More than ever, organizations are asking their associates to deliver greater value and increased results, but to do it with fewer and fewer resources. One might say people today often expect real “magic!” As an expert magician, Bob Higa knows there is no “magic” in making the magic happen. It’s the result of commitment, creativity, training and hard work. “Genuine magic happens when reality exceeds expectations”, says Higa, and he’s able to demonstrate just how this creative approach leads to magical results in the workplace.

Combining a strong, motivating message with baffling and compelling illusions, Higa provides an exhilarating and inspiring program. His message is clear: magic does not consist of tricks or illusions, but the “WOW” feeling we can inspire in the people in our lives. Here’s a chance to celebrate your organization’s magic with your audience – a fascinating “behind the scenes” look from a renowned master of magic: Bob Higa.


After-Dinner Entertainment
Bob Higa presents an outstanding after-dinner program that makes for an unusual and unforgettable audience experience. Opening with dazzling magic accompanied by dynamic music, this is magic in its purest form. Bob Higa makes objects appear, disappear, and transform right before your eyes in this exciting and dramatic performance. The next segment focuses on your message, featuring laughter and audience participation. Higa uses his business knowledge and presentation wizardry to weave in the client’s own messages regarding “change, teamwork, partnership & challenges.” Higa’s finale is a replication of Houdini’s famous escape “Metamorphosis.” Here, two volunteers inspect a wooden packing crate. Higa’s assistant is then tied in a bag and locked inside the crate. The crate is enveloped by a canvas cover and secured with 8 feet of rope. Instantly, Higa and his assistant are magically transposed.

Celebrate the Magic! Keynote
Bob Higa’s keynote presentation has received rave reviews from clients and standing ovations from his audience. Here Higa stresses that magic is in each of us and we have the power to deliver amazing results. “Celebrate the Magic” questions our standard approach to every day issues and encourages “looking at the same things, yet seeing them differently.” Bob Higa suggests that the real magical experience is not about tricks and illusions but how we make customers and employees feel.

General Session/Creative
This program reinforces your meeting theme and features Bob Higa as the thread of continuity. This approach brings executives and audience members into the mix, making them the stars of the show. And, when baffling illusions and humor are combined with the clients’ messages, the audience will recall time and time again the key points of your message. This kind of motivation lasts all year long.

Awards Programs
Presenting an awards program that is fun and keeps the interest of the entire audience is always a challenge. Bob Higa is a master at helping his clients recognize their amazing achievers and celebrate the outstanding results of the entire team. Combine music, celebration, recognition and a touch of magic and you have a memorable program that’s sure to deliver the wow and give every award recipient an experience to remember.

Magical Participation for Executives
Bob Higa is a master at teaching executives the secrets of being amazing. Higa knows that the pieces the executives perform must be powerful and flawless, deliver the message and be fun. Whether it’s creating a spectacular appearance on stage or designing a magic piece to enhance a presentation, Higa’s teaching always considers the limited time each executive has to learn his or her magical moment. This is perfect way for the executive to demonstrate the power of taking a risk and getting outside their “comfort zone” thus bringing them closer to their team.

Amazing Customer Service
This fun and interactive program provides your team with tools to start thinking about their work differently. Customized to your business or industry, these exercises draw direct parallels to your team’s every day challenges. Higa suggests that the way people think affect the way they feel. That, in turn, affects the way they perform. Discover the secrets to WOW your customers and discover that each of us can be amazing.

The Big Show
When you’ve got a big audience, you need a BIG SHOW! And Bob Higa has got a solution! Large illusions, the appearance of a Tiger, and stage pyrotechnics are in Higa’s bag of tricks. Customized to your audience, your occasion and your budget, Higa’s big show is memorable and spectacular!



Full Biography

Bob Higa is known for his dramatic and inspiring programs – illuminating current business issues with his magic. Higa develops a unique program for each group, based on the client’s philosophy and goals. In today’s business climate, clients/customers have instant expectations and they want to be “wowed.” Delivering amazing results should appear effortless.

Bob Higa knows there is no “magic” in making the magic happen and creating effortless results for customers is an illusion. In reality, the power lies in the partnerships we form the knowledge we gain and the skills we develop. “Genuine magic happens when reality exceeds expectations,” says Higa.

Higa’s unique ability to approach these subjects intelligently and to underscore their value through magic is both impressive and memorable. This unique blend of magic with business acumen is the result of years of diverse experience as an entertainer and experience in the business world.

An accomplished entertainer, Bob Higa has appeared on television, and headlined in Las Vegas and Atlantic City. He has headlined on major cruise ships and has opened for several popular celebrities including Bob Hope, Rich Little and Joan Rivers.

Yet, he is educated in Marketing & Business Administration and has 20 years’ experience in sales, management, training and customer service. Combining a strong message with exciting magic leaves more than an exhilarating feeling, it leaves a lasting impression.

For an exceptional effect, for an exceptional program—celebrate your organization’s magic – through Bob Higa.