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Cam Marston, founder and president of Generational Insight, has worked with Fortune 500 companies and small businesses throughout the world to improve multi-generational relations and communications. His work has appeared in The Chicago Tribune, Philadelphia Inquirer, New Zealand Herald, Entrepreneur Magazine, Charlotte Observer, HR Management Today, Money magazine, Fortune Small Business (FSB), on the BBC, and in and numerous trade journals and city business journals across the United States.

Marston began his generational-focused consultancy after several years selling for Nestle Brands Foodservice Company, where he discovered that he developed closer relationships with his customers when he talked to them about subjects that appealed to their value systems. He soon learned that his customers had many different values but the values were roughly the same in each generation. Today, Marston uses personal research conducted within client organizations and the explosion of available data on generational dynamics to explore the unique affects of generational difference in the workplace and in sales-based relationships.


Sales and Service Across the Generations
Everyone likes the same type of sales style and the same type of service…right? Nothing could be further from the truth. The truth is that what your sales team doesn’t know about the four generations impacts the bottom line. Each generation, with their unique values, defines a quality sales or service experience in their own unique way. What Gen X may prefer, Matures may think is outright rude. What Boomers define as “rapport building”, Millenials may define as a waste of time. In “Sales and Service Across the Generations” Marston explores the sales and services biases of each of the four generations and gives simple, easy to execute ideas for how to best work with each. It is highly energetic, highly engaging, and full of immediately actionable ideas that translate into increased sales.

Four Generations: One Workplace
Employers and managers need to understand the attitudes and expectations of each of the four generations so they can best work with each. The days of “treat everyone the same” are no longer with us; now we must accept the needs and desires of the individual. What causes the generations to differentiate from one another? This insightful and entertaining presentation introduces audiences to the four generations of employees in today’s workplace and how to work with and manage each. Case studies are brought to life and recommendations for best practices are shared.

Recruiting and Retaining the Generations
Quality employees are your organization’s most valuable resource. How do you find the best candidates, and how can you keep the ones you have? Who is on your ‘lifer list’? What are you doing to make sure they’ll stay? Is it the right thing? This presentation uses best practices across industries to show how today’s most competitive companies are competing for, winning, and retaining their top people. It breaks down the motivations of each of the generations of employees and illustrates how companies “in the know” are using those motivations to better attract and retain their talent.

Generational Pendulum
We’ve been here before. History is repeating itself right in front of us. The four generations have existed before in times much like these, and they’ve had the same reaction to these economic challenges. Being a student of the past makes the future predictable, and the future is bright for forward-thinking companies. Favor will fall on those who adjust their strategies to create opportunities for the predictable attitudes and outlooks of each of the generations today. Marston’s “Generational Pendulum” peeks into the looking glass of the future where we see the past, present and prediction of what will happen to each of the generations. This provocative program uses similar historical times to explain the behaviors of the population. Marketing, communications, sales, and human resources will find this content thoroughly engaging and position them to benefit from these anticipated changes. History is repeating itself. Be Ready.


There are four generations in one workforce. What does that mean for employers, managers, and sales teams? Leading the research and answering the hard questions is Cam Marston. Cam delineates the nuances of the four different generations and their impact on commerce in the 21st century. His presentations have been described as an “eye- opening experience”, “outstanding”, and “informative, humorous and memorable” by corporate and association audiences worldwide. His concepts are the result of more than a decade of extensive research and study inside businesses of all sizes and sectors.

Cam Marston lays out real-world scenarios and tactics for immediate implementation by sales teams and management. In preparation for each presentation, Marston often combs census data, uncovers relevant research, and interviews the corporate players and stake-holders to provide the opportunity for transformation through his information.

Fortune 500s rely on Cam Marston to bring critical content to their organizations in a way only he can: with top-shelf expertise, relatability, and humor. Cam’s messages, research and insights provide take-home know-how for every audience member. Previous clients include Prudential, Fidelity, ESPN, Charles Schwab, GE, Qualcomm, Merrill Lynch, Kellogg, The Coca-Cola Company, PricewaterhouseCoopers , Harrah’s Entertainment/Caesars Palace, the U.S. Department of Agriculture’s Animal and Plant Health Inspection Service, Macy’s, MetLife, Warner Brothers, Eli Lilly, Internal Revenue Service (IRS), & National Apartment Association.

Marston wrote the book on selling to the generations: Selling To a Multi-Generational Market, which evolved into one of the nation’s best-selling training programs on the topic. Marston authored Motivating the “What’s In It For Me” Workforce: Managing Across the Generational Divide (JW Wiley Publishers) and Best Practices in Generational Management (to be released in 2010), based upon questions most often asked of Cam from the C-Suite

Cam Marston has led the research and is the voice to the impact each generation has on team dynamics, sales initiatives, and customer relations.

His latest research on population trends show history repeating itself in the generational profiles. With “The Generational Pendulum”, Marston reveals the predictable attitudes of each of the generations and uncovers how forward-thinking companies can adjust their current strategies and create future opportunities.

Corporate Authority

Previously in sales at Nestle Brands Foodservice Company during the early 1990’s, he founded Marston Communications, now Generational Insight. Originally, his clients engaged him to conduct surveys, focus groups, and research on both their customer and employee bases. Cam’s results further revealed significant correlations and generational differences that his clients had not recognized. The focus of Marston Communications began to evolve just as awareness of generational differences was gaining national media attention.

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