Greg Efta

With 25 years experience in consulting and leadership, Greg truly understands the challenges and needs of constantly changing industries. Greg has worked nationally with hundreds of organizations of all sizes and has delighted audiences in countless state and national associations. Greg is a speaker of national caliber, and his programs have gained him widespread recognition. Greg has co-authored the leading resource for leadership, “Recruitment, Selection and Retention of Quality Staff”.

Greg provides a fun and energy filled atmosphere while delivering the important message and educational programs required in today’s changing industries. Greg’s education in speech communication has provided him insight into human interaction and enables him to effectively reach his audiences at a fundamental level. This allows participants to effectively apply these skills to their personal as well as professional lives, creating a lasting impact.

His consulting programs are results oriented and contain specific steps for fulfilling his clients’ clearly defined objectives. His “hands-on” approach allows organizations to effectively implement change

Greg believes that each and every individual possesses great talent and ability. We often limit ourselves by the choices we make. Greg believes that our ability to “take the challenge to make a bad day better” defines our success. Passionate application of our talents to our work creates success and fulfillment for not only the individual, but also the team.

Values are the most important factor in organizational success and guide and direct the performance of each individual within that organization. Recognizing and reinforcing these values is critical to long term success.


  • Find Your Story! -Inspiration to Share Your Story
  • Fund-raising or a Root Canal… Tough Decision? -How to develop and implement a fund-raising initiative
  • Marketing Stars will Shine: Personality Based Selling -Use Your Natural Strengths to Achieve Sales Success
  • Punctuate Your Life! -How to Effectively Implement Change
  • T.E.A.M: Together Everyone Accomplishes More -Teams Don’t Just Happen…They are Made to Happen
  • There’s No Such Thing as Small Talk -Communication is the Key
  • Understanding You, Me and Them: What Hippocrates Forgot to Tell You -Maximizing Personality “Traits” in the Workplace


  • Alligators, Alligators, Alligators: Everywhere Alligators -How to Maximize Business Opportunities
  • Effective Orientation: A Gateway to Success -Don’t Underestimate the Value of Orientation
  • The Fab Five: Go from OW to WOW in Five Steps -Exceed Your Customer’s Expectations
  • The Four People You’ll Meet on Your Way to Patient Satisfaction -Overcome Obstacles to Improving Customer Service
  • Quality is Spelled With a “You”! -The Continuous Quality Improvement Commitment
  • Recruitment, Selection and Retention Techniques -How to Attract, Hire and Retain Good People
  • Secrets of the Simple Six: Retention Strategies worth Millions -Unleash the Power of Retention You Can Implement
  • Turning Supervisors into “Super”-visors! -Lead with a Purpose

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