Vince Molinaro

Vince Molinaro is a New York Times Best Selling Author and Managing Director of the Leadership Practice within Knightsbridge Human Capital Solutions. As a Senior Executive of this award winning company, Vince has helped create one of the leading brands in the Human Capital industry. As a leader, Vince sets the leadership bar high for himself and his team. He doesn’t just preach leadership – he works hard to live it.

His passion and focus have been to help senior leaders and executives create compelling organizations that drive sustainable growth. How? By building strong leadership cultures where every leader demonstrates personal clarity and commitment to the execution of the business strategy.

Over his career, Vince has worked in several key sectors including energy, pharmaceutical, professional services, technology, financial services, and the public sector.

Vince is regularly called upon by the media for his innovative opinions on the future of leadership. An engaging speaker, he conducts keynote presentations for corporations and conferences. He is the author of the New York Times Best Selling book, The Leadership Contract (Wiley, 2013). He’s also co-author of two other successful books: Leadership Solutions (Jossey-Bass, 2007) and The Leadership Gap (Wiley, 2005).  Follow Vince on Twitter @VinceMolinaro.

Vince received his Doctorate from the University of Toronto and conducted pioneering research in holistic leadership. He also has degrees from Brock University and McMaster University.


The Leadership Contract
Are your leaders stepping up to their accountability? In this keynote, Vince asks all the leaders in your organization – and those who want to become leaders – to consider the contract that leadership represents and to fully commit to all its implications.
In this keynote, your audience will learn how to:
• Make the decision to be a leader
• Step up and do the hard work required to meet their leadership obligations
• Connect to a broader community of leaders
This keynote is based on Vince’s New York Times Bestselling book The Leadership Contract

The Community of Leaders
Is your audience living in silos, work at cross-purposes, and struggling to drive company performance?
In this keynote, your audience will learn how to:
• Develop a one-company mindset
• Build relationships across the organization to foster collaboration
• Strengthen the organization’s leadership culture
This keynote is based on Vince’s Change This Manifesto: The Community of Leaders

Out-lead Your Competition
This keynote zeros in on the ultimate differentiator for every company—leadership.
In this keynote, your audience will learn how to:
• Share the compelling message that leadership matters more than ever
• Identify their organization’s leadership differentiators
• Put the company on the path to sustained performance
This keynote is based on Vince’s books The Leadership Gap and Leadership Solutions

The Leadership Contract: Session description

Recent studies show that only 7 percent of employees have trust and confidence in their senior leaders. How can organizations ever succeed if so few employees believe in their senior leaders? In his keynote, The Leadership Contract, Vince Molinaro ,Global Managing Director of the Leadership Practice within Knightsbridge Human Capital Solutions, explains why leadership, and specifically leadership culture, is the only real differentiator between the organizations that thrive and those that fall behind.

The stakes in leadership have always been high, but they are getting even higher. Leaders today must execute strategy, drive innovation, and build talent for the future. They are under more pressure and more scrutiny than ever before. Molinaro can discuss the four terms and conditions of the leadership contract:

1. Leadership is a decision – Leaders today need to make the conscious and deliberate decision to lead. Decision brings the expectation and personal commitment to be the best leader you can be to make your company successful.

2. Leadership is an obligation – Leaders must realize the second they become a leader they are held to a higher standard of behavior. Leaders have obligations to customers, employees, organizations, and the communities in which you do business. Leaders must step up to their accountabilities and live up to the obligations as a leader.

3. Leadership is hard work – Leaders must realize that leadership is hard, and it’s getting harder. Leaders must commit to tackling the hard work that they usually avoid – things that keep their company stuck. Leaders need resilient personal resolve to rise above the daily pressures. Leaders must get tough.

4. Leadership is a community – In today’s complex world, no one leader will have all the answers. The idea of the lone hero who can save us all was yesterday’s model of leadership. Today, we need to build a strong community of leaders. The leadership contract demands that leaders connect with other leaders to build a strong community of leaders in your organization. One where there is high clarify and commitment and a deep sense of trust and support. When you build a strong leadership culture, it will be your ultimate differentiator.

Designed for top-level executives, mid-level managers, front-line leaders, and emerging leaders, The Leadership Contract identifies the gap in leadership accountability and explains the mindset required for great leadership. Molinaro tackles this problem head on and explores why leaders must commit to do a lot better.

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