Scott McKain

Scott McKain’s calling is business – but his passion is the platform. With his diverse and amazing background, he is qualified to speak on many topics; however, his focus is on just one: creating compelling experiences that develop enhanced loyalty and profitability. McKain has both innovative theories and conceptual framework – as evidenced by his three bestselling business books – and the “in the trenches” viewpoints on execution that can only be found in someone who has been there. A highly successful business professional, author and commentator, he’s the co-founder of the Value Added Institute, a think tank that explores the role of customer experiences in creating enhanced client retention and revenue for visionary organizations. McKain has made several appearances on FOX News Network as an Analyst and Commentator, and is the author of three #1 business bestsellers: What Customers REALLY Want, ALL Business is Show Business, and his latest book, Collapse of Distinction — which shows how organizations and individual professionals create differentiation in order to expand profits, increase sales, and engage customers to ensure their loyalty. You need your people to become more productive, and your organization to become more profitable. That’s what Scott McKain is all about. And — perhaps his most important qualification — he has proven that the concepts he presents actually work in the real world!


The Collapse of Distinction
How does a professional – or even an entire organization – deal with the phenomenon that Scott McKain calls “the Collapse of Distinction”? There are three ominous factors that pull every company back to the pack like a magnet. Without understanding these “Destroyers of Differentiation,” a voyage on the “sea of sameness” is inevitable. Next, visionary companies and colleagues seek to become distinct. In this compelling presentation, Scott reveals the Four Cornerstones of Distinction – and how to stand out and move up through the creation of the Ultimate Customer Experience!®

What Customers REALLY Want
Based upon Scott’s #1 bestselling business book by the same name, this program addresses the Six Disconnections between what customers crave versus what most organizations offer. Through his research – first into the nineteen companies of a $100+ million organization where he formerly served as Vice Chairman, and other top clients of international renown – he discovered extensive gulfs between client desires and company delivery.

ALL Business is Show Business
As Scott McKain wrote in his first business bestseller, every professional and each organization must develop the kind of connection with its customers that a blockbuster film or compelling television program creates with its audience! We have become a culture that expects an experience to be an integral part of doing business. Therefore, those organizations that understand how to execute the strategies necessary for creating compelling relationships thorough the customer and employee experience will find themselves leading the pack.

Full Biography

Scott McKain’s calling is business – but his passion is the platform.

Scott McKain has authored three bestselling business books. His first work, “ALL Business is Show Business” reached the #1 spot on’s list of business bestsellers and was released globally in several languages.

“What Customers REALLY Want,” also received rave reviews and top charts rankings from the United States to India. Its groundbreaking examination of the “Six Major Disconnections between Customers and Organizations” has made a significant impact in the manner in which companies approach their clients and prospects.

Scott’s latest book is “Collapse of Distinction: Stand Out and Move Up While Your Competition Fails.” It takes a revolutionary approach in clearly showing how organizations and individual professionals create differentiation in the market — vital in securing customers and growing market share. “Collapse of Distinction” already been called by one reviewer as “one of the most important business books” in recent history, and was named by several major publications — such as the “Miami Herald” — and by top critics as one of the “Top Ten Business Books of 2009.”

Scott McKain has appeared on multiple occasions as a commentator and analyst on FOX News Channel. His platform presentations have run the gamut from the White House lawn with the President in the audience carried live on CNN and NBC’s “Today” show…to a remote outpost near the Amazon…all 50 states, seven Canadian provinces…and from Singapore to Sweden…Mexico to Morocco.