Andrea Beaulieu – WELCOME TO PRESENCE!

Welcome to Presence!
September 4, 2014


What is presence? It’s you, coming alive with the power of your purpose and a message that ignites your audience to act!

It’s that magical combination of credibility, authority and charisma.

It’s an absolutely essential quality to engage your listeners and capture their hearts and minds.

In these posts, I’m sharing everything I know about how to capture the magic of presence so you can achieve your goals.


Authentically yours,

     Andrea Beaulieu


Dealing with the Pressure to Perform!

I’m often called in as a coach when someone is doing a presentation and isn’t feeling confident, or has expanded or wants to expand into a new area and doesn’t know where to start. Almost always, this person feels the pressure to perform. Of course!

Anytime we start something new or something that is out of our comfort zone, we can feel a little pressure (maybe a lot of pressure!), especially if someone else can be affected by our words and actions, which is, let’s face it, always!

Where does this pressure to perform come from?
Let’s see, Freud would say . . . Nah, let’s not go there.

Here’s what I’ve experienced: it comes from expectations. Expectations we hold for ourselves, and the expectations we believe the audience, or client, or boss, holds for us. Isn’t this true? If you’re like me, you might just notice a little fear of being judged thrown in, just for good measure.

Coming Soon: Stage Fright to Stage Free Group Program!