Jeremy Bennett

Jeremy Bennett believes that all success starts with a thought. It’s how we treat and nurture that thought that will determine what we attract into our lives. Holding a degree in Psychology from St. Francis Xavier University, Jeremy Bennett is an avid researcher of different supernatural subjects including psychic ability, clairvoyance and Ufology. He recently starred in “Supernatural Investigator” in which he traveled throughout England and the United States, investigating a subject known as Chaos Magick. He is the Co-Chair of the Canadian Qigong and Chinese Medicine Congress and star of “Believe,” a made for television special  that was broadcast internationally. He is also in production of “Occam’s Razor”, a 13 part documentary series that will be filmed throughout China, Japan, Africa, the U.K. and the U.S. In this show Jeremy will investigate different supernatural subjects including crop circles, psychic ability, telekinesis, remote healing, Ufology, faith healing, spirits, and many other topics.

Jeremy recently wrote Odd Close Darkness: How I Overcame OCD which chronicles his severe struggle growing up with Obsessive Compulsive Disorder and what he did to help himself face and deal with his disorder.


All success starts with an idea. How we treat and nurture that idea is what will make or break the level of success achieved. Jeremy has a B.A. in both Psychology and Philosophy. He is also currently starring in two international television series. He has worked with government departments, universities, colleges and community service organizations who seek to understand the true nature and power that the thinking process has in achieving success. If you want results, want to learn how to think like the wealthy, and want to learn the most effective way to attract business, wealth, and happiness, then this is your guy!

The Supernatural
Jeremy also travels the world investigating different paranormal activity. From underworld psychic ability in San Francisco to real live chaos magick rituals in London, England, he studies and travels with some of the most renowned and respected supernatural researchers in the world. He stars in an episode of Supernatural Investigator, a 17-part national television series that explores the supernatural.

Illusions of the Mind
Do you want to challenge the way you think? Do you want entertainment that really stimulates the mind? Jeremy is known as one of the most thought provoking psychological illusionists ever to hit the stage.


The Power of The Mind & Attracting Business

The Power of The Mind & Positive Thinking

The Power of The Mind & Peace of Mind

The Power of The Mind & The Law of Attraction

The Power of The Mind & How I Overcome OCD


Full Biography

Emotional,   inspiring,   intense,   motivating, and hope-giving are just a few words to describe Jeremy’s story of overcoming Obsessive  Compulsive  Disorder.    At  the age of twelve, Jeremy developed a severe case of OCD–Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder. Anxiety came first, followed by a stream of methodical actions he felt he had to perform in order to calm his many panic attacks: repetitive praying at bedtime; endless reorganizing of clothes, furniture, and other household objects; walking in patterned movements; obsessive counting; and constant tapping, just to name a few. On most days these rituals occupied up to four hours of his day. His quality of life rapidly declined. He lost over thirty pounds in just over two weeks, his grades in school dropped to the point where he was always in danger of failing, and he became depressed and lost interest in all the boyhood activities he previously loved.  He lived with this crippling illness for almost seven years before his life began to turn around.

Jeremy Bennett is a man on a mission. He takes his audience into a dark corner of the human mind, then draws them back out again with the hope that OCD can be managed. And it can. He is living proof.  In his motivational presentations and in his book, The Power of the Mind: How I Beat OCD (Release date Summer, 2010) he tells his journey and gives hope to those who have lost it.

Jeremy has a degree in Psychology and Philosophy from St. Francis Xavier University, is an international motivational speaker, a professional Psychological Illusionist, and is currently starring in Vision TV’s ‘Supernatural Investigator: Chaos Magick’ and is in production of a 13 episode television series called ‘Occam’s Razor’ where he travels the world investigating different supernatural subjects.  He is also the Co-Chair of the Canadian Qigong and Traditional Chinese Medicine Congress and star of ‘Believe’, a made for television special that was broadcasted internationally.

Jeremy believes all success starts with a thought.  It’s how we treat and nurture that thought that will determine what we attract into our lives.

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