Charlie Brennan has shared the platform with many notable speakers ranging from Secretary of State Colin Powell, Christopher Reeve, Elizabeth Dole and countless other highly motivational speakers. Charlie has developed the talents of over a million professionals to help sharpen their sales and communication skills to increase future opportunities through his advanced selling programs. As founder of the Brennan Sales Institute, he has researched communication skills and dialogue exchange between experts and customers, which resulted in his best selling paperback and award winning books and programs. He holds a masters degree in training and development and is a veteran of over 2,500 presentations. His 20 plus years in training and sales has enabled him to be called one of the best sales trainers in the country.


Advanced Questioning “The Right Question”
The Right Question teaches how to ask the right question at the right time. Presenting advanced questioning skills, participants will be able to gain access to difficult to see customers, uncover their real needs, raise the level of discussion, gather key information, and expand the discussion to build a better business relationship.
At the end of this program, participants will be able to:
– Strengthen existing relationships and generate new opportunities
– Differentiate in a competitive, parity driven market
– Engage a customer at a high level of conversation, gain more insight into the customers’ real needs and build trustworthy relationships

Advanced Closing Techniques
The concepts presented in this program give participants a strategy and tactical plan to convert a non-user of their product or service to an advocate. Introducing advanced closing skills, participants get a road map on how to close, understand where the customer is on the buying continuum and gain realistic commitment throughout the sales process.
At the end of this program, participants will be able to:

  •   Gain commitment on every contact
  •   Apply advanced closing triggers
  •   Create a pre- and post-call sales plan for closing
  •   Identify areas for commitment
  •   Check on the progression of the business relationship

Advanced Listening
Introducing foundation to advanced listening skills, participants learn how to hear what others can’t. Identifying traits that are essential to effective listening, participants will be able to know the intent of the customer, stay focused and create an environment that is conducive to complete disclosure.
At the end of this program, participants will be able to:

  • Accurately paraphrase what a person wants done
  • Identify additional issues to expand the conversation
  • Uncover the source that initiated the topic discussions
  • Create a relationship of trust and understanding
  • Make the customer feel comfortable sharing hard to get information

Full Biography

Identified as one of the best trainers in the country and author of Take Your Sales To The Next Level, AMA’s best selling book Sales Questions that Close the Sale and the award winning book, Proactive Customer Service, Charlie Brennan brings a unique blend of innovative skills and real world application to his presentations. His techniques have been featured in many leading publications and called a breakthrough approach in sales and management development. He is a veteran of over 2,500 presentations. His concepts are the primary training format for many Fortune 500 to mid-sized companies. His knowledge of adult learning enables him to conduct interactive, challenging and memorable presentations.

Charlie’s experience on the platform, as well as in the field, has enabled him to connect with his audience. As president of his own firm, he has been a provider of advanced sales and management programs since 1984. Humorous, engaging and loaded with content, his concepts have helped over 1.5 million professionals from the pharmaceutical, medical, accounting, technology, banking/finance, insurance, healthcare and manufacturing industries.

No matter what the audience size, Charlie’s presentations will speak to your professionals about their day-to-day challenges. Based on extensive and ongoing research, he is able to customize every presentation and provide innovative and advanced concepts to resolve their issues. His sessions are interactive and enjoyable to attend. Many who leave his programs say it will impact their performance immediately. Charlie will challenge the most experienced professional as well as provide a map for a professional just entering into the world of sales and management to achieve success.