Mark Goldstein

As one of the most respected voices in the Age-Aware community, Mark Goldstein has over 25 years of experience in the field of aging and its implications and opportunities. As one of the co-founders of Age Wave, along with Dr. Ken Dychtwald, he has conducted cutting edge research. His list of clients includes the top names in Fortune 1000 as well as many of the largest hospitals and health care systems in America and Europe. Mark covers the demographic, lifestyle, and psychographic trends of the aging boomer and the mature market like few others can, providing a wonderful balance of inspiration, information, and insight. Goldstein’s additional topics include financial services, retail, consumer products, healthcare, travel and tourism, and human resources.


The Reinvention of Retirement
The defining event of the 20th century was the mass aging of our population. By adding 30 years to our lifespan, today we are growing older in an entirely unique way. In this new future, no career will be more important than that of managing the new workforce. This new workforce is now living what we refer to as “cyclic lives” — multiple careers, blended families, re-education, sabbaticals from work, volunteerism, phased retirements, etc. This multimedia presentation explores the implications of the cyclic life, focuses on the key lifestages that influence our attitudes toward work and retirement, and highlights the trends that will shape and reinvent the institutions of Human Resources, retirement, benefits, and life planning. In addition, this program will take a special look at how our quest for lifelong learning and growth can be enhanced by understanding the unique characteristics of our multi-generational society.

Staying on Top of an Ever Changing World: Healthcare in the Age of the New Mature Consumer
As the 80-million strong baby boom migrates to the second half of life, the impact on healthcare will be dramatic. This generation has transformed every stage of life that they have passed through, and now, the baby boom is about to get sick. In this session audiences learn the findings of a national survey Impact Presentations conducted with Roper Worldwide, revealing current research about this “New Mature Consumer” – from the service demands they will place on their healthcare providers to the alternative and complementary therapies they seek. Included are the findings of more than 500 physician interviews that explore their unique perspectives on the future of healthcare, career concerns, and the practice of medicine. This generation will not only be the largest mature consumer segment, it will be the longest lived. The discussion will also illustrate the profound impact this social revolution will have beyond healthcare to education, leisure, the family, media, marketing, and other American institutions.

Maximizing Opportunities Of The Mature Market: Unlocking the Generational Code
A unique aspect of the longevity revolution is that we now have six living generations. Each generation is like a separate “culture,” driven by its own unique values. The 80-million strong baby boom generation is so large it comprises the entire mid-life segment of the population. Our senior segment is also at a distinct moment in time as it is comprised of three separate generations: Depression, WWII and the Ikes. Using Flash animation, this unique multi-media presentation explores the defining events and values that characterize each of these six living generations. Communications, service, and marketing approaches that worked with our traditional older senior will fall short with the “New Mature Healthcare Consumer.” This presentation will not only define this gap, but will also define the sales, service, and empathy skills necessary to bridge this gap and provide the keys to “unlocking the generational code.” (This program is designed to be delivered either as a 90-minute keynote or half-day training with interactive exercises and detailed strategies.)

Genomics & Aging Leadership Workshop
From the evolution of the “New Mature Consumer” to the influence of the sequencing of the human genome, healthcare as we know it is about to change — permanently. Will the advent of genomic medicine prove to be “a terrible gift”? How will breakthroughs in the brave new world of genomic medicine and the rising age wave dramatically alter our abilities to diagnose, treat and prevent disease? What is the profile of this “New Mature Consumer”? How will healthcare leaders address the unprecedented challenges to our concerns with privacy, risk, ethics, and cost? What are the physical, social, economic and political crises healthcare leaders will face as we age into this new future? This unique presentation/ workshop frames the key issues, explores strategies, and seeks answers to key questions healthcare leaders are about to confront in 21st century healthcare. (In this half-day workshop/board retreat, IPG is joined by colleague Rick J. Carlson, author of the bestselling The Terrible Gift: The Brave New World of Genomic Medicine).

21st Century Healthcare; Are we Headed for a Perfect Storm?
While we are living longer and better than ever, we are simultaneously heading toward a future in which chronic disease, frailty, and a variety of long-term health problems will be pervasive. From mass dementia and the caregiving crisis to intergenerational equity and “Geriassic Park,” we are heading into uncharted ground. As our 50 population grows by 10,000 per day, and the 65 grow from 34 million today to 70 million by 2030, our emphasis on community-based care services will need to grow dramatically. These consumers will be both “sick and well.” Is our delivery system designed for this future? This presentation explores success strategies and pathways to solutions for healthcare organizations attempting to redefine their future.