Andy Boynton

Andy Boynton is Dean of Boston College’s Carroll School of Management, one of the world’s leading business schools, the author of several books and co-creator of DeepDive™, the world’s leading methodology for helping executives harness the power of teams to significantly improve problem-solving speed, innovation and results. Prior to joining Boston College, Boynton was a professor of strategy at the International Institute for Management Development (IMD) in Lausanne, Switzerland for 10 years. Boynton wrote his latest book, The Idea Hunter: How to Find the Best Ideas and Make them Happen (Jossey-Bass) with co-authors Bill Fischer and William Bole. His previous books include Virtuoso Teams: Lessons from Teams That Changed Their Worlds (Financial Times-Prentice Hall) and Invented Here: Maximizing Your Organization’s Internal Growth and Profitability (Harvard Business School Press). In addition to his publishing career and role as Dean of the Carroll School of Management, Boynton has over twenty years of experience speaking and designing powerful executive education sessions and seminars for firms around the world. He is often utilized by organizations looking to build more innovative and effective teams. Read more

APPLE – A Tribute To The Beatles

APPLE features the Country’s top Beatles sound-a-likes! APPLE has traveled the World re-creating the Beatles “live in Concert”. With authentic instruments and costumes, APPLE performs the Beatles most Classic and Greatest hits. From “Love me do” to “Let it be” Apple takes you on a grand roller-coaster ride of classic Beatles hits. Featuring precise note-for-note renditions of your favorite Beatles songs! See the four lads with “Mop Top” haircuts and thin black ties, transform into “Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band” And close the show with a final stroll down “Abbey Road”.

Meet The Cast:

Dan Carson… Paul McCartney
Dan brings to the stage the Charm and Enthusiasm of “Sir” Paul McCartney. With exact attention to detail, Dan’s renditions of “Yesterday” and his piano performance of “Hey Jude” are truly Awesome!

Tom Perkins… George Harrison
Tom takes on the role of the “Quiet” Beatle. From “Roll over Beethoven” to “Something”, Tom delivers note-for-note George Harrison guitar licks to pure perfection!

Tim Piper………as John Lennon
Tim is the complete John Lennon. With excellent guitar, harmonica, vocal and keyboard skills, Tim takes the audience on a Grand tour of classic Beatles hits! From “Twist and Shout” to “Revolution” Tim is Brilliant!

Gene Martin…… Ringo Starr
Precise Drumming and Vocals best describes Gene. From “I wanna be your man” to “Yellow Submarine” Gene captures the Personality and Spirit of Rocks most famous Drummer! As Ringo……Gene has no equal.

So don’t miss this theatrical tribute to the greatest Rock N’Roll Band of all time… The Beatles! A Splendid Time Is Guaranteed For All!

Ben Glenn

Ben Glenn, The Chalkguy, is the president of Chalkguy Media International, a company dedicated to sharing a positive, life-changing message of hope with groups all over the world. Ben’s story about growing up Learning Disabled is one that he has shared with thousands inspiring people to have a greater appreciation for their unique talents and abilities. His humorous speeches are filled with personal stories and encouragement for people to live a life based on self-knowledge, personal responsibility and a positive attitude.

Ben is a powerful and entertaining speaker, but he is also much more than that. Part of Ben Glenn’s struggle with traditional learning led him to discover a love of art. A love that he has turned into a dynamic, not-to-be-missed, live art demonstration which wows and astonishes audiences, sweeping them up in an exciting and memorable experience that crowns Ben Glenn’s message as he literally whips together a beautiful drawing in less time than it takes to eat a sandwich!

Ben is a professional and has made over a thousand keynote speeches in his career. He will work with you to make your event as successful as possible.



From Special Ed to Simply Special
Ben’ s personal story of how he was diagnosed as Learning Disabled in Third Grade, the trials and triumphs that followed and what he has learned about overcoming challenging times, learning to appreciate his unique talents and gift and the people who made a difference in his life along the way. Inspiring and eye-opening. This presentation can be customized in a myriad of ways to suit your group.
Topics he can address: anti-bullying, anti-drug, positive attitude, team work, and leadership.

Understanding the Peaks and Pitfalls of ADD in the Classroom
Ever wonder what goes through an ADDer’s mind? Ben is going to tell you all about it! You’ll walk away with a completely different perspective as well as hope that some of the most challenging students in your class can also be your most successful.

The Power of Encouragement
Being a positive influence in another person’s life is one of the greatest things you can do for someone and is an essential skill for any leader. In this program Ben shares seven ways in which you can be an encourager to your staff, students, family or employees.

Tools for Teaching ADD Students Without Losing your Mind
No more boring medical facts and DSM-IV definitions! In this program Ben only shares what’s relevant and practical. You will be able to use what he teaches you in your next class!


God Makes No Junk
This faith-based version of Ben Glenn’s personal journey uses his story to bring to life Jeremiah 29:11. Great for outreach events!

Seeking God Series
Four sessions perfect for week-long/weekend events. In this program Ben works with your group’s theme, weaving it in with fundamental principles of being a follower of Christ. He will help you lead your group into a deeper understanding of who God is, what His plan is for our lives and how we can live as doers of the Word.

Seeking God in the Age of Distraction
As someone who really struggles with focus and keeping still for any extended period of time, Ben has struggled with the idea of “quiet time” for years. Happily, he discovered that there are many ways to spend time with God that do not require quiet or staying still. In this program he shares all of his best tips and tools to help participants take steps towards a more effective time of prayer.

Full Biography

Ben Glenn, The Chalkguy, is the president of Chalkguy Media International, a company dedicated to sharing a positive, life-changing message of hope with groups all over the world. Ben’s humor-packed speeches are filled with personal stories and heartfelt encouragement for individuals to step outside their comfort zones to live a full life based on self-knowledge, personal responsibility and a positive attitude. His own story of growing up Learning Disabled is one that he has shared with thousands, inspiring and motivating students, parents, teachers, sales professionals and professional athletes to have a greater appreciation for their unique talents and abilities.

Ben is a powerful and entertaining speaker, but he is also much more than that. Part of Ben’s struggle with traditional learning led him to discover a love of art. A love that he has turned into a dynamic, not-to-be-missed, live art demonstration which wows and astonishes audiences, sweeping them up in an exciting and memorable experience that crowns Ben’s message as he literally whips together a beautiful drawing in less time than it takes to eat a sandwich!

Importantly, no matter where he is and who he is addressing, Ben always finds a way to tie his message in with the drawing. This integration of both spoken and visual, firmly stamps the presentation and its message into the hearts and minds of all his audiences making Ben one of the most unique, but also relevant speakers you could invite to your event. (His return client base is a testament to the effectiveness of his program – more than 80% first-time clients bring Ben back multiple times within five years of the initial event.)

Because Ben’s core message is so universal in content, he has taken it all over the world, from Australia to Hong Kong to Mexico, and has shared it with many, many diverse groups from schools to churches to Fortune 500 companies. Since 1994, when Ben became a full-time speaker, he’s made over a thousand keynote speeches to audiences ranging from 20 to 75,000. Traveling more than 100,000 miles every year, Ben’s legacy is thousands of people, young and old who have been touched and inspired to make positive changes in their lives.

For those working directly with Ben in preparing for an event, they could not ask for a more flexible and easy-going presenter. He is truly a professional in every sense, collaborating with clients to expedite set-up, respectful of their needs and goals and mindful of the fact that he is there to help make the event as exciting and successful as the client envisions it to be. Ben is as down-to-earth and authentic on-stage as he is off-stage.

As an adult, Ben was officially diagnosed with AD/HD, a challenge he’s had since early school days. After his diagnosis, Ben set out to educate himself and others about this unusual and controversial disorder. Ben’s experiences as an ADDer and his encounters with other ADDers have taken him on a personal mission of removing the stigma that comes from being diagnosed with AD/HD by talking about it openly and with humor whenever he can.

In spite of struggling with both reading and writing, Ben has written a book called Simply Special; Learning to Love your ADD, which is directed at individuals who have AD/HD and designed to help them see the positive aspects of the disorder.

All in all, when you book Ben for your event, you will be getting much more than an inspiring, funny, easy-to-work-with speaker, you will in fact get something that can only be referred to as an “experience” – The Chalkguy Experience!

Finally, as much as Ben loves being a speaker and performing artist, he loves being a husband and father more. Married for over ten years, he, his wife and two daughters live in a great little city called Indianapolis.

Bob Rosner

Bob Rosner

From the corner office to the cube, work is tough. There are competing agendas, lack of loyalty or we’re just burned out. Bob Rosner offers information, insight and inspiration for creating a more engaged workplace. He is a best-selling author and award-winning journalist who has personally responded to over 50,000 emails from bosses and employees. He’s learned that many bosses struggle to listen and many employees struggle to speak up. Bob offers practical strategies and tools to bridge this “empathy” gap. He’s been called “Dilbert, with a solution.” Read more

Bruce Himelstein

Bruce Himmelstein

Recognized as one of today’s top sales and marketing innovators, Bruce Himelstein is credited with leading the recent revitalization of the The Ritz-Carlton Company brand. A 37-year veteran of the hospitality industry, his career evolved from a humble beginning when, right out of college, he became bellman at the Americana Hotel in Albany, New York, and continued to his being named corporate vice president of sales and marketing for The Ritz-Carlton Hotel Company in 2002, following nearly 30 years with Marriott.
Read more

Business With Balls

Business With Balls

Business with Balls-Business with Balls handles many different priorities in running a successful business. Juggling is an effective metaphor for handing business problems and priorities. Business With Balls provides a unique service by incorporating a company’s objectives into interactive and motivational sessions. They challenge people’s perceptions of their own learning ability and at the same time boost levels of energy and self-belief. There is something very powerful about taking a group of people through a new learning experience together and achieving success as a team. Read more

Catherine Ewing

Catherine Ewing

Catherine Ewing, MSW, MDiv, founder of Reawaken Your Dreamer, has spent the last 25 years studying the mind/body/spirit connection. Her passion is to assist others to recognize themselves as spiritual beings and learn to use spiritual practices to heal emotional wounds and their physical manifestations, release limiting beliefs, master their psychology, and move into lives of greater joy, authenticity and purpose. As a Transformational Life Coach, Psychotherapist and inspiring speaker Catherine’s greatest joy is supporting clients and students to transform their deepest wounds into their greatest gifts. Read more

Chi Chi Rodriguez

What separates Chi Chi Rodriguez from the rest is that he has coupled his success on the golf course with a strong personal desire to make a positive impact through his Chi-Chi Rodriguez Youth Foundation. Chi Chi’s foundation is home to troubled and abused youngsters, and its mission is simple: to give kids a chance. “I figure kids are the future. If I made it, anybody can do it. I think I can be a good role model for them because they can look at me and say, ‘Look, he’s a small guy, very poor, and he worked hard and made it.’ If I can help one kid become successful, that’s all I ask for.” Chi Chi Rodriguez’s philanthropic activities on behalf of indigent children through his youth foundation have shown that he is not only a champion in golf, but a champion in life. Legendary on the course for his famous sword dance when he holes a putt, Rodriguez has demonstrated time and again that he’s a great golf champion, and an even greater champion to underprivileged youths and the Hispanic community.


Make it Great: Pride, Passion, and Relentless Determination



Full Biography

Juan Chi Chi Rodriguez is one of the great showmen in sports history. In a career which spans four decades, Chi Chi Rodriguez won 22 Senior PGA Tour victories, 8 regular PGA Tours and has career earnings of over $7 million dollars.

Chi Chi Rodriguez was born in Rio Piedras in 1935, and as a young boy helped his father work the hot, dusty sugar cane fields. He began caddying at the age of six and actually learned how to play golf with clubs fashioned out of guava tree limbs and tin cans hammered into balls.

Chi Chi’s golf expertise began at the age of 12, when he shot a 67. Chi Chi Rodriguez became known for his eye hand coordination and imagination skills that more than 40 years have help him overcome all kinds of obstacles.

It has been said that pound for pound, Chi Chi Rodriguez is the longest hitter in the history of golf. At 5’7″ and weighing 132 pounds, the wiry Puerto Rican has at times driven a golf ball over 350 yards. He has consistently been at over 250 yards throughout his career.

Chi Chi’s talent extends beyond what he does on the golf course, as he has a strong desire to make a positive impact on today’s youth. He has founded the Chi Chi Rodriguez Youth Foundation in Clearwater, Florida, which is a home to troubled and abused youngsters.

Chi Chi’s incredible career includes winning PGA tournaments four times in each of the 1990-91 seasons and was the only winner of back to back events in 1991. He became the first player on the Senior Tour to win the same event three consecutive years, set a senior tour record with eight consecutive birdies en route to a win at the 1987 Silver Pages

Classic, represented Puerto Rico on 12 World Cup Teams, won the Hispanic Achievement Recognition Award (’86) and Replica’s Hispanic Man of the Year (’88), and was inducted into PGA’s World Golf Hall of Fame in 1992.

Despite a strong, successful career, Rodriguez‘s health started failing him and it showed in his game. He fiddled with equipment, worked on his game, tried to find out what was wrong, but couldn’t figure it out. He was feeling weak, had severe stomachaches, and a pain persisted in his jaw, but Chi Chi Rodriguez never saw a doctor. He didn’t believe much in medicine, so he left it unattended.

In October 1998, Chi Chi Rodriguez had a heart attack just before he was to play in a Senior PGA Tour event in California. Fortunately, with the help of doctors and modern-day medicine, Rodriguez has recovered and we will continue seeing him on the golf course doing his famous sword dance when he holes a putt.

Chien-Chi Huang

Chien-Chi Huang is an innovative trainer and marketing entrepreneur, a passionate advocate for Asian American communities and for health equality. With a Masters degree in Mass Communications from Boston University, and over a decade of experience working as a video producer and niche-marketing director, Chien-Chi is an expert in information creation, dissemination and promotion. She has spearheaded several new health initiatives including the Asian Breast Cancer Project, Asian American Problem Gambling Outreach efforts, Asian American Women’s Mental Health Symposium and Asian American Mental Health Forum, to address the unique issues and challenges facing the Asian American community.

A deft community organizer and trainer, Chien-Chi has provided capacity building assistance, technical assistance and network convening to community-based organizations and providers serving Asian Americans. Her work has been featured in mainstream media (the Globe, the Herald, Patriot Ledger, NPI) as well as Asian media outlets (World Journal, Sampan, Asian Spectrum, Asian Boston magazine, Korean Today, etc.) she has also conducted cultural competency trainings and prevention workshops at community health centers, service agencies, conferences, schools and faith-based organizations. Her diagnosis of breast cancer in 2005 and ensuing personal experiences prompted Chien-Chi to speak publicly about the importance of breast self-exam and aftercare for survivors. Chien-Chi is one of the founders of the Immigrants and Refugees Mental Health Network (IRMHN) and currently serves on the National Advisory Council for the Asian Pacific Islander Cancer Survivors Network (APICSN).


Breaking the Silence with Knowledge & Support for Asian Cancer Patients

Compassionate Care from the Patient’s Perspective

When Life Gives You Soybeans, Make Soy Milk (or Tofu for that matter)!

How to Reclaim or Retain Your Identity After Major Transitions in Life

The Key to Providing Culturally & Linguistically Appropriate Care

Full Biography

I am a breast cancer survivor and a community program manager from Boston, Massachusetts. I hope that by sharing my story, I can get others to pay attention to their breast health and see that cancer is treatable.

My cancer journey started in 2005. A few months after I turned 40, I felt a sunburn sensation on my cheeks while I was at my son’s soccer practice. Later, I had a butterfly- shaped rash on my face, and my fingers were red and swollen with papules and crusts in my cuticles. The dermatologist did the blood tests and ruled out lupus and rosacea. He gave me a topical ointment but it did nothing to alleviate the situation. I was very sick with flu-like symptoms, and then I felt the hard lump under my arm one day while lying in bed. I called my doctor and after she examined me, she called for a needle biopsy right away. I knew things were not looking good when she called my husband and suggested he come along to the appointment.

When the doctor said I had breast cancer, I was in total shock. I had just had my very first mammogram done a couple of months before. I decided to have a second opinion, but it confirmed the results—two lumps, one about one centimeter in size and the other one smaller. My survival instinct kicked in, and I thought to myself, ―I have to beat this thing; otherwise my kids will grow up without a mother.

I was fortunate to have Dr. Lin, a Taiwanese oncologist, as my doctor. Communicating with her in my native language was very comforting, and most of all, I knew that she would take care of me as a person, and not just treat the symptoms–this is very important when choosing your doctor. Because I have an aggressive type of breast cancer known as ―triple negative,‖ Dr. Lin suggested I have chemotherapy first, injected directly into the tumor to shrink it, and then a mastectomy including the removal of lymph nodes, followed by radiation. This kind of breast cancer is not responsive to hormone therapy, but the good news is that once you pass the five- year mark, the chances of reoccurrence are very low. My treatment lasted eight months total.

I did not have much discomfort when I started chemo, but I began to lose my hair. So I took a proactive approach and shaved my hair with a friend by my side. I did not think I would cry, but I was very emotional when it actually happened. It was if I were saying goodbye to myself. I have to say that the scariest cancer experience I had was not about losing my hair, or my breast, or my life; it was about losing my mind. I was on Prednisone, a very powerful steroid drug, and I was not aware that the side effects would have an impact on my family and me. I was like a computer that was on all the time and could not shut off. I had very little sleep, and I thought I had the ability to figure out how to solve the Middle East crisis and why the Democrats lost the election. I became depressed, moody and paranoid for about six months. I remember one time, my son asked me to make a P, B & J for him, and I stood there for a long time, not knowing what to do first because the drug had impaired my cognitive behaviors. Now that I look back, I wish someone would have warned me and prepared my family for this hardship. As a result of this experience, I have learned to think outward more and count my blessings rather than focusing on my illness.

When I was in treatment, I went to the support group at a wellness center. It helped to see other survivors, but I was always the only Asian there. I was surprised to learn later that a few Asian-American women I knew had had breast cancer before me, but nobody talked about it. I know that many people out there are still suffering in silence, and that stigma, shame and misinformation prevent people from seeking treatment and support. My own aunt, who emigrated from Taiwan to Hawaii, died of breast cancer because she was afraid of losing her breast and refused surgery.

I wanted to change that, so here I am, ready to serve, empower and advocate on behalf of cancer survivors. Please take the time to learn how to do a breast self-exam. If you don’t know how, have your doctor perform a clinical exam for you. Be informed—find out your family history and if you have risk factors for breast cancer and schedule your mammogram on a regular basis. Pay attention to all your physical symptoms and talk to your doctor. Sometimes, timing is important—women have died because it was too late when they found the cancer.

Chip Bell

Chip Bell has helped many Fortune 100 companies dramatically enhance their bottom lines and marketplace reputation through innovative customer-centric strategies that address the needs of today’s picky, fickle, vocal and “all about me” customers. Dr. Bell reveals the best practices from the organizations leading the customer loyalty charge, giving audiences powerful cutting-edge ideas and unique strategies they can put into practice the minute they leave his keynote. Bell’s impact on audiences is nothing short of extraordinary: over 80% of the groups who hear him bring him back.

Always customer-centered, Bell customizes all his presentations to meet unique organizational needs through a background study, pre-event conference call, and phone interviews to better understand specific audience needs and challenges. He is considered a world renowned authority on customer loyalty and service innovation, writing over 400 articles for many business journals, magazines, and blogs. He has appeared live on CNN, CNBC, CNN, Fox, Bloomberg TV, ABC, and his work has been featured in Fortune, Business Week, Forbes, Fast Company, Inc. Magazine, and Entrepreneur.

Chip has authored six best-selling books including: Managing Knock Your Socks off Service; Customers As Partners; Magnetic Service; and Take Their Breath Away: How Imaginative Service Creates Devoted Customers. His newest is the best-selling book, Wired and Dangerous: How Your Customers Have Changed and What to Do about It. His books have been endorsed by the CEO or presidents of such service greats as Zappos, Starbucks, Ritz-Carlton Hotels, Build-A-Bear Workshops, JetBlue, Marriott, Chick-fil-A and Southwest Airlines. Leadership Excellence Magazine listed him among the top 30 thought leaders in America.


Innovative Service: Strategies for Increasing Growth and Profitst
What do Google, NetFlix, Apple, Nike and Amazon have in common other than rapid growth and amazing profits? They all are considered among the most innovative companies, perpetually seek ingenious ways to delight their customers. Remarkable service for today’s picky, fickle and vocal customers requires a constant and deliberate pursuit of innovative ways to make the customers’ experiences sparkly, but consistent; enriching, but profitable. Since value-added has gotten way too expensive; smart organizations focus on value-unique—novel, not just more. Innovative service paves the way for a “take their breath away” experience that can overcome customer resistance to price during challenging economic times. Based on three of his national best-selling books The 91Ž2 Principles of Innovative Service, Take Their Breath Away: How Imaginative Service Creates Devoted Customers and Service Magic: The Art of Amazing Your Customers, this lively, provocative session draws on Dr. Chip Bell’s 20+ years working with many of the world’s leading brands to help them stay ahead of their competition by maintaining best-in-class customer experience strategies. Attendees leave with countless cutting-edge techniques and a head full of ideas for either reinventing or reigniting the customer experience they deliver to those they serve.

Wired and Dangerous: How Your Customers Have Changed and What to Do About It
Your customers have been forever changed by a perfect storm—the convergence of anxiety created by a tough recession, frustration fostered by too much high tech service without high touch, and the power of being able to voice displeasure instantly to thousands via social media. Organizations that recognize the emerging “customer revolution” and adjust to this new normal customer will thrive; those that continue to use the “tired and true” methods of the past will fail. Today’s customers are picky (demanding value), fickle (quicker to leave), vocal (assertively telling all) and vain (expecting personalized service). Customer expectations are 33% higher this year over last year. And, since word of mouse (social media) today has five times the impact of word of mouth, it takes rethinking the strategies and tactics to ones that change today’s “customer as king” into tomorrow’s “customer as partner.” It requires insuring frontline employees have the authority and capacity to effectively serve in a multi-channel environment. It involves reinventing experiences that create customer ease and delight resulting in loyalty or “stickiness.” Based on his new book by the same title, this powerful, high-energy keynote draws on Dr. Bell’s deep experience consulting with many of the elite service-providing companies plus his cutting edge customer research. Attendees learn proven techniques and innovative tactics needed to drive business growth and reputation.

Innovative Service: Strategies for Creating Growth and Bottom Line Impact
What do Cabela’s, Netflix, Build-A-Bear, Enterprise Rent-A-Car, Progressive Insurance and FedEx have in common, other than incredible business growth? They all have created or reinvented the way they manage the customer experience in their industries. Remarkable service not only requires market and organizational leadership but more importantly a perpetual pursuit of innovative ways to make the customers’ experience sparkly, but consistent; enriching, but profitable. Value-added has gotten way too expensive; smart organizations focus on value-unique. Service innovation paves the way for a “take their breath away” experience that can overcome customer resistance to price during challenging economic times. It requires a contemporary understanding of “responsible freedom” (empowerment) plus leadership practices drawn from the R&D/inventive world. Based on his recent best-selling book, Take Their Breath Away, this lively, provocative session draws on Dr. Chip Bell’s 20+ years working with top leaders from the world’s leading brands to help them stay ahead of the competition by maintaining best-in-breed customer experience strategies. Attendees leave with countless cutting-edge techniques and a head full of ideas for either reinventing or reigniting the service experience they deliver to those they serve. Frontline employees gain competence and courage to start innovating; leaders gain insights and wisdom in ways to add creativity to their strategies and ingenuity to their culture.

Partnership: Building Profitable Professional Relationships That Last
Distinctive service in the professional world can be vastly different than the approach used by a merchant to win a consumer. For the business-to-business world and/or the space of sophisticated products or specialized expertise, the path to success is a long-term, profitable relationship. When those you serve feel like valued partners in a power-free relationship, their expectations are more realistic, they are more forgiving of mistakes, more ardent advocates and their economic investment in the firm or organization deepens. As expectations increase and allegiances becomes more fickle, research convincingly demonstrates it is the depth of the relationship, not the quality of the product or expertise, that retains the relationship. Based on his best-selling book Customers As Partners, Dr. Chip Bell’s insightful, fresh program provides audiences with provocative, yet practical tools, tips and techniques for building profitable relationships that last.

Leading Customer Devotion
Hospitality / Leadership
Managers As Mentors: Building Partnerships For Learning

Act Like A Consultant

Chip Bell Books

Full Biography

Chip R. Bell is the founder of The Chip Bell Group and has offices in the Dallas and Atlanta areas. Chip’s newest book is Wired and Dangerous, co- authored by John Patterson.

Chip’s consulting practice helps organizations build a culture that supports long-term customer loyalty. Prior to starting a consulting firm in the late 1970s, he was Vice President and Director of Management and Organization Development for NCNB, now Bank of America. Dr. Bell holds graduate degrees in organizational psychology and human resource development from Vanderbilt University and George Washington University. He was a highly decorated infantry unit commander in Vietnam with the elite 82nd Airborne Division.

Chip is the author or co-author of nineteen books including Take Their Breath Away: How Imaginative Service Creates Devoted Customers (with John Patterson), Customer Loyalty Guaranteed: Create, Lead, and Sustain Remarkable Customer Service (with John Patterson), Magnetic Service: Secrets for Creating Passionately Devoted Customers (with Bilijack Bell), Service Magic: The Art of Amazing Your Customers (with Ron Zemke), Customers As Partners: Building Relationships That Last, Managers As Mentors: Building Partnerships For Learning, Managing Knock Your Socks Off Service

(with Ron Zemke), Dance Lessons: Six Steps to Great Partnerships in Business and Life (with Heather Shea), Knock Your Socks off Service Recovery (with Ron Zemke) and Beep-Beep: Competing in the Age of the Road Runner (with Oren Harari). His newest book (with John Patterson), Wired and Dangerous: How Customers Have Changed and What to Do About It will be in bookstores in May.

Chip’s insights into customer loyalty and service leadership spans over 300 articles appearing in leading publications including: Quality Digest, Leader to Leader, Journal of Management Consulting, Journal of Quality and Participation, Leadership Excellence, Customer Service Management, Customer Relationship Management, Entrepreneur Magazine, CustomerThink, HR Magazine, Supervisory Management, Sales and Marketing Management, Advanced Management Journal and many others. He has appeared live on CNBC, CNN, ABC, Bloomberg TV, NPR, Voice of America, and Reuters and his work has been featured in the Wall Street Journal, Fortune, USA Today, Inc. Magazine and Business Week.

Chip logs over 100,000 air miles a year working with organizations on creating innovative experiences for customers. Chip empowers organizations to develop a cult-like following which results in dramatic business growth even in challenging economic times. He has served as consultant and/or trainer to such major brands as Ritz-Carlton Hotels, USAA, Universal Orlando, Bank of America, GE, Nissan Infiniti, Microsoft, CVS/Pharmacy, Verizon, Allstate, Eli Lilly, Marriott, Harley-Davidson, Duke Energy, Sears, KPMG, Hertz, Cadillac, Lockheed-Martin and Victoria’s Secret.

On the personal side, He has been married for over forty years to Dr. Nancy Rainey Bell, an attorney and educational consultant. His son is an Atlanta-based commercial real estate specialist and his daughter-in-law is a former middle school teacher. Chip enjoys fishing, boating, entertaining and playing with his three granddaughters, Kaylee, Annabeth and Cassie.