills for Every Professional’s Future
“It’s a small world!” is no longer just a phrase for coincidences between people. The “Global Village” is a reality, and the way we do business and communicate, professionally and personally, is evolving! To stay in the loop in the 21st century requires focus on skills which promote self-management, self-awareness, inter-personal communication and respect for others. Through a fine balance of content and humour, Nina will share with you how to:

  • Gain deeper insight to your current 21st century skill levels
  • Identify attitudes and behaviours which block 21st century skill development (and how to nurture the attitudes that open)
  • Identify the skills you especially wish to further nurture
  • Use a well respected feedback model to better understand self and others
  • Feel terrific about work and the 21st century!!

A truly provocative, insightful and content rich keynote presentation, breakout session, half, or full day workshop.

Positive Thinking: Attitude Is Everything
There’s only one thing more contagious than Enthusiasm… and that’s the lack of it!! Get an opportunity to take a “pulse rate fitness test” on “where you are at” about your attitude towards your work and your life! Learn how your thinking helps or hinders your sense of sanity, security and serenity. Take away concrete, “do-able this very day” strategies for finding a higher altitude for your attitude! A wonderful balance between humour and content, this keynote will address:

  • The difference between abundance and disparity thinking
  • Rewriting a positively focused version of Murphy’s Law
  • How to “get turned on and stay turned on”
  • How to change negatively focused languaging to the positively focused
  • The importance of the balance of our four natures of self
  • The value of understanding and manipulating our own Emotional Intelligence (and understanding how it can be more important than IQ)
  • The value of creative visualization technique and how to apply it to our own circumstances (how to demonstrate it to ourselves)
  • The differences between believing and knowing, and 99% vs. 100% commitment

This invigorating and enlightening session will leave you with a new attitude about yourself and every aspect of your life, and empower you to grab life by the ankles and give it a fling!

I Love Gems: Going the Extra Mile on Service
“Quality Customer Service” and “Service Excellence” are phrases and themes that we’ve all heard for at least two decades. Organizations have asked their employees to “get it”, and demonstrate it, whether employees were ready or not (and whether they were inspired or not)! Some employees haven’t been able to “see” that if they provide a service or a product, if they are “working”, then someone is “consuming”. That “consumer”, of the product or service, is the customer! Everyone who has a job or career, has customers. Whether it’s Education or Construction, Corporate or Self-Employment! Everyone! For many employees, the idea of having a bone deep passion for delivering excellence in customer service was a “fake it til you make it” proposition. Now, more and more people are finding their own reasons and purpose for wanting to give their customers the “best that they’ve got”. People who have decided that they Love GEMS: Going the Extra Mile on Service, have discovered that the “Extra Mile” can be exhilarating and rewarding because “hardly anyone else is on it”! So the “road” is wide open! In this keynote or workshop presentation, “I Love GEMS: Going the Extra Mile on Service”, Nina will share how to:

  • Use “purpose” to get through the most challenging customer situations
  • Appreciate that perception is reality
  • Negotiate for “win-win” agreements
  • Choose and use positive words to get any message “across”
  • Decide time and place for “sorry” and “thank-you”
  • Keep your cool, no matter what (the one who is Not angry has the control!)
  • Feel empowered in any situation
  • Demonstrate excellence in customer service by voice mail
  • Develop a passion for continuous professional / personal development
  • Be memorable to your clients / make them want to do business with you!

Attend this session and learn how to get maximum personal and professional fulfilment out of working with your customers… your ultimate reason for being there!

A Time to Creep, A Time to Soar: Lessons learned for work & life from climbing Kilimanjaro

Nina’s tales from her training and then climbing of Mt. Kilimanjaro… themes of shooting for your goals and dreams, overcoming barriers, team spirit and team work, protecting your humour, staying positive, perseverance and personal leadership

Full Biography

Nina is a popular Toronto-based international keynoter, workshop facilitator, speaker’s coach and best selling author. Dubbed by the National Post as, “One of Canada’s leading motivational speakers”, she is in-demand with audiences from a diversity of associations, professions and industries, in both the public and private sectors. Hailing originally from Corporate Learning and Organizational Development, Nina offers over 20 years of professional speaker experience and exudes that magical blend of information and inspiration, served up with high-energy and a relaxed authenticity that appeals to both genders, all generations and the whole spectrum of the corporate landscape, from senior management to frontline staff. A conference planner’s delight!

A periodic Expert Advisor on workplace issues to Canada’s leading newspaper, The Globe and Mail, she is also a former professional figure skater, and with new wisdom gleaned from her recent summit of Mt. Kilimanjaro—the world’s tallest free-standing mountain— Nina regularly brings audiences to their feet with her engaging, humourous, pertinent and thought-provoking messages.

Nina is very easy to work with leading up to and on the day of the event, as she always considers herself part of the conference committee’s team in “getting the job done”

If you are searching for excellence in a keynote speaker—a knowledgeable, warm and authentic presenter who knows how hard corporate, public sector and entrepreneurially focused professionals work, is easy to work with behind the scenes and knows how to reach a diversity of audiences with solid content and good humour—know that Nina is a rare find, indeed. With her engaging and unique perspectives, you can trust Nina will help make your event a long-to-be-remembered informative, fun and positive experience.

On a Personal Note …….
Seven months of training for, and then climbing, Mt. Kilimanjaro has made Nina a lifelong hiking enthusiast. She hits the trails every chance she gets and happily brings along the
occasional inquisitive client or audience member, who has become interested in hiking (after hearing her Kilimanjaro keynote). Look out! YOU could be her next guest hiking companion!

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