Joe Castillo has mastered the ability to share his art stories in a way that inspires, motivates and touches the heart. Now, he has launched out with the ability to Live Stream events from his studio in Atlanta Georgia. Streaming corporate events, churches, and conferences makes him a perfect solution for our current times. Whether online or live your audience will leave his sessions feeling uplifted and filled awe.

KEYNOTE SPEAKER and SAND ARTIST Joe Castillo is one of the first and foremost sand artists in the world who tells stories with his sand art projected on a big screen, creating a powerful and moving experience. Drawing with his finger through a screen of sand, Joe Castillo makes fluid lines that cohere into characters that become stories. Joe Castillo is the originator of a form of storytelling art that he calls the SandStory. Drawing his hand across the medium, he makes simple, fluid lines that expose light from under dark sand, telling stories and sharing life lessons.

Long before becoming a finalist on America’s Got Talent and world renowned speaker, Joe’s Keynote addresses and artwork have entertained, captivated and uplifted companies such as Walt Disney, Sony, CBS, NBC, PBS, BBC, TED, Mercedes-Benz, Procter & Gamble, Fox, Ford, Million Dollar Roundtable and Apple and he is just getting started. His stories bring a lump to the throat, His Art brings tears to the eyes and his message grips the heart. Powerful enough to bring thirty five thousand fans in the Lucas Oil Stadium to their feet, Personal enough to touch 50 top CFO’s at Deloitte University.

Audiences laugh, cry, hurt, heal and leave his unique performances filled with a desire to be more than they ever dreamed. Creativity, Inspiration and Motivation flow through Joe Castillo’s DNA.

His Words, his Stories, his Art prove it!



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BRIGHT COLORS on a faded background. – Procrastination and backward thinking keep inferior leaders from becoming superior leaders. Trade in those wilted old habits for fresh ideas, innovative directions and new patterns. Get noticed without cutting off your ear. Be innovative without sacrificing consistency. Learn Three steps to avoid the danger of damaging your brand by forgetting your goal.        


  • Inspire Creativity
  • Generate Enthusiasm
  • Build Teamwork
  • Motivate this generation
  • All with a unique and innovative blend of storytelling and sandstory art


Joe Castillo is the best selling author, artist, storyteller and finalist from America’s Got Talent who has developed a new way of telling stories with his hands in the sand. SandStory is a unique way of storytelling that uses sand art, a light table and music as a medium. He has been seen live in all 7 continents, over 43 countries, and into 35 different languages. He has done events for world leaders including President Carter, President Bush, President Clinton, Hillary Clinton, President Juan Manuel Santos and King Abdullah.