Diana Jordan

Keynote speaker and veteran stand-up comic Diana Jordan has developed a loyal following using humor that will leave your audience in stitches. Whether your group is looking for someone to address women’s health, healthcare in general, happiness or comedy, if it has to do with humor or being a female – Diana has something for you! For instance, in her program created for healthcare providers she focuses on finding the humor in even the most stressful work environments. In addition to her stand-up and comedy work, Diana performs for private audiences with customized programs tailored for Go Red Luncheons, Breast Cancer Awareness events, Pre-and Post Surgical Patients, Corporate Groups, Women’s Health Organizations, and her famous ‘Girls Night Out’ routine is geared toward “ladies lookin’ to laugh.” With world-class humor, Diana shows your audience how to coax a fretful mind towards a happier outlook. Diana says, “Babies laugh 300 times a day; why don’t we?”

When Diana appeared on Oprah for the first time, Oprah Winfrey selected her as “One of the funniest people on the planet,” right alongside Jerry Seinfeld, Robin Williams and Bill Cosby. She was on the show with her best-selling book, A Wife’s Little Instruction Book: Your Survival Guide to Marriage without Bloodshed. The book title alone is enough to let you know that this is a woman who looks at life through her humor lens.

Whether she’s getting the message out about women and heart disease or pulling out all the stops for a Girl’s Night Out, Diana shares healthy positive coping strategies. She clearly demonstrates that our attitude equally impacts our health and ability to put things in perspective. Every group is left with laughter and a more positive way to deal successfully with a difficult problem or situation. Facts, laughter, music, and a genuine feeling for caring for others shine through Diana’s sensational personality and energy. Everyone leaves feeling energized and informed.


  • Go Red
  • Surviving Breast Cancer
  • Women’s Health
  • Surgical Humor
  • Corporate Comedy
  • Girl’s Night Out
  • Stand-Up


Expertise:  BUSINESS | CELEBRITIES | Comedy | Courage | Emcees / Hosts / Facilitators | ENTERTAINMENT | HEALTH / WELLNESS | Healthcare | Healthcare Medical Nursing Pharmaceutical | HUMAN RESOURCES | Humor | Inspiration | Overcomers / Adversity | Spouse Programs | Stress Management | Women’s Issues | Work / Life Balance