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Robert Kriegel, Ph.D. is a New York Times and Business Week best selling author, Commentator, NPR’s Marketplace Program Pioneer in sports psychology, as well as an Olympic and professional athlete and coach. One of the most in demand business speakers, Kriegel teaches bold, innovative, “out of the box” strategies for keeping ahead of the changes, challenges and competition in today’s dynamic marketplace. Drawing on his 30 years of pioneering work with leaders and peak performers in all fields and his bestselling books, Dr. Kriegel’s customized speeches and programs outline strategies and practical guidelines for excelling in these turbulent, rapid changing, intensely competitive times.

Dr. Kriegel will teach you how to develop and lead Change Ready© people and organizations. You will learn how to round up “sacred cows” that cost money and inhibit change and new opportunities. He also outlines strategies for gaining the competitive edge by not competing but changing the game, leading customers not following them and rethinking rules, redefining roles and reinventing the game.



Thriving in Turbulent Times
The world is changing at an incredible pace. Mergers, acquisitions and consolidations happening at light speed in every industry are creating big new competitors with deep pockets and long reaches. Technology which evolves every time we turn around has changed, and will continue to change the way we communicate, obtain information, sell our goods and run our businesses. It is also transforming how, where, when and what we buy as well as who we buy from. And rather than slowing down this pace of change will speed up.

Working hard in this type of environment does work. It’s the American ethic. And it definitely can lead to success. But as you can see from the strategies discussed throughout this book, it’s not the only way. The American ethic is also one of a pioneering spirit, of exploring new territory and possibilities and of taking the path less tread. It is one of creating change and new opportunities, rather than responding to them, of being out in front of the wave rather than trying to keep up with it.
To succeed in these rapidly changing times, it is critical to have that pioneering spirit; to challenge old modes, myths, and mind-sets and rethink, redefine and reinvent your business philosophy. The bold, innovative strategies discussed in this book will enable you to develop dramatic new solutions to old problems, create exciting new opportunities and succeed beyond what you ever thought possible, without having to work so damn hard. The old rules for success no longer apply in this current environment of increased competition, change and uncertainty. If you use yesterday’s thinking in today’s world you won’t be around tomorrow.

To survive today, companies need to be Change-Ready© – to drive change by constantly challenging old thinking and seeking bold innovative out of the box new ideas, opportunities and possibilities. In these presentations you will learn bold innovative strategies for keeping ahead in these turbulent times. Specifically Dr. Kriegel will discuss how to develop Change-Ready© strategies that are proactive not reactive, leaders not followers, who are out in front of the wave rather than struggling to keep up. Learn these four strategies for creating innovative new ideas, opportunities and possibilities:

  • How to overcome the three major obstacles to change and innovation
  • How to motivate people to become drivers of change
  • How to streamline operations by rounding up sacred cows that cost money and inhibit change and innovation
  • Why the tried and true needs to be dead and buried
  • The importance of constantly challenging the status “in the way it’s always been done”

Leading in Turbulent Times
Kriegel discusses how to create a Change Ready© culture in which innovation flourishes, people are open and excited about change and performing at peak levels using three strategies for keeping people motivated and ‘up’ in tough times:

  • How to overcome the most common obstacles to change and innovate new ideas
  • Three steps for developing can do thinking that turns new ideas into action and increases confidence, commitment and momentum
  • How to coach people to excel under pressure

Developing a Change Ready© Mind Set

  • Create change not respond to it, lead not follow, be proactive not reactive
  • How to out-think rather than out-work the competition
  • Three characteristics of Change- Ready© thinking
  • Three strategies for thinking ‘out of the box’
  • Sacred Cow Hunts, streamlining productivity
  • Red/Green time – the 90% solution

Change Leadership: Driving Change in Your Organization

  • Creating an organization that fosters innovation
  • Creating the future not responding to it
  • Three strategies for motivating people and generating excitement about change
  • Four steps for turning innovation into action—Can-Do
  • Thinking How to overcome fear, fire-hosing and other major obstacles to change
  • The passion scale—how to keep people ‘up’ in down times
  • The Change- Ready© Zone
  • How to keep out of the Panic and Drone Zones

If It Ain’t Broke…BREAK IT!
Surfer’s rules for riding the wave of change without wiping out
Four Break-It! thinking techniques for developing bold innovative new ideas and opportunities:

–flipping rules–
–looking outside–
–working backward–
–combining things that haven’t been–
–thinking like a beginner–

Bold, innovative ‘out of the box’ thinking strategies for: keeping ahead of the wave, solving old problems in new ways, creating new opportunities and possibilities and how to create the Future, not respond to it

Sacred Cows Make the Best Burgers

  • How to Round up Sacred Cows; outdated policies, practices, systems and strategies that cost money and prevent change and innovation
  • How to eliminate thinking that creates sacred cows and enables them to ‘graze’ on profits and productivity
  • Rules for a Sacred Cow hunt
  • How to put sacred cows on a diet
  • The ripple effect
  • How to streamline processes and operations
  • How to control email epidemics, paper piles and meeting mania
  • Cutting out vs. cutting down outdated policies and practices

Sales Groups: Don’t Satisfy the Customers, Surprise Them
Why the old conventional rules for selling don’t work in these faster, more competitive, rapid changing times

  • How to keep out of ‘commodity hell’
  • Do the impossible for the customer
  • How to win by out-thinking not outworking the competition
  • How to keep yourself ‘up’ all day
  • How to get yourself in the ‘peak zone’
  • How to prepare for a major presentation
  • How to achieve goals by ‘trying easier’
  • How to motivate your customer

Recognition Events: Using Success as a Spring Board to Greater Heights

  • How winners stay on top; the two main characteristics of perennial winners
  • Why some people keep winning and others don’t
  • The most overlooked strategy for keeping on top
  • How to conquer the sabotage thinking that traps winners
  • Why you should always mess with success

Full Biography

One of the most in demand business speakers, Dr. Robert Kriegel teaches bold, innovative, out of the box strategies for keeping ahead of the changes, challenges and competition in today’s dynamic marketplace.

A commentator on National Public Radio’s Marketplace program, Kriegel has done two specials for PBS. U.S. News & World Report called him one of the country’s leading authorities in the field of change and human performance. He has taught at Stanford University’s Executive Management Program and is a former advertising executive for Young and Rubicam where he managed Proctor & Gamble and Travelers Insurance accounts.

Dr. Kriegel is the author of the national bestseller: If it ain’t broke…BREAK IT! and Sacred Cows Make The Best Burgers, which made Business Week’s bestseller list. His recent book which focuses on innovation and out of the box thinking is: How to Succeed in Business Without Working so Damn Hard.

A former all American swimmer and co-founder of one of the first institutes of sports psychology, Bob has coached both Olympic and pro athletes and teams. The New York Times said his work “spurred a revolution in performance practices.” He is the co-author of The New York Times best seller Inner Skiing which Ski Magazine said; ”set skiing ahead 10 years” and has done color commentary for the US Pro Ski Tour on ESPN. His new book, based on his 30 years as a mental coach for high performers, is: Performance Under Pressure; how to be at your best when it counts.

His customized speeches and programs will entertain you, inform you and inspire you. He will teach you how to develop and lead Change-Ready© people and organizations. You’ll learn how to round up sacred cows that inhibit change and new opportunities as well how to develop strategies for gaining the competitive edge by leading customers not following them and rethinking rules, redefining roles and reinventing their game.

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