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Mimi Donaldson

Mimi Donaldson

Mimi Donaldson endears herself to thousands of people with her authenticity. She is herself in every situation; whether on stage in front of thousands of people, or writing books for an international readership, she tells the truth about her life in humorous detail, for the purpose of entertaining and enlightening. As a humorist Mimi Donaldson delights audiences by stating the obvious in an original way, and with her honesty and wit, she exposes the keys that unlock the secrets to truly authentic and rewarding communication. Donaldson delivers a presentation that allows people to laugh at life’s foibles thereby preventing the foibles from controlling them. Understanding that people don’t change merely through being lectured to, Donaldson mixes humor and truth, sharing with her audiences the everyday funny experiences universal to everyone. Donaldson is not afraid of what people think, and is wildly entertaining with her humor-packed stories about herself, and her musings on life in general. And, because she does it in a non-threatening, sidesplitting style, people laugh. “What better way to accomplish that than to make myself the example,” she says. “And, to be deeply honest.” Mimi believes that if you can laugh at whatever ails you, it won’t get you. Read more