Geri-Ann Galanti

Geri-Ann Galanti is a medical anthropologist as well as one of the leading experts in the field of cultural diversity. She is currently on the faculty of the David Geffen School of Medicine at UCLA, where she received an Outstanding Teacher Award. Dr. Galanti has also taught at CSU Los Angeles’ Department of Anthropology and CSU Dominguez Hills’ School of Nursing, where she developed the curriculum for the BSN program’s Cultural Diversity in Healthcare course.

Dr. Galanti is the author of the highly acclaimed book, Caring for Patients from Different Cultures, the 5th edition of which will be out at the end of the year, as well as a highly sought after international speaker with over 25 years of experience lecturing to groups of nurses, doctors and managers.



Cultural Competency
Designed to give participants an introduction to the kinds of conflicts and misunderstandings that can result from cultural differences. A variety of ethnic and religious groups are touched upon.

Working in a Culturally Diverse Workforce
Program addresses common problems that arise when employees (eg., physicians, nurses, aides, etc.) of different ethnic backgrounds work together. It is designed to help staff understand the behavior of their African-American, Anglo-American, Asian-American, Latino, and Middle-Eastern co-workers and to help improve working relationships.

Caring for Patients from Different Cultures
Looking at the kinds of cultural differences that can cause conflicts and misunderstandings between health care providers and hospital patients. Program focuses on four major cultural groups: African-Americans, Asian-Americans, Latinos, and Middle-Easterners, and suggests how to provide culturally appropriate care.

Cultural Issues in Oncology
This program is designed for all clinicians who work with cancer patients. Covered topics include cultural reasons why some ethnic groups experience higher rates of some cancers and cultural issues impacting the relaying of a cancer diagnosis. It also examines cultural issues affecting the way chemotherapy is administered and cultural variations in response to pain. Finally, the program suggests culturally sensitive ways to discuss oncology and end-of-life issues.

Conflict Resolution
Focusing on cultural differences that may lead to conflict among among healthcare staff. In the first part, case studies are used for small group active learning. Several tools are presented to repair damaged relationships and avoid future conflicts.

End of Life
An overview is provided of several cultures (including African-American, Asian-American, Latino, and Middle-Eastern) and religions (including Buddhism, Hinduism, Islam, and Judaism) with specific reference to their beliefs and behaviors regarding death and dying. Topics covered include response to pain, folk remedies, attitudes toward death and the dying, afterlife beliefs, attitudes toward life extension, euthanasia, organ donations, and autopsies; funeral and mourning practices, Near-Death-Experiences, and Nearing-Death-Awareness. Also addressed is the question of what to do when the family does not want the patient to be given a fatal diagnosis.

Home Health Care
The program examines the kinds of cultural differences that can cause conflicts and misunderstandings among home health workers, their patients, and their families. The program will focus on four major culture areas and two religious groups: African Americans, Asians, Hispanics, Middle-Easterners, Jews, and Moslems. Other groups can be included upon request. The program emphasizes understanding each group’s values and how they influence peoples’ behavior.

Language & Communication
Conflict and misunderstanding between both staff and patients and among staff often stems from miscommunication. This program examines issues relating to such things as nonverbal behavior, slang, speaking in one’s native language, and the use/misuse of interpreters.

This program examines the kinds of issues that arise when managing a culturally diverse workforce. It is designed to help managers understand and deal with the behavior of their African-American, Anglo-American, Asian-American, Latino, and Middle-Eastern employees.


  • Mental Health/Illness
  • Nursing Homes Pain
  • Pregnancy, Birth, & Women’s Health
  • Religion and Health Care
  • Traditional Practices

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Full Biography

Dr. Geri-Ann Galanti is a leading expert in the field of cultural diversity in healthcare, with over 25 years of experience lecturing to groups of nurses, doctors, and managers on issues of cultural diversity and competency.
She received her doctorate in Anthropology from UCLA with an emphasis in medical anthropology and has been on the faculty of the School of Nursing at Cal State University, Dominguez Hills and the Anthropology Department at CSU Los Angeles. She is currently teaching in the Doctoring Program at the David Geffen School of Medicine at UCLA, where she received an Outstanding Teacher Award.

She is the author of numerous articles, as well as the highly acclaimed book, Caring for Patients from Different Cultures, now in its 4th edition. She served for several years as Medicine and Culture section editor for WJM (Western Journal of Medicine).

Dr. Galanti is a frequent speaker at hospitals and conferences. She was one of the major developers and content expert of the curriculum for the CSUDH’s School of Nursing course on Human Diversity. Her work on a cable TV show on Culture and Health has been the recipient of numerous awards, as has the educational video, “Patient Diversity: Beyond the Vital Signs,” based upon her book and on which she acted as consultant.

She has worked on a number of grant projects to develop materials for training health care providers to provide more culturally competent care. The projects have been funded by the National Cancer Institute, the Association of American Medical Colleges, The California Endowment, and the National Human Genome Research Institute. Most recently she served as Cultural Consultant on a grant project with the University of California medical schools to train medical students and residents about issues around end-of-life care and is currently a member of the CME Advisory Committee for the end-of-life and palliative care curriculum.

Elaine Allison

If you are looking for more than just a keynote speaker but rather someone who has “been there done that” in the trenches themselves then look no further. Elaine Allison, CSP is an international speaker and Customer Service Expert who has truly learned the secrets of customer service first hand. She is author of the best-selling book, The Velvet Hammer: PowHERful Leadership Lessons for Women Who Don’t Golf. Elaine delivers powerful keynotes and training programs that have immediate impact audiences. Your audience will learn new skills and techniques that they can apply immediately.

Elaine was one of Canada’s first female prison guards in an all male maximum security prison at the age of 19. She had a crash course in understanding how people interact with each other as her life virtually depended on it. She began to truly observe how we resolve issues, discover innovations and uncovered unique methods for dealing with even the most difficult situations.

She has been featured on ABC World News, Global TV, The Globe and Mail and many networks, newspapers, and radio shows across North America. Elaine’s hands-on experience, real life stories and illustrations of what we encounter daily helps audiences consider all their options and apply immediate solutions.


Transforming Teams into Customer Care Crusaders
Without customers, there is no business. You won’t need a marketing, accounting or operations department without them. Organizations that have raving fans actually have fewer error rates and lower costs to handling service breakdowns. The question is: How do you get your departments, stakeholders and (in some cases) even your suppliers to provide the kind of service you expect?

The customer is affected by what is happening with your organization, internally as well as externally. If you are ready to discover how a Culture of Care is created so your customers rate you number one, you will need the resources and skills Elaine provides to audiences. In Elaine’s “customer ized” sessions, you can find out how to:

  • Use the secret technique that turns teams into Customer Care Crusaders
  • Deliver extraordinary service even when things don’t go as planned
  • Employ the “Knock it Off Nicely” technique with each other and your suppliers so they understand your standards
  • Implement change and get your teams eager to implement it
  • Use a simple unique technique to solve service breakdowns from the inside out

Leading a Culture of Customer Care
Everyone’s leadership styles vary, from participative to autocratic and everything in between. There may be no “best way”, however leading a culture of care is based on results. In Elaine’s leadership programs, the focus is on how you can turn your staff into Customer Care Crusaders. In her interactive and laugh out loud sessions, leaders will:

  • Uncover which service breakdowns to focus on first
  • Discover whether it is a system problem or a people problem, or both and what to do about it
  • Learn how to set limits, encourage and engage teams to deliver their best every time because they want to and can
  • Find out which targets, goals and nets to set with your teams and how they can be hit them every time
  • Build a fool-proof system to keep continuous improvement alive and well on your team

Negotiating with Your Customer – So You Can Both Get What You Want
When a customer leaves dissatisfied, or you go broke trying to keep them happy, you won’t be around long to serve them. Client and customer retention is the cornerstone of any business. In fact, every business or not-for-profit organization is actually in the “relationship” business. In this session, attendees will:

  • Know the most important thing to do before you start any negotiation
  • Learn the “Ask, Don’t Tell” approach
  • Uncover that negotiations are not meant to be tough even though they might be stressful
  • Discover how to present your side without alienating the other person
  • A method to understand your final options and walk away position
  • Understand there is no problem so great that it can’t be solved
  • Bonus: Discover why women lead differently than men and what to do about it Biography

Corporate Training Programs

Customer Service Training
If you want to become #1 in Customer Service, or stay there in your industry, then you’ll want to find out how we can help you develop a customized Customer Service Training program distinctly for you. Elaine will uncover your most challenging customer service issues, conduct a thorough training needs analysis to discover the top skills that will make the most dramatic improvement. She will then develop and deliver a program distinctly for you that gets results. She’ll even help you theme it for your brand or product launch. And if you are interested, she can look at ways to bring it in-house and train your trainers and leave them with all the materials and leaders’ guides so you have a legacy program for years to come. Training is not a cost, it is an investment.

Managing Customer Service
Customer Service has to be supported by leadership. In her Managing Customer Service course that will be customized for you, Elaine will look at current skill gaps as told to her by your leadership team during our needs analysis. Leaders themselves often know what the challenges are, and when given the right skills to support them, a company and their teams win. This course is often recommended with our front-line Customer Service course.

Change Management Training
With Elaine’s customized Change Management Training she will help ensure leaders and teams are ready to manage the challenges that the change creates. This program is uniquely tailored by thoroughly investigating the impact of the changes and developing modules with the right skills to ensure everyone is well equipped to manage the process.

Supervisory Training
Whether a seasoned professional or a new leader being developed for leadership, Elaine will tailor a Supervisory Training course specifically to ensure your managers, supervisors or team leaders are equipped to handle the most difficult leadership challenges. How to handle everything from difficult employees, managing multiple projects and priorities, to motivating teams and much more can be included.

Performance management training
If performance and contributions of employees have been slowing down or lagging, this Performance Management Training customized for you may just be what your mangers need. Modules can include how to conduct an effective performance review, how to discover which of the four reasons an employee is performing below expectations and what to do about it. Managers will learn a unique technique to reprimand or correct without alienating the employee.

Negotiations skills training
Would you like to get more of what you want? Did you know you can only get what you want if you can give the other person what they want? In this highly interactive Negotiation Skills Training, audience members will learn the secrets of negotiation. Areas such as getting prepared, doing your homework, uncovering needs, problems and challenges and options, as well as closing the deal are explored. The sessions are highly interactive and participants are encouraged to bring their own negotiation challenges.

Conflict resolution training
Conflict happens every day. When management and staff are not equipped to handle the variety of conflicts that arise from individual, team, or departmental conflict, productivity is greatly impacted. Perhaps employees need skills to handle a variety of potentially difficult customers, whether in a crowd or a public place. Elaine’s Conflict Resolution Training courses have been taught to diverse audiences, from enforcement groups to front line customer service representatives and leaders with amazing results. Attendees rave about how easy and simple the skills are to implement and no longer feel anxious or nervous to tackle their next conflict. By the way, as one of Canada’s first female prison guards at the age of 19 in an all-male maximum security prison back in the 70’s, Elaine learned firsthand how to handle conflict – her life depended on it.

Full Biography

Elaine Allison, CSP began honing her insights into the differences between how we work, lead and succeed early in her career. At just 19 years of age, she was one of Canada’s first female prison guards in an all–male maximum security prison. Elaine’s life depended on quickly understanding how we interact with each other and survive! She began to truly observe how we each deal with conflict, leadership and power as we strive to make a difference in our work and personal lives.

Elaine has also: taught children with behavioral problems in a special education program; managed over 1400 unionized flight attendants; and successfully handled the day-to-day challenges of various large corporations as a manager and then as a senior executive. She has learned firsthand how damaging some behaviors and choices can be.

She became one of only 13 female speakers in Canada and 10% of speakers worldwide, holding this prestigious designation of Certified Speaking Professional (CSP), recognized globally in the speaking industry. Over the years, Elaine has developed training and keynotes for such industries as travel, trades, finance, insurance, military, corrections, police, retail, food services, media, technology, healthcare. Her messages are universal and are tailored to your needs.

Elaine’s hands on experience, real life stories and illustrations of what we encounter daily, all combine to help audiences consider all their options and apply immediate solutions.

Several of Elaine’s articles have been printed in industry publications, and others have written about her work in the Globe & Mail, Houston Chronicle, Milwaukee Journal, New York Albany Times, plus every city paper across Canada.

She is a popular talk show guest and has been interviewed on over 100 radio shows and seen on ABC World News in New York (twice), Global TV and many talk shows on Canadian cable TV.

Connie Podesta

Connie Podesta is a top-rated professional keynote speaker, executive career/life coach and one of the industry’s leading experts in sales strategies, leadership development, relationships and change. Using her talents as an author, board certified therapist, comedienne and TV/radio personality, Podesta delivers customized high-energy presentations that creatively combine laugh-out-loud humor and compelling insight with real-world strategies and solutions. She has inspired millions of people to increase sales, attract and keep more customers, build longer-lasting, healthier relationships, strengthen their leadership skills and become more profitable and successful than they ever thought possible.



Stand Out From the Crowd: How to Out-Think and Out-Perform the Competition
“Business as usual” is no longer enough. The game has changed and the competition is closing in with new strategies daily. If you want to succeed in an environment where dramatic change happens at the click of a mouse, then ask yourself: What do you bring to the table that is so memorable that people would CHOOSE to be your customer, colleague, employee, leader, or partner? Your success will depend upon your ability to differentiate and be recognized as a “one-of-a-kind” brand that delivers more than expected in the areas of added value and amazing service. Entertaining, yet insightful and refreshingly candid, Connie has the answers you need to accelerate past your competition and truly STAND OUT FROM THE CROWD!

Stand Out SALES: How to Out-Smart and Out-Sell the Competition
“Selling as usual” won’t close the deal anymore. Prices, products and services have begun to look alike in the eyes of your customers, and the competition is “cutting deals.” If you want to succeed in sales today, you must set yourself apart and be recognized as a unique, “one-of-a-kind” brand. Ask yourself: What do you offer in the way of added value, extraordinary customer service and creative business consulting that would cause a customer to CHOOSE to buy a product or service from YOU rather than your competition? With wit, wisdom and captivating insight into the mind of both the buyer and the seller, Connie will show you how to STAND OUT FROM THE CROWD and look at “SALES” from a whole new perspective. Get ready to sell like you’ve never sold before—and enjoy a flood of new customers and bankable profitability!

Stand Out LEADERSHIP: How to Influence Others in a Positive Way
You have the power and opportunity everyday to lead others to success. Leadership is not defined by title or corner office, but rather by how you DECIDE to live your life. Your personality, beliefs, character, values and intent are reflected in your choices, words, actions – and your ability or potential to INFLUENCE the thoughts, behaviors, attitudes and lives of the people around you either positively or negatively. Ask yourself are you the type of person that others would CHOOSE to imitate, follow and respect? Do you STAND OUT FROM THE CROWD because of your skills, talents, ethics and expertise? With humor, insight and her “no-nonsense” style, Connie will share the secrets of being the leader others can’t WAIT to follow.

LIFE WOULD BE EASY…If It Weren’t For Other People: How To Deal With Stressful People and Situations
Understanding the complexity of human behavior leaves most of us confused and frustrated! Ask yourself What could my team and I accomplish if we were able to decode the “mystery” of human behavior and use it as a powerful, pro-active force in every area of our lives? Successful personal and professional growth hinges on your ability to learn as much as possible about yourself and others, including why people do what they do and say what they say – so that you can ACT rather than REACT to whatever life throws your way. Learn to STAND OUT FROM THE CROWD so people will CHOOSE you to be their friend, colleague, leader, salesperson, partner and employee. Connie’s funny, on-target and intuitive presentation will reveal the secrets to dealing effectively with every type of personality (including the ones who drive you crazy) so you can enjoy a new level of success, happiness and satisfaction at work and at home!

ACHIEVING BALANCE…In a Crazy 24/7 World: How To Stay Sane When There is Just Too Much To Do!
In Today’s hustled and hurried world, striking that all important life balance (and staying sane in the process) can seem like an elusive and lofty goal! Ask yourself What if I was able to manage all the demands of employers, customers, co-workers, family, and friends while also taking care of myself physically, mentally, and emotionally? Wouldn’t that be the perfect, life-affirming way to STAND OUT FROM THE CROWD? Connie Podesta, an expert in the psychology of human behavior, helps people do just that in a world where seemingly no one sleeps, and even sane people are turning into the workaholic they promised they would never become. Connie deftly combines laugh-out-loud humor, inspired insight, and a realistic take on life to help people re-assess what is important, re-align their priorities, and re-adjust their thinking so they can enjoy the life they work so hard to achieve.


Connie Podesta is a top-rated professional keynote speaker, executive career/life coach and ONE OF THE INDUSTRY’S LEADING EXPERTS in sales strategies, leadership development, relationships, and change. Using her talents as an author, board certified therapist, comedienne and TV/radio personality, Connie delivers customized high-energy presentations that creatively combine laugh-out-loud humor and compelling insight with real- world strategies and solutions.

Connie has inspired millions of people to increase sales, attract and keep more customers, build longer-lasting, healthier relationships, strengthen their leadership skills and become more profitable and successful that they ever thought possible.

Connie Podesta has both the passion and credentials needed to speak to educators. With a bachelor’s degree in communications and business, and a master’s degree in human relations and counseling, Connie Podesta has been a well-known and trusted educator for more than 30 years. Her classroom experience at all levels (elementary, middle school, high school, and three state universities), is in addition to her being a Board Certified Professional Counselor, an organizational therapist, and an expert in the psychology of human behavior. Connie Podesta has been a keynote speaker to thousands of educators and has presented standing-room-only sessions at the National Elementary School Association, National Secondary Association, and the American Association of School Administrators. Her ability to tackle the toughest educational issues, coupled with her first-hand experience of the rewarding but often complex, frustrating, and stressful nature of the education industry, will leave your audience with a renewed sense of commitment to educate by example and teach with passion

Isabel Perry

Isabel Perry

Dr. Isabel Perry has a unique combination of experiences as a corporate executive, entrepreneur, author and speaker. Dr. Perry’s technical expertise is in OSHA (safety) compliance and management. She speaks passionately on executive and management development, team-building, interpersonal skills, effective communication, coaching for high performance, culture change and managing transitions in the workplace.

Audiences in manufacturing industries, hospitals and health care, government agencies and service industries all benefit from Dr. Perry’s knowledge and enthusiastic spirit. Read more

Grant Woods

Grant Woods

Grant Woods served as Arizona’s esteemed Attorney General from 1991 – 1999. He led the ballot among all candidates in the 1990 and 1994 elections. Mr. Woods was President of the Conference of Western Attorneys General and chaired the Civil Rights and Supreme Court.

Grant was President of the Conference of Western Attorneys General and chaired the Civil Rights and Supreme Court committees for the National Association of Attorneys General. He was selected by his peers as the nation’s top attorney general in 1995. He successfully argued Lewis v. Casey before the United States Supreme Court. Read more

Kitty Chappell

Kitty Chappell

We’ve all discovered that where there is life, there is pain. As we struggle to gain coping skills to help us endure, survive, and overcome our past and present pains, who among us is satisfied with clichés—sugar-coated admonitions to “just pray and the pain will go away”? Kitty Chappell is an accomplished “where the rubber meets the road” international speaker who offers meat for the soul—something the mind can chew on. She is an award-winning author of three non-fiction books, I Can Forgive If I Want To: Forgiving the Unforgivable, Read more

Will Miller

Will Miller

“CHANGE is inevitable. CHANGE is constant.” ~ Benjamin Disraeli

Modern American life is overwhelmed by change. Life, work and even technology seem to be changing in the blink of an eye. It is a well-established fact that change, any change, causes stress. It stands to reason then, that in our culture where change is ubiquitous America leads the developed world in stress related disorders. This has a measurable effect on companies, organizations and families. Stress affects worker productivity, satisfaction, physical and emotional health…in other words the bottom line! How can we alleviate the stress? Simply “trying harder’ by ourselves is not the best answer. The real solution may surprise you. Dr. Will Miller’s presentation is grounded in the best that social science has to offer. It has personal impact and will effect real change in your organization. With the humor that only a professional stand-up comic can bring, combined with the authority of five graduate degrees (the most recent in Health Psychology, the biopsychology of stress & coping) and years of experience as a therapist and teacher, Dr Will Miller has enlightened audiences all over the country. Read more

Don Hutson

Don Hutson

Don Hutson, the Chairman and CEO of U.S. Learning and the Chairman of the Board of Executive Books, is an accomplished corporate speaker and trainer who works primarily with Fortune 1000 Companies. Don is the author of twelve books, including The Sale and the New York Times No. 1 bestseller, The One Minute Entrepreneur, which he co-authored with Dr. Ken Blanchard. The Sale sold more than 75,000 copies, while The One Minute Entrepreneur has sold more than 125,000 copies. Read more

Bruce Tulgan

Bruce Tulgan

Since 1993, Bruce Tulgan has delighted audiences in nearly a thousand keynote speeches all over the world, addressing hundreds of thousands of people in organizations ranging from Aetna to Wal-Mart, from the Army to the YMCA. Bruce consistently receives rave reviews and has been among the top-rated speakers at conferences in just about every industry. His keynote speeches are a blend of compelling insight, laugh-out-loud humor, and concrete best practices that participants can take back to work and use immediately. Bruce delivers keynote speeches ranging from forty-five minutes to two hours. Read more

Lenora Billings-Harris

Internationally acclaimed speaker, educator and poet, Lenora Billings-Harris, CSP has delivered presentations to thousands of people across three continents. Using her strong business background, including positions with General Motors, and the Graduate School of Business at The University of Michigan, Lenora has developed a unique way of presenting sensitive topics in a high-energy, fun-filled, yet thought-provoking way. Her interactive style, and immediately applicable ” How Tos” have inspired clients to invite her back again and again. Read more