Sharon Wood

Sharon Wood holds the distinction of being the first woman from North America to summit Mount Everest, itself an icon of human achievement and a powerful underlying theme for meetings and strategic planning. Sharon’s personal and poignant, gripping and funny, honest and passionately told stories parallel the challenges of striving individuals and organizations, and exemplifies teamwork and leadership. Her team was composed of motivated, passionate individuals who integrated their personal aspirations and strengths with the team’s collective potential to realize a dream that no one person could accomplish alone. Sharon’s team climbed Mount Everest by way of a new and difficult route, a smaller team, without Sherpas and with fewer resources. Their bold approach inspired exemplary character and extraordinary esprit de corps. Sharon’s authenticity, humility, humor and passion are communicated clearly because she lives her life the way she climbed the highest mountain in the world, and her story is not about extraordinary people – her story is about the extraordinary that exists in every individual and team. Twenty years of speaking to diverse audiences enables Sharon to articulate insightful parallels in performing in environments of adversity, challenge and change. Sharon wants to know your story, your audience, focus and timelines in order to design a presentation that will meet your group’s needs. To optimize this process, Sharon is available to discuss your goals before, as well as after, you book her for a presentation. Sharon complements her presentations with excellent photographic and live video footage from her climbing expedition to Everest.


Everest: Insights From a Higher Ground
Sharon Wood teaches, entertains and inspires with her personal story about reaching the top of Mount Everest. Stunning still images and video illustrate the journey of a small team who shared a bold vision to climb the highest mountain in the world by a more difficult route and with fewer physical and financial resources. Her story powerfully demonstrates how exemplary teamwork and leadership can render the impossible possible. Sharon effectively conveys both the individual and the team perspective by stressing the importance of honoring her own passion and dreams while fulfilling a role as a member of a team – a team committed to a shared vision. Sharon’s style is personal and moving. She uses powerful anecdotes and vivid analogies to convey the elements that parallel the challenges of striving individuals and organizations. Sharon’s authentic, humorous and honest approach evokes listeners to consider the value of their own resources and opportunities.

To the Summit and Beyond
More than an adventure story – this is a timeless, universal story about the triumph of the human spirit over adversity. For anyone wanting to be more effective in his or her work or life, Sharon’s story is a powerful inspiration. Each presentation is tailored to the focus and timelines of the audience. Based on the objectives of the client the following themes can be incorporated:

The power of passion and curiosity
Fostering a shared vision
Accomplishing more with less
Thriving through change and adversity
Integrating personal aspirations with team power
Looking outside the box for creative solutions
Maintaining the momentum and staying the course
Believing “better is possible”
Firing on all cylinders
Expanding possibilities
Maximizing courage – diminishing fear
Leading from where you are – personal leadership
Embracing the value of diversity
Being and living our potential
Performing versus conforming
Recognizing, giving and accepting support

Full Biography

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