Marcia Fine

Marcia Fine inspires audiences with her wit and savvy observations. Her satirical series, particularly relating to women who do too much, gives audiences a chance to laugh at the absurdity of the tech world we live in.

As an award-winning author she delves into the roots of family stories and searches for meaning in Jewish history. Both historical novels dealing with post-Holocaust lives and the Spanish diaspora make audiences take a closer look as to where their families started.

Marcia’s audiences are diverse. She has spoken to Friends of the Library in Woodlands, Ca, at the oldest Sephardic synagogue in the U.S., Hadassah and Brandeis groups, Women in the Arts, and a Taos Cultural event. Clients hire Marcia to entertain, educate and inspire their audiences. With a wicked sense of humor and a knowledgeable scholarly and historical background, she is the author of five award-winning novels.

Marcia’s inspirational, entertaining and family history message brings audiences to their feet. Her novel, Paper Children–An Immigrant’s Legacy, has been a finalist for three national prizes. The Blind Eye–A Sephardic Journey has won a First Prize while her satirical series about Scottsdale draws more attention. Stressed in Scottsdale won First Prize for Humor/Satire and a Silver from the Living Now awards.

Marcia’s mission in life: To make others aware of their roots so our family history is preserved and create some laughter about how absurd our lives can be.


Paper Children–An Author’s Journey Discovering Family History
Award winning author Marcia Fine shares her journey of piecing together an intimate story through letters of family members trapped in Poland during WWII. Her novel, Paper Children, is the backbone of a women’s passion to find out the footprint of who we are. The story of Fine’s grandmother resonates with audiences everywhere.

Why Your Family History Matters
Award winning author Marcia Fine inspires others to share what they know about their family stories. Using her novel, Paper Children–An Immigrant’s Legacy, as a benchmark, she encourages others to examine their personal stories from previous generations.

What Does It Mean to Have Faith?
Award winning author Marcia Fine shares insights learned about how people cast from Spain and Portugal during the 15th and 16th centuries held onto their faith through insurmountable odds. Her novel, The Blind Eye–A Sephardic Journey, explores the Jewish diaspora from Europe to South America to contemporary Miami.

Satire Keeps Me Sane
Social observer and satirical series writer Marcia Fine shares her quick wit about daily living while caring for elderly parents, babysitting for grandchildren, nutty friends and surviving technology. With humor and aplomb she inspires her audiences to be amused by not taking life too seriously.

Full Biography

Books have been Marcia Fine’s constant companions since her formative years in South Florida as the only child of New York expatriates with a penchant for the Bohemian lifestyle. Her love for the written word led to an English degree from Florida State University and five years as a high school teacher while working toward a Master’s degree in English Education and a Certificate of Concentration in Women’s Studies. Marcia also taught freshman composition at Arizona State University.

Marcia’s entrepreneurial spirit came alive in the 1980s when she opened what was to become the largest model and talent center in the Southwest. As an agent, Marcia marketed and managed more than 300 clients. After ten years she sold her agency and for the next decade enjoyed success as a corporate trainer and motivational speaker for an international
jewelry company.

Marcia welcomed the new millennium with a new dream…to become a published author. Her first two books, and sequel, Boomerang ,are lighthearted satires about Jean Rubin and her life among the upscale and quirky Scottsdale crowd.

Marcia’s third novel, Paper Children, is a compelling family saga based on her grandmother’s family letters from Poland before and after World War II. Through translations and personal recollections Marcia crafted a poignant immigrant’s story of determination, passion and triumph.

In her fourth novel, The Blind Eye, Marcia transports her readers back into the historically turbulent 15th century to tell the harrowing tale of survival by the Sephardic Jews during the Spanish Inquisition. Both Paper Children and The Blind Eye required extensive research and travel to Poland, Spain and Portugal. Marcia’s fifth novel, Stressed in Scottsdale, revisits her satirical series about Jean Rubin, this time into the arena of politics and the environment. With a writing style likened to the late great humorist Erma Bombeck, Marcia deftly generates plenty of laugh-out-loud moments with a sprinkling of wisdom throughout the book, most notably invaluable tactics to tame stress before it bubbles over.

When asked what drives her to keep writing, Marcia says her motivation is quite simple. “I love the written word,” she says. “I have stories to tell.” Marcia’s skill as a storyteller has also made a highly sought after public speaker throughout the United States, including:

• International Women’s Writer’s Guild, New York City
• Southern Women’s Writer’s Conference, Berry College, GA
• Brandeis Women
• Society for Crypto-Judaic Studies national meeting
• Arizona Business and Professional Women
• Hadassah, Women in the Arts
• Jewish Bureau of Education, Holocaust Studies