Michelle Rosado

Michelle Rosado has a message of inspiration and empowerment for your audience, as well as an engaging style that will make your entire organization strive to new heights by helping them to discover their own inner strength both personally and professionally. Internationally recognized as “The Woman of Empowerment“, Michelle has overcome some incredible life obstacles, including surviving a physically and mentally abusive relationship, as well as escaping the World Trade Center just seconds before her offices were destroyed.

With more than 15 years in financial services, and over 20 years of business experience, Michelle Rosado has been influenced by some of the most successful people in business. Her message delivers innovative and unique empowerment strategies to enthusiastic audiences around the country. Industries from self-help, real estate, multi-level marketing, higher education and many more have been moved by Michelle’s powerful message. Michelle knows how to accelerate personal achievement and life fulfillment, and has created a definitive method to help people to reach their goals in record time as she has done.


Michelle Rosado shares her message of hope and perseverance beyond the unthinkable trauma of her ordeal and escape from the World Trade Center disaster on September 11, 2001. On 9/11/01, Michelle Rosado was on the 95th floor of Tower 2 of the World Trade Center when there was a crashing sound causing the windows in her office to shatter. The decisions she made in the moments following 9/11 changed her life forever.

Michelle is co-author of “Pursuing Your Destiny,” a book based on the true story of her escape from the World Trade Center on September 11, 2001.

Empowerment Strategies
Learn the tools, tips and resources to empower and inspire you organization. Your audience will be inspired and motivated to achieve greater success, by establishing a greater appreciation for life. Michelle will provide the tools necessary to achieve goals, find inner strength and adapt to change. Learn the techniques that allowed her to retire from corporate America by age 30 to become a full-time business owner, and then a professional speaker, author, and mentor.

Full Biography


Michelle Cruz-Rosado was born in New York, New York, to Filipino and Honduran immigrant parents, grew up in Queens, New York, and returned to New York City in 2000. Michelle began her financial career early in her life during the “irrational exuberance” on Wall Street in the 90′s and into the 2000′s. Her first article, “Will I Recover” tells of her personal experience as a survivor of the attacks of 9/11/01, was released in October of that same year and became the thought which led to her co-authored book, “Pursuing Your Destiny.”

In 2006, Michelle received a Lifetime of Achievement award from New York’s Madison’s Who’s Who, and is recognized throughout the business world as the “Woman of Empowerment.” Rosado’s remarkable story of survival has been featured on networks such as CNN, NBC Nightly News, FOX and more.

“Pursuing Your Destiny,” is based on the true life story of her escape from the World Trade Center on September 11, 2001. As a successful business owner, professional speaker, and coach, Michelle has inspired people around the world with her message of hope and perseverance. She has received a Lifetime Achievement Award from New York’s Madison’s Who’s Who, and is recognized throughout the business world as the “Woman of Empowerment.”

As a public speaker, Michelle presents passionately on a wide range of topics. She has presented to women’s groups, multi-level marketing companies, juvenile detention facilities, and has hosted all-day motivational training seminars. Her story has been featured on NBC Nightly News, MSNBC and CNN along with a photo of the towers taken by Michelle on September 7, 2001.

The inspirational story of her personal victory, entitled “Will I Recover” was featured in an article on the fifth anniversary of that fateful day. As a follow-up to the recollections of her victory, her second article, “The Recovery” was published in Envision Magazine’s October 2006 edition. The first article was written in the weeks following the tragedy for personal healing purposes, however the popularity and overwhelming feedback from readers worldwide would become the inspiration behind writing “Pursuing Your Destiny.”

Michelle is the co-founder of Rosado Companies, an organization dedicated to providing an array of top-notch services in the areas of technology, finance, and overall personal growth.

Barbara Sanfilippo

Former Bank Vice President and Regional Sales Manager Specializing in Quality Service, Sales, Innovation and Personal Growth. Barbara Sanfilippo is a popular keynote speaker, author and consultant specializing in the area of customer service, sales, motivation and performance enhancement. Rated frequently as one of the best speakers at conferences, Barbara is known for her high energy, audience interaction and idea-packed programs. She’s been recognized by business leaders, educators and association members as being at the top of her game and inspiring people to new heights.

Her consulting company assists organizations in developing and implementing a sales and service culture. Barbara has the unique ability to inspire your people to take action and achieve powerful results in both their business and personal life. Imagine attendees aiming higher and truly believing the possibilities in their work and personal life are limitless.

Imagine attendees so fired up that they actually take positive action to improve sales,customer relationships or sales leadership!


Dream Big! What’s the Best That Can Happen? or Dream Big! Success or Significance?
In these busy times, we may be questioning our priorities and what success means to us. Are we addressing the important areas in our life such as: family, friends and service to others? Truly successful people have a sense of purpose, focus and personal fulfillment. In this idea-packed, interactive and entertaining program, Barbara will help you rate your life satisfaction index, define what success and happiness means to you, make time to enjoy more Cappuccino Moments™ and create your biggest dreams. You’ll leave energized with a renewed sense of priorities and actions you can take to achieve success and live a life of significance. So be sure to attend this speciay of the following topics can be blended, modified and combined to meet your needs.
l program by an award-winning speaker.

NOTE: This entertaining, inspirational and popular keynote program is based on Barbara’s book, Dream Big! What’s The Best That Can Happen? Give a copy to every audience member and ask about a volume discount.

Life is a Cappuccino – When is Enough, Enough?
What is “success”? For some, it may be reaching a specific income level, having a “fat” bank account or a beautiful home. For others, it may be taking special vacations, spending more time with our family or enjoying nature. As we rush down the road of life — a key question to ask is, “Am I making a living or living my life?” In this idea-packed and energizing session, Barbara will help us evaluate the critical choices necessary to slow down, live with an attitude of gratitude, and find time to sip cappuccino!

Outclass Your Competition with Five-Star Service orThe Evolving Sales and Service Culture – What’s Next!
Thousands of dollars are spent annually on what many CEOs think will develop a sales and service culture in their organization. Usually these are short-term “quick fixes” like training and incentives. Why are the effects fleeting? Why are these approaches ineffective over the long term? Those who are successful in sales and service take steps that reach to the very core of their organization. Topical solutions won’t work. In this idea-packed, interactive program, Barbara Sanfilippo outlines a comprehensive, step-by-step process to build a high performance service and sales culture.
Topics include: measuring internal and external service, developing standards, setting goals, instilling accountability, providing incentives and recognition, orienting new employees and much more. You’ll receive a detailed handout, useful exhibits, suggested timetables, pitfalls to avoid and a process you can begin immediately.

Staff Engagement – The Key to Bring Your Service and Brand Alive
Do you have staff that are physically present but mentally absent? Now that you’ve invested in training, incentives and marketing programs, how will you earn the commitment of your staff? Engaged and involved staff is the key to build customer relationships and bring your brand alive. A new logo and brochures do not serve your customers—your people do. In this idea-packed, energizing and interactive program, you’ll discover how to: identify the signs and causes of disengagement, prevent this “disease” from spreading, increase productivity and most of all win the hearts and minds of your staff!

Build a Business, Advise a Client, Get a Life!
Are you building a business or are your building a book of business? In today’s competitive and fast moving environment you may get so caught up in attracting and advising your clients that you neglect to plan for your own future. If you want to take your business to the next level, you must put on your CEO hat, leverage yourself, build value, and identify those opportunities and strategies that will get you there. Maybe it’s time to bring in a junior professional, upgrade technology, change your marketing program, evaluate profitability, outsource key functions or create an exit strategy to enjoy life more. In this idea-packed, energizing and interactive session, you’ll discover the key ingredients necessary to grow your business, mastermind with your peers and begin planning for your future success. You’ll leave energized with a clear direction to build your business and get a life!

Winning Sales Strategies of Top Performers – The Critical Edge!
What does it take to thrive as a sales and marketing professional or entrepreneur in the future? How can you attract warm calls and gain a competitive advantage? In this idea-packed and energizing program you’ll discover proven secrets you can use to:

  • Attract business to you easily and make warm calls
  • Promote and position yourself as an expert and a “mini celebrity”
  • Demonstrate customer appreciation and retain loyal clients
  • Follow-up and touch prospects and clients in a persistent manner with email and other creative methods.
  • Conduct pre-call planning to focus on getting the business
  • Critique calls to improve overall effectiveness
  • Dream big and achieve your goals

Build a Winning Sales Team — Sales Management Best Practices
To be successful, sales representatives, business development professionals and calling officers need motivated and talented sales managers to improve performance. Unfortunately, many managers have never been given any training in “sales management” skills. As a result, they just focus on “reaching their numbers”. What they don’t realize is to reach their sales targets they must spend the time to develop and help people succeed. Just like a coach who is committed to helping an athlete win a gold medal, committed sales managers can make a significant difference in the performance of their team. Whether you have the title of sales manager or not, if you are responsible for generating revenue through your team–this idea-packed program will give you practical tools you can use immediately to increase performance. Barbara will review best practices utilized by top sales managers.

As a result of this program you¹ll discover proven strategies such as:

  • How to get your people focused on the right activities that get results as opposed to just focusing on the bottom line.
  • How to observe and critique sales calls to help your people master the consultative sales process.
  • How to ensure your people have a consistent and persistent system to follow up effectively and build relationships. The power of email marketing and follow up will also be discussed.
  • How to reenergize your sales meetings and create a stimulating, valuable and participative experience for your team.

Five Star Service and Sales – It Starts With Me!
Each contact with a customer or member is a “moment of truth”. Front-line staff must always be ready and willing to go the extra mile. Support staff also play a key role by being responsive to their “internal customers” or fellow employees. All staff must make the change from order takers to order seekers. In this highly entertaining and informative program, attendees will learn why service is so important, how to acknowledge and greet people, how to serve our internal customers, how to recognize cues and approach the customers about our services, and, most importantly, how to take responsibility for motivating ourselves.

How to Manage Your Book of Business – The Secret to Expanding Customer Relationships
Chances are some of your VIP customers are feeling neglected and are ripe for being stolen. What are you doing to reach out and touch your best customers, build loyalty, and nurture profitable relationships? As a relationship manager or sales representative your primary role is to retain your “A” customers and expand relationships with your “B” customers. In essence, your job is to effectively manage your “book of business.” In this program, you’ll get valuable information you can use to begin confidently contacting your key customers.

In this idea-packed and energizing program, you’ll discover:

  • Your primary duties as a relationship manager
  • Best practices to manage your book of business
  • How to create a profiling form to get to know your customers
  • How to make the initial introductory call with confidence
  • How to build trust and engage your customers in conversation
  • How to recommend a service or product
  • How to set up an effective follow up system
  • How to add value to the customer relationship with VIP service and education
  • How to conduct client review meetings

The HR Director’s Role – Be Savvy, Be Strategic, Be Smart
In today’s fiercely competitive environment, savvy human resource professionals who add value and impact revenue will win the respect and support of CEO’s and senior management. In addition to hiring staff and monitoring benefit programs, HR can be the driving force behind strategic initiatives. In this idea-packed, energizing and interactive program, Barbara will outline proven strategies you can use to be viewed as a key contributor and business partner. This program was highly-rated at SHRM’s 2003, 2005 and 2006 national conventions. Topics include how to:

  • Think like a strategist, not simply an executor
  • Support your firm’s strategic initiatives
  • Tie HR initiatives to actual sales results
  • Deliver internal service to key business units
  • Score a big win, promote your accomplishments and much more!

Consider a Sales and Service Management Planning Retreat
The Sales and Service Management Planning Retreat is an interactive workshop outlining a comprehensive, step-by-step process for building and/or advancing a sales and service culture. Participants at our retreats identify their strengths and weaknesses, determine key priorities and set specific action steps. With a unified management team, they are then able to develop a list of implementation priorities.

Participants receive a detailed handout, useful exhibits, suggested timetables, and pitfalls to avoid. The program is tailored to your organization. This retreat is ideal if your team needs education on what the sales and service culture development process entails, a greater sense of urgency and buy-in and a step-by-step action plan. The planning retreat will create substantive discussion around pertinent issues and become a catalyst to move forward and determine future priorities.

Full Biography

As both an inspirational speaker and business consultant, Barbara Sanfilippo has two objectives: to help individuals define success, live an on-purpose life and Dream Big! and to help organizations and business owners out-service, out-smart and out-sell the competition.

Her high energy, entertaining and interactive style combined with her idea-packed programs have earned her high marks and repeat business from associations, corporations, and entrepreneurs in nearly every industry segment including: financial services, healthcare, hospitality, mortgage, real estate, retail, government, and many more.

Specializing in motivation, customer service and sales, Barbara draws upon her background as a Vice President and Regional Sales Manager with Bank of America. In addition her training and consulting company Romano & Sanfilippo, assists organizations in building a high performance sales and service culture. The combination of her hands-on experience and research into the specific needs of your group assures a tailored presentation that addresses the unique challenges facing your audience.

Barbara is multi-talented with strong experience in delivering both inspirational and business keynotes for 200 – 2000 people, facilitating senior management retreats, conducting workshops and speaking at sales incentive and staff recognition events. She also offers private group telecoaching sessions.

She is author of Dream Big! What’s The Best That Can Happen? and contributing author in, The Service Path, Your Roadmap For Building Strong Customer Loyalty. The National Speakers Association inducted her into the prestigious, Speaker Hall of Fame in 2001, along with past recipients: Ken Blanchard, Zig Ziglar, Les Brown and Brian Tracy.

In response to the Escalating Financial Crisis throughout our nation Barbara has put together a remarkable keynote address that highlights the crucial steps every business needs to follow so that they can come out of this dark recession a winning business in a failing industry.

Matt Oechsli

Matt Oechshi

Matt Oechsli is one of the leading authorities regarding marketing, selling, servicing and developing loyalty Read more

John Sileo

John Sileo

John’s identity was stolen out of his business and used to commit a series of crimes, including $300K worth of

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John Bogle

John Bogle

Named by Fortune magazine as one of the investment industry’s four giants of the 20th century, John Bogle is a titan of the investment world and a hero to independent investors.

The founder and former chairman of The Vanguard Group–the world’s largest no-load mutual fund organization–John Bogle now shares with audiences his proven, common sense philosophies for investing. No matter what your investment experience, Bogle’s practical and unique insights can be used immediately as a springboard to success. Read more

Roxanne Emmerich

Roxanne Emmerich

As President and CEO of the Emmerich Group, Inc. Roxanne Emmerich has consulted with and spoken to most of the financial institutions in the top one percent of performance, as well as hundreds of other leaders in almost every industry. She has also published countless articles in leading publications on such topics as leadership for results, employee engagement for bottom and top-line improvement, profit-rich growth strategies, and a multitude of other issues. A three-time Entrepreneur of the Year award winner, Roxanne served Wisconsin Governor Tommy Thompson as a key advisor on reinventing state government and serves as Editor-In-Chief of Extraordinary Banker® magazine. She is in demand for interviews by CNN, NPR, CBS, and other media outlets nationwide for her proven ability to help workplaces get unstuck and achieve radically improved results quickly. Read more

Mark Zandi

A trusted adviser to policymakers and an influential source of economic analysis to business leaders, journalists and the public, Mark Zandi frequently testifies before Congress and has been consulted by the Obama administration as well as Senator John McCain’s presidential campaign. His clear and articulate explanations of complex economic and financial phenomena have made him a sought-after speaker at client briefings and conferences, a nonpartisan consultant to government officials, and a valued source of facts and analysis for major news media outlets. As chief economist and co-founder of Moody’s Economy.com, Zandi directs the firm’s research and consulting activities for businesses, government agencies, and other entities in the U.S. and around the globe. His recent research has focused on the determinants of mortgage foreclosure and personal bankruptcy, analyzed the economic impact of various tax and government spending policies, and assessed the appropriate policy response to bubbles in asset markets. He is the author of Financial Shock, a critically acclaimed exposé of the financial crisis. A respected economist who has the ear of policymakers around the world, Mark Zandi is an unequaled resource to those looking to understand the complexities behind an economy in flux. Read more

Denise Shull

Denise Shull translates the latest brain science into real-world competitive advantages.

Denise’s company ReThink is known for its un-traditional approach. The name ReThink even refers to the value of rethinking thinking altogether. To that end, we believe that the most effective mental skills coaching will go beyond the ideas of mental toughness and positive thinking.

Market and athletic performance improves, even from already high levels, when one learns to recognize and comprehend all of one’s emotions.

Too many people repeat the mantra “control your emotions” when all that matters is NOT what you feel but what you do! When you realize that all types of feelings have all kinds of information in them, it radically alters what you are capable of.

The problem is that we were all taught to try to set emotion aside. It even looks – on the surface – that doing so works. What most don’t notice though is that the calm confidence we all desire is also a feeling!

Denise teaches you how to understand the meaning in your emotions, how to avoid just automatically acting on the energies of emotion and how to capitalize on your unconscious pattern recognition, intuition and instincts which come from experiential learning.

Additionally, as Founder of The ReThink Group, a consultancy specializing in advanced risk and behavioral intelligence, Denise teaches hedge funds, bank and independent investment managers the strategies in her 2012 book, MARKET MIND GAMES, A Radical Psychology of Investing, Trading and Risk. Among its many accolades, Larry Tabb of The Tabb Group described the book as “a must read for those who want to make their livelihood as a professional investor, trader or algorithmic trading developer”.

Shull’s thought leadership explains how to capitalize on the brain’s ability to unconsciously recognize patterns while simultaneously avoiding the thinking mistakes of Behavioral Finance. She is known for discovering that decision makers also bring a fractally-patterned perceptual skew to risk decisions.

Profiled by the WSJ, The Financial Times, Bloomberg Magazine and Risk Professional, she has appeared on CNBC’s Squawk Box in the US and Asia, Bloomberg’s Market Makers, PBS and The Discovery Channel. She currently writes for Psychology Today and Business Insider.

A former head trader and member of CME Group, Shull holds a Master’s degree in Neuropsychology from The University of Chicago. Shull also graduated from Harvard’s “Investment Decisions and Behavioral Finance” executive class and recently compiled a chapter for Wiley’s 2014 book Investor Behavior edited by Victor Ricciardi and Kent Baker.

Shull belongs to the Association for Psychological Science and The Society for Neuroeconomics.



Private equity or venture capital firms engage ReThink to add a factor of emotion knowledge to a mathematical analysis. As success lives or dies with human execution, an “EQ” assessment offers a distinct advantage in correctly predicting outcomes.

In 13 years of active coaching, Denise has worked with numerous portfolio managers and traders and well known coaches who have tried the traditional approaches. She consistently receives inquiries from Portfolio Managers, Traders and now a new group of athletes that have been failed by the approaches of cognitive-behavioral, positive thinking and emotion control. Denise knows how to help you understand yourself and can teach you how to work with your emotion in a way that is unparalleled.


Full Biography

Denise Shull translates the latest brain science into real-world competitive advantages.

Founder of The ReThink Group, a consultancy specializing in advanced risk and behavioral intelligence, Denise teaches hedge funds, bank and independent investment managers the strategies in her 2012 book, MARKET MIND GAMES, A Radical Psychology of Investing, Trading and Risk. Among its many accolades, Larry Tabb of The Tabb Group described the book as “a must read for those who want to make their livelihood as a professional investor, trader or algorithmic trading developer”.

Shull’s thought leadership explains how to capitalize on the brain’s ability to unconsciously recognize patterns while simultaneously avoiding the thinking mistakes of Behavioral Finance. She is known for discovering that decision makers also bring a fractally-patterned perceptual skew to risk decisions.

Profiled by the WSJ, The Financial Times, Bloomberg Magazine and Risk Professional, she has appeared on CNBC’s Squawk Box in the US and Asia, Bloomberg’s Market Makers, PBS and The Discovery Channel. She currently writes for Psychology Today and Business Insider.

A former head trader and member of CME Group, Shull holds a Master’s degree in Neuropsychology from The University of Chicago. Shull also graduated from Harvard’s “Investment Decisions and Behavioral Finance” executive class and recently compiled a chapter for Wiley’s 2014 book Investor Behavior edited by Victor Ricciardi and Kent Baker.

Shull belongs to the Association for Psychological Science and The Society for Neuroeconomics.


►  Stories from traders, athletes, poker players… and how emotion really works.

►  Why Positive Thinking is Dangerous.

►    Don’t feel bad because it doesn’t work for you!

In the past 5 years, neuroscience has delivered numerous insights into how important our social environments are. The findings apply most definitely to the influences of family on each of our own perceptions of risk and good judgment. Since the time of Greek philosophers, Western Society has focused on the individual but this is proving to be wholly inadequate in understanding human decision making. In fact, this is so true that at least one neuroscientist is calling for our brain science research to be designed to study no less than two people at one time. This talk outlines the highlights of the latest in building the true and more powerful understanding of human psychology through the understanding of familial and group influences.

Denise Shull, MA, is an expert of human motivation and behavioral finance. As a Neuroeconomist, her ideas on fractal psychologies, emotion analytics and the leverage of what academics call mind-body cognition has been adopted by clients around the world. Shull bridges the gap between Wall St. and academic neuropsychology and connects non-traditional idea’s to the psychology of risk and human performance. She is known for her unconventional ideas and proprietary techniques that leverage human emotions in high-pressure decision making profess

A former commodities trader, she has worked with hundreds of market professionals to improve their performance under pressure. She uses her theory of emotional-social context to turn behavioral finance, neuroeconomics and emotion science into measurable results and competitive advantages.

Shull’s book, Market Mind Games: A Radical New Psychology of Investing, Trading and Risk unravels the human mystery of the markets and offers a revolutionary prescription for benefiting from the intuition and emotion typically suppressed in market decisions. She is also a contributing author for the ‘Surprising Realities of Trader Psychology’ chapter in the 2014 Wiley book Investing Behavior: The Psychology of Financial Planning and Investing.

Shull has appeared as a guest on CNBC, PBS Nightly Business Report, Marketwatch, Cavuto, ABC News Now, Fox Money for Breakfast, and the Discovery Channel. She has also been profiled by the Financial Times, Bloomberg Business Week, and the Wall Street Journal. The Huffington Post has recently invited Shull to be a contributing blogger.



  • Team Coaching

Denise coaches teams on using the emotional competencies of knowledge, recognition and understanding to make better risk decisions and work more easily as a group. This kind of coaching is much more like exercise than lecture type learning – i.e. it provides the most results when regularly worked on. Emotional sophistication includes what is called interoception – or bodily awareness – and as such is indeed a skill of body and mind.

  • Economic and Future Trends

A revolution is brewing in the way intentional risks like investing are analyzed. The relatively new field of neuroeconomics is demonstrating for example that predicting other investor’s intentions is more germane to success than mathematical or probabilistic analyses. Emotion is also getting a whole new rap. Instead of being the opposite of reason and logic, human feelings are turning out to be an asset in risk decision making. Literally, it’s time to rethink thinking itself.

  • That Illusive ‘Je ne Sais Quoi” in Business Success

Why can two people with equal experience, education and dedication produce such radically different results? They appear to have the same skills but one consistently outperforms the other and neither talent nor their network explain it. Do the brains of the super-successful contain a mystery particle that somehow works its magic on clients and colleagues? More importantly, can those who seek it, find it?

Denise Shull answers YES to both. The illusive factor lies in integrating all of the intelligences we possess. It’s the qualitative data rarely analyzed in business school. Cutting- edge perception and judgment research demands that we rethink how to systematically use our senses, feelings and emotions. Furthermore, did you know that science demonstrates how complex decisions are best made NON-deliberately? Learn how to do this and more in an illuminating, engaging address.

  • Behavioral Finance and Beyond

Behavioral Finance makes it clear that human beings tend to repetitively make crucial thinking mistakes. Examples include how we overweight our recent experience and mistakenly relate completely irrelevant pieces of data like the last four digits of our telephone number when quizzed on the year of an historical event. As Nobel Laureate Daniel Kahneman notes, no coherent theory exists as to why we make these mistakes. Denise Shull explains what the latest brain science has to say about how these mistakes develop and how they can be unlearned. Audiences come away more aware of the behavioral catalog of common mistakes but more importantly, they gain effective strategies and tactics for avoiding such mistakes in the future.

Audiences learn: Why the “soft” context insidiously colors decisions How to think about systemically analyzing psychological factors How to identify valid intuitions or unconscious pattern recognition – what the human brain is really good at.

Program appropriate for C-Suite, Senior Executives, ‘Rising Star” managers, Athletic and Sports Management and any Wall St. related Audience.

  • The Real Causes of the 2008 Market Meltdown

It’s fashionable to blame the bankers’ greed for the global financial crisis, but to do so only sets us all up for another crisis. Blaming bankers is at least as old as pre-Christian times and yet financial crises still continue to occur at regular intervals. Could it be that the ideas of greed and even of rationality should be replaced? The economists and their mathematical models can’t accurately portray how we really think. It is time to literally ReThink Thinking itself. Understanding what neuroeconomists know as “Regret Theory” shines a much brighter light on what really happened. Adding in the latest from “embodied cognition” or how we think with our bodies adds the punch line to a much more enlightened view of what really happened. This program will enlighten audiences as to the real psychological and structural causes of the crisis and in turn create a much more sophisticated view of these critical events.

Audiences learn:

  • How complex markets, like those at the core of the crisis, actually work – think Musical Chairs
  • Why accounting rules played a major role in the crisis
  • How “decision-fatigue” contributed
  • The value of analyzing potential regret as a way to more optimal decisions
  • What Wall St. and Washington should be doing to improve risk management.

Program appropriate for any general business audience but particularly applicable outside Wall St. Excellent program for Government and Regulatory audiences.

  • Fractal Geometry Meets the Human Psyche Benoit Mandelbrot demonstrated how in nature, simple patterns repeated in specific ways create larger patterns that are similar to the original. These so-called fractal patterns are now showing up in and being applied to how the brain handles thinking and judgment. Denise Shull reveals how these patterns are similar to what Freud originally identified as “the compulsion to repeat” or our unconscious tendency to repeat patterns of behavior and responses in our professional and personal lives. Identifying these mental fractals, which originate in our personal histories, and disengaging them improves decision making in a wide variety of contexts—from management decisions to decisions involving financial risk.

Audiences learn:

  • How our brains lead us unconsciously to make the same mistakes
  • How to make our own patterns explicit
  • Tricks to hire the right star and avert creating the same manager-talent conundrum yet-again
  • Marvels of the human psyche

Program applicable to all levels of Management, Human Resources, Talent Management, Hedge funds, Athletes, Coaches and Owners of sports teams.

  • Why Sports Teams with more High Fives Win More Games

“Chemistry” is power. From the cutting edge of performance analysis and neuroscience, Denise explains what research is telling us about how our social environments determine our performance. Explaining complex neuroscience in terms that management can actually use, Denise brings a provocative, entertaining and bankable perspective to audiences used to hearing the world’s most desired speakers.

  • No One Decides in a Vacuum      Risk Reflects One’s Group      Your First Bike Ride & Your Risk Profile


Alex Sion

With over 18 years of experience in business, technology and marketing strategy for financial services firms, Alex Sion is poised to become one of the industry’s greatest disruptors.

As an advisor on digital strategory and disruption to global financial leaders such as HSBC, Citi, Bank of Montreal, Bank of Scotland and Barclays, Alex is one of the leading voices in the financial services industry.

Alex is a recognized thought leader, speaker and panelist in the financial services space. He has spoken at large financial services conferences such as American Banker, BAI, Finnovate, Forrester Customer Experience Form, and Association of Financial Technologies. He has also spoken at global leadership forums and executive summits for firms such as: Toronto Dominion, Merrill Lynch, Morgan Stanley, Bank of Montreal, Royal Bank of Scotland, Barclays, Regions Bank, and BBVA.

Something You Can Bank On
5 Predictions for the Next Five Years in Retail Banking

The retail banking industry is at a key turning point. The cost of managing customers through massive branch networks is outstripping many banks’ ability to generate profits.

Meanwhile, a jaded consumer base increasingly interacts with their banks through virtual channels.

Ultimately, these two forces will lead to new distribution models, customer experience platforms, crowd-
sourced business models and other game-changing innovations that will redefine the banking industry.

In this session, Alex Sion, President of Movenbank, will share his predictions for the next five years in retail banking, and his recommendations for what financial institutions must do in order to stay ahead of the curve.

How to Gather $100B in assets over Twitter
Reaching the Next Gen Affluent

For the Baby Boomer generation, affluent service was a combination of high-touch & high class: a personal banker, exclusive events, mahogany furniture and plush carpets. For Generation X, the first group to grow up in the digital and internet age, affluent morphed to include some degree of empowered self-direction and access.
For generations growing up today where digital, internet, social and mobile are the norm…what will “affluent service” mean to them? What impact do these changing expectations have on the future of retail financial services: both banking and brokerage/wealth management?

In this session, Alex Sion, President of Movenbank, will share his perspective on the changing needs and perceptions of the affluent consumer. He’ll also explore the direct implications on the marketing, distribution, sales and service models for serving affluent customers. Answering questions like :

• Do mobile and social matter? How & Why?
• What does “financial planning” look like in a mobile and social world?
• What is the future role of the financial advisor?
• How to make money and win with the mass affluent customer?

Innovation: No Country for Old Men?

Who says that you have to be under the age of 30 and single to launch a start up? Who says that having 2 kids, a wife and a mortgage prohibits you from taking a hard left turn at the point in your career where you should begin to coast and rest on your laurels? Who says that disruption and innovation are the privileged territories of the young, brash and idealistic with little to loose?

In this session, Alex Sion, President of Movenbank, will share his experiences in launching one of the most innovative and disruptive firms in the U.S. start-up community. Movenbank is using mobile payments, social and big data to transform the way people think about money and everyday banking. But in order to launch Movenbank, Alex had to first transform his ideas about career, life, and the meaning of success. Learn about and be inspired by the story of the journey.

Why you can’t innovate your way out of a paper bag
What does it take to drive innovation in perhaps the most stubbornly conservative of all industries: Banking? First, you need a vision of the future. Second, you need the courage and confidence to re-write things that have been written in stone and to get those stones thrown at you. Third, you need to forget everything you know, then stop…look…and listen.
In this session, Alex Sion, President of Movenbank, will talk about the process of disruption and innovation within the context of the Movenbank journey. How did the idea of Movenbank “happen”? How did an idea become a concept? How did a concept organize into a team that embarked on a mission to re-invent perhaps the biggest industry of all? And how did that idea get “sold”? — to the market, to investors, to customers, and to the team itself?