Patch Adams

Imagine what it would be like to have the REAL Patch Adams behind the hit movie Patch Adams come to your school, college or company to share his message of wellness, laughter and humor!

Imagine the people he might touch, inspire or alert by meeting and spending time with them in person, in a meaningful way.

Imagine how you, your community, your organization would be enhanced if the principles of love, joy and caring were embraced by every person.

What would it look like? What would it sound like? What would it be like?

All over the world, Patch shares his powerful message on the importance of caring — it’s magic. A change agent for peace, love and justice, Patch Adams likes to stir things up and make people think. He infuses compassion, generosity and humor into every audience. Patch Adams is an in-demand and world renowned speaker who draws crowds wherever he goes.

Whenever you hire Patch to speak to your group, you’re helping Gesundheit. Patch’s speaking engagements are a major source of financial support for the Gesundheit Institute.


The Joy of Caring
This lecture discusses the thrill of helping others. An inspirational talk with much dialogue to explore burnout prevention for caregivers. The focus of this lecture/workshop is the magic and power of care, not only in the patient’s life but also in the caregiver’s life.
1.5 – 3 Hours

Living a Life of Joy
Patch discusses how to discover the incredible thrill of choosing to live everyday with joy. Workshop using an hour of exercises, an hour of ideas on being happy, and the remainder to explore the audacious idea of living each day joyfully. The focus of this lecture/workshop is life as a choice.
1.5 – 4 Hours

Medicine for Fun, Not Funds
Patch introduces Gesundheit as an example of medicine for fun, not funds, and helps the audience design, explore, and implement their own dreams. This talk explores the history, philosophy, and future of Patch’s ultimate vision of the Gesundheit Institute. It includes a dialogue exchange with audience/participants.
1 – 3 Hours

What is Your Love Strategy
This talk discusses the importance of having a strategy for loving yourself, the planet, and others. Patch provides insights into the need for such a strategy and also takes a close look at the conception of love and the theory of strategy. Patch offers his approach and helps the audience design, explore, and implement their own love strategy.
1 – 3 Hours

Living in Community
This lecture introduces a healthy community life. Patch explores what constitutes a healthy community; how one is created, maintained, and what the responsibilities are of its members.
1 – 3 Hours

Humor & Health
This speech looks at the relationship between humor and the health of the individual, community, or society. This lecture is bound to make you laugh and leave you inspired! Patch discusses and shares from his 30+ years of clowning experience.
Time: 1- 3 Hours

Full Biography

Patch Adams, M.D., is a nationally known speaker on wellness, laughter, and humor as well as on health care and health care systems. He approaches the issues of personal, community, and global health with “zestful exuberance,” according to Time Magazine he believes that “the most revolutionary act one can commit in our world is to be happy.”

Dr. Adams is both a medical doctor and a clown…but he is also a social activist who has devoted 30 years to changing America’s healthcare system, a system that he describes as expensive and elitist.

Dr. Adams adds to his training as a physician, his experience as a street clown. In working with health and mental health professionals, he explores the relationship between humor and therapy using his unique blend of knowledge, showmanship, and “hands on” teaching techniques. He says, “I interpret my experience in life as being happy. I want, as a doctor, to say it does matter to your health to be happy. It may be the most important health factor in your life.”

Dr. Adams believes that laughter, joy, and creativity are an integral part of the healing process and therefore true health care must incorporate such life. Doctors and patients in his model relate to each other on the basis of mutual trust, and patients receive plenty of time from their doctors. Allopathic doctors and practitioners of alternative medicine will work side by side. If you think that all sounds like a utopian impossibility, it isn’t.

Dr. Adams and his colleagues practiced medicine at the Gesundheit Institute together in West Virginia that way for 12 years in what he calls their “pilot project.” They saw 15,000 patients. He has devoted his life to the study of what makes people happy.

Through the success of this program at the Arlington, Virginia location, a model health care facility is being planned on 310 acres purchased in Pocahontas County, WV. The Institute will include a 40-bed hospital, a theater, arts and crafts shops, horticulture, and vocational therapy. Over five years ago, Dr. Adams and staff temporarily stopped seeing patients so that they could coordinate plans for raising the necessary funding needed for the Institute’s permanent and expanded home, a “model health care community.” Currently planned is an immediate phase of this dream, a $400,000 WV facility so that their medical service to patients can resume within the next two years.

The Gesundheit Institute addresses, by action, four major issues in health care delivery: the rising cost of care, dehumanization of medicine, malpractice suits, and abuses of third-party insurance system.