William Shipman

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Alan Blinder

Alan S. Blinder has been on the Princeton faculty since 1971, taking time off from January 1993 through January 1996 for service in the U.S. government—first as a member of President Clinton’s original Council of Economic Advisers, and then as Vice Chairman of the Board of Governors of the Federal Reserve System. In addition to his academic writings and his best-selling introductory textbook, he has written many newspaper and magazine columns and op-eds and,in recent years, has been a regular columnist for The Wall Street Journal. Read more

Juan Licari

Juan Licari

Juan M. Licari, director at Moody’s Analytics and the head of the Credit Analytics team for Europe, the Middle East, and Africa, provides consulting support to major industry players, builds econometric tools to model credit phenomena, and implements stress-testing platforms to quantify portfolio risk exposure. He is an industry leader in developing and instituting credit solutions that connect credit data to the underlying economic cycle, allowing portfolio managers to plan for alternative macroeconomic scenarios. Licari is actively involved in communicating his research and methodologies to the market. Read more