Larry North

Leading expert in health, fitness, nutrition and weight loss, Larry North absolutely refuses to go on a diet. Or have the nerve to ask anyone else to. A leader in the fitness arena since 1983, Larry firmly believes that “any program you can’t do for the rest of your life is not worth doing for a single day.”

Larry North operates cutting edge fitness gyms in across the nation, is the author of several books, and speaks all over the world encouraging people to live a lifestyle encompassing physical, mental & spiritual health. Read more

LeeLee Robert

LeeLee Robert – Cowgirl Swing Jazz! Best known for a style she calls “Cowgirl Jazz,” Arizona native LeeLee Robert has crafted a unique sound that pairs elements of jazz and blues music with the storytelling style of western songs. She combines the subtle colors and textures of jazz and blues with the storytelling strengths of traditional western music. High-energy and inspiring! Read more