Nancy Friedman

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Gary Goodman

Gary Goodman

Dr. Gary S. Goodman is a unique resource in the fields of customer service, sales, and telemarketing. Combining over twenty years of leading-edge business and consulting experience as President of The Goodman Organization, he is also a best-selling author of twelve books, including Please Don’t Shoot The Messenger!: How To Talk To Demanding Bosses, Clueless Colleagues, Tough Customers, and Difficult Clients Without Losing Your Cool (or Your Job!) ,Monitoring, Measuring & Managing Customer Service and his latest, Dr. Gary S. Goodman’s 77 Best Practices in Negotiation. Read more

David Weinberger

David Weinberger

Dr. David Weinberger’s status as one of the foremost interpreters of technology’s impact on business and society continues to grow. His latest book, Everything Is Miscellaneous: The Power of the New Digital Disorder, reveals new principles for taking advantage of the onrushing flood of information in order to help us pull ourselves together now that we’ve blown ourselves to bits.

Called a “marketing guru” by the Wall Street Journal, Weinberger is co-author of the influential bestseller The Cluetrain Manifesto (1999), and author of the critically acclaimed book Small Pieces Loosely Joined (2002), a highly original and accessible reflection on the human impact of the internet.

Weinberger addresses the key elements of an information and technology revolution that impacts how we organize our businesses, increases our customers’ new-found control of the information they touch, and challenges the core concepts of who and what we trust.

One of the connected economy’s most thought-provoking mavericks, Weinberger is a fellow at Harvard University’s prestigious Berkman Center, a former philosophy professor, NPR commentator, technology columnist, weblogging pioneer, and a dot com entrepreneur. A dynamic and witty speaker, he has received widespread acclaim – and we can prove it! – for captivating presentations to such companies as IBM, Yahoo, Microsoft, Google and Disney.

Weinberger turns his remarkable range of experience and knowledge to the most important question facing every business today: How is technology changing the way my employees, partners and customers are putting themselves together, and how is that changing the basics of my business? The answer will surprise you.
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Dan Janal

Dan Janal

Do you need to teach your staff how to use the Internet for marketing? Or just plain improve their marketing and public relations in the real world so your company can make more money in both business to business (b2b), or business to consumer (b2c)? Do need to promote your company through media appearances or public seminars and need to engage the right person who can be a corporate spokesman? Then you need to learn from the best presenter available! You need the person who has been there at the beginning of the Internet and who has worked with companies like IBM, Reader’s Digest and Sun. You need Dan Janal. Janal is an internationally-recognized speaker, Internet marketer and best-selling author who demystifies technology and makes marketing on the Internet seem easy to accomplish. He delivers interactive, hands-on seminars that help people create individualized marketing tools that can be implemented as soon as they get back to the office. Each of his customized keynotes and workshop seminars is rich with specific examples and case studies, and is provocative, results-oriented, and highly motivational. Read more

Jim McCann

Jim McCann

Jim McCann is a highly successful entrepreneur, public speaker and author whose passion is helping people deliver smiles. Jim’s belief in the universal need for social connections and interaction led to his founding of 1-800-FLOWERS.COM, which he has grown into the world’s leading Florist and Gift Shop and, the leading website for expert party planning content and advice.

McCann’s willingness to embrace new technologies that help people connect and express themselves, such as the Internet, Mobile Commerce and Social Networking, often long before others, has enabled him to stay at the forefront of consumer and social trends.

Recognizing the enormous potential in providing on-the-go consumers with quality gift-giving opportunities, McCann pushed traditional boundaries to create not just one, but several access channels. As his business grew, McCann pioneered its entry into other retail access channels — going online in 1991 and becoming the first merchant of any kind on AOL in 1994.

As a result, McCann has become an award winning public speaker, a published author and a frequent guest on radio and television programs nationwide. In addition to serving as Chairman of the Board of Directors for 1-800-FLOWERS.COM, McCann is a member of the Board of Directors of Willis Group Holdings Limited and Gruppo Lottomatica.
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Chuck Reaves

Chuck Reaves, the founder of Twenty-One Associates, Inc., an Atlanta-based sales training and consulting company, is a popular speaker and trainer, and teacher of sales, management, and personal development programs to audiences all over the world.

Reaves began his sales career at AT&T, where, after ten years as an entry-level employee he was promoted to account executive, and became the highest producer out of 1,100 salespeople. Quickly promoted to sales manager, he received numerous sales honors and awards, and his ability to manage difficult situations gained him distinction within the Bell System, and made him a frequent speaker at AT&T sales schools.

Reaves book, The Theory of 21, is the result of his years of success in the corporate environment, and outlines his proven theory about accomplishing the impossible with astounding results by applying it to his life, and to the lives of others. His latest book, Never Take Money From a Stranger, focuses on how to ask for and receive things that appear to be unattainable.

As a sales facilitation expert, Reaves has developed several presentations dealing with sales, including “Value-Added Selling” and “Guerilla Sales,” and in his role as a speaker, he has influenced people in various occupations all over the world. His ability to deliver a powerful, concise, useful, and entertaining message has earned him recognition from two US presidents and other dignitaries, and numerous honors, including Veteran’s Advocate of the Year, and Outstanding Georgia Citizen. Out of 4,000 members of the National Speakers Association, he is one of less than 100 to have received the coveted Speakers Hall of Fame Award.


Value Added Selling
When the customer says “Your price is too high,” what they really mean is “I don’t perceive the value to be equal to the cost.” The inexperienced salesperson immediately tries to lower the price. The professional, value-added salesperson tries to raise the value. This program teaches the principles and techniques that teach your salespeople how to raise the value of your product or service, in the customer’s mind. It will be customized to your company and industry for maximum effectiveness. For rookie salespeople, the course begins with the basics of sales and incorporates value-added principles into the fundamentals of selling. For seasoned salespeople, this program will build on their experience, while debunking erroneous perceptions that occur naturally in old methods of selling. All your people will develop techniques and habits that are essential for selling in any situation. Your people receive the tools to become consultative resources for your customers. They become positioned higher in the customer’s mind and higher in the client’s organization.

Customer Servicing
The entire area of customer service has gone through an evolution that rivals the changes in any other segment of corporate America. “Excellence” and “Quality” left in their wake companies that are delivering better products and services, and now customers are also demanding the same level of quality in their relationships with their vendors. To develop this program Reaves interviewed, of all people, the customers of his company’s major clients. He learned what their expectations were and what they were looking for in the area of customer service. Then he developed one of the newest, most comprehensive programs to help you address the wants and needs of your clients. Reaves was able to identify six different types of customers, with a migratory pattern that leads from satisfied to dissatisfied customers. He also learned that this pattern is predictable and manageable. This program will teach your customer contact people how to identify and manage each of the six types of customers. It will teach your salespeople and middle managers how to develop programs and techniques to give the right kind of service to the right kind of customer. And, it will show your executives how and why most of your current customer service resources are misspent and what you can do to significantly improve your customer service without making major changes in your budget, marketing strategy or pricing.

Everyone opposes change at some level, even when it has been clearly demonstrated to us that change is inevitable and brings opportunity. Chuck teaches how to recognize the importance and value of change, as well as how to identify ways to make change happen effectively and profitably. People learn to coordinate their personal and professional goals while implementing change, and how to stimulate change in others.

The Theory of 21
For every person who will say yes, there are twenty who will say no. For a positive response, you must find the twenty-first person. This is Chuck’s cornerstone theory that inspires people to set and attain higher goals, recognize and understand negative input, and gain a renewed interest in accomplishing greater things.

Sales Management
Managing the sales professional is not like managing any other employee. Chuck looks at the entire sales process and help the participants decide how they can best manage their sales force, based on quantifiable factors. Coaching, motivating, and incentive programs are covered in new and exciting ways, that help you determine which structure is best for your organization.

Basic Selling Skills
A powerful introduction to sales for new salespeople and a great refresher course for seasoned veterans. This module gives an overview of the sales process and gives pointers for increasing sales efficiency and effectiveness.

Personal Development
The seasoned sales professional typically neglects this important element of sales performance. This module explains the three critical elements of personal development and how to balance each. Senior salespeople respond to this module very positively, saying it is one they’ve never heard before.

Trade Show Selling
If your people exhibit at trade shows, this module can teach them how to use value-added selling in the trade show environment. They will learn the three reasons for trade show participation, and how to use the three stages of trade show selling more effectively.

Selling in a Down Market
In a soft market, a client or potential client has to be approached differently. In this session, Chuck will teach your people how to identify the most appropriate method for calling on a specific account. It teaches them how to position themselves properly for the short term (survival) sales without compromising your future positioning. Too often companies who use a survival strategy such as major price reduction, find it difficult if not impossible to recover from those efforts after the hard times have passed. Chuck uses an approach called displaced overhead which the salesperson can use to preserve existing accounts at their current level of profitability, as well as attract new business.

The Legacy You Leave Behind
Isn’t it ironic that those who used motivation to reach the top can suddenly find themselves unmotivated or even demotivated by their own successes? Why do more than 60% of high achievers in any given year, fail to make it the next year? High achievers follow a pattern that is predictable and measurable. As a result, there are some things you can do to help your best people become better and to help your low achievers become winners. This topic addresses those issues.

Full Biography

Chuck Reaves is the founder of Twenty- One Associates, Inc., an Atlanta based sales training and consulting company. He is a popular professional speakers and trainer who teaches sales, management and personal development programs to audiences all over the world.

After spending ten years as an entry-level employee at AT&T, Reaves was promoted to account executive and became the highest producer out of 1,100 salespeople. He was promoted to sales manager and received numerous honors and awards. His ability to manage difficult situations gained him distinction within the Bell System and made him a frequent speaker at AT&T sales schools.

His first book, “The Theory of 21”, is the result of his years of success in the corporate environment. Reaves has proven his theory about accomplishing the impossible with astounding results by applying it to his life and to the lives of others. His latest book, “Never Take Money from A Stranger”, teaches how to ask for whatever you want and get it.

As a consultant, Reaves has worked with large and small companies to assist them in achieving their impossible goals. He served as the president of a thirty million- dollar bakery, made sales calls for a multi-billion dollar corporation, and even served as press secretary for a congressional candidate. He believes in doing what it takes to accomplish his client’s goals.

As a speaker, Reaves has influenced many people in various occupations all over the world. His ability to deliver a powerful, concise, useful and entertaining message has earned him recognition from two United States Presidents and other dignitaries, as well as numerous honors including “Veteran’s Advocate of the Year” and “Outstanding Georgia Citizen.”

Out of 4,000 members of the National Speakers Association, Reaves is one of only 63 to have received the coveted “Certified Speaking Professional” and “Council of Peers Award for Excellence” designations. He is a frequent guest lecturer at various colleges and universities.