Sandi Clark

Sandi Clark is a Celebrity Real Estate Agent who is co-authoring a new business book titled, “Leading the Field: Strategies, Advice & Inspiration from World Class Experts,” in which she will share over 25 years of expertise in the field of real estate and the knowledge on how to run a first class business.

Having lived in Orange County, California for over 30 years, Sandi has had the opportunity to watch this dynamic area grow and flourish into the metropolitan area it is today. Her marketing expertise and 30-60-90 day Marketing Plan will inspire and educate your audience on the necessary steps to have a successful sale and business in today’s economy.


Change is Good – Strategies for Starting Over
A heartfelt yet whimsical look at facing life’s problems and starting again with renewed vigor. As a former life coach to entrepreneurs, I had to ask myself some of the same questions I used in coaching. How do we pick ourselves up and keep going? This is the topic of the book.

Repeat business – How to get it!
This deals with nurturing your PAST CLIENTS so they wouldn’t think of using some else for their real estate transactions

The Hidden Language of Sales:
What are you really projecting to your clients? Based on years in the personal style industry as co-owner of Image Works in Irvine, Ca. this program discusses how our clothes and mannerisms influence the way people view us. How do people see you — even before that first word or handshake?

10 Tips to Help You Make More Money and Get a Life Again.
Tired of working 80 hours a week? These tips will help you focus on the activities which produce money-making results, organize your work day, prioritize your time and re-acquaint yourself with your family!

Full Biography

Sandi was always a performer and a teacher. She taught all the kids in her neighborhood how to put on a show. When she found out they couldn’t come swim in her pool, she taught them how to swim too!

In High School, Sandi belonged to everything! As a foreign exchange student to Greece, Sandi learned that we are not all that different and other cultures are exciting. Later at USC, she majored in History and got a teaching credential. To her dismay all the schools wanted were Math and Science majors. It was the era of the space program after all. She had to figure out how to get a job when no one wanted a history teacher.

That experience taught her about perseverance. After long term substitute teaching, she got a job! Having helped open Irvine High School, she was ready for a new challenge; she never realized she was a risk taker until she quit teaching once she got tenure, and opened Image Works, a personal style and development center.

At Image Works, Sandi helped women change and grow into the job they wanted to attain. At first she thought she was only dealing with the outside, but soon realized that changing a woman’s perception about herself changes inside and out.

Her favorite part about that time in her life (aside from getting clothes and makeup at a discount!) was empowering women to become all they could be. After Image Works closed, she realized that though she told others they were NOT their job, that was how she viewed herself. When the job was gone, so was she.

She became depressed and sought to bring herself out of it. She studied and became a Life Coach, helped owners start their own businesses and also helped them make time for fun and family while they built their business.

But, remember she was a performer? Coaching was too solitary for her. She always loved houses: seeing them, decorating them and now, selling them. She discovered real estate was the right fit for her. It allowed her to be her own boss, teach, do makeovers (of houses this time) and promote change and growth for people wanting to do so. All the skills she developed in her previous careers came together in this one.

Asking questions–that’s what Real Estate People do. Sandi’s philosophy is that realtors need to be like a private investigators – seeking the truth. How many times has there been a buyer that states they have to have a particular feature in a house, and then the one they purchase doesn’t have it! How often has a seller said they won’t take a penny less than a certain price, but yet they accept an offer that is many thousands less. Sandi feels a realtor’s job is to ask questions, analyze what is behind the answers and then ask more questions! If we can do that, a whole world opens up to us in our ability to help our clients.

Sandi has been a Hall of Fame member several times and has enjoyed mentoring others in her profession. She has enjoyed being a Radio Host for the First Team inter-office show and has appeared in training videos for the company. CHANGING WITH THE TIMES WILL DO IT EVERY TIME!