The Love Your Life Guys

Love Your Life and It Will Love You Back… Through their unique philosophies, Sourena Vasseghi and Rich Finley point out the ways laughter and personal accountability can empower audiences to the highest levels of success and happiness in three key areas of life: business, love, and controlling one’s own destiny. Using pivotal moments from both their lives as teaching points, The Love Your Life Guys help audiences see their own challenges as opportunities, and not obstacles. The Love Your Life Guys tell stories and anecdotes not only from their lives but also from building a unique business together. They emphasize how to take most situations one may be born into, or that life may suddenly throw at them, and use it to fuel their passion and drive. Rich’s conversational style and performance background coupled with Sourena’s story captivates everyone they speak for with laughter, heart and oftentimes contrarian point of view for how to work and live with new purpose and appreciation.


  • The Importance of Teamwork
  • Encouraging Personal Accountability
  • Nudging People Outside Their Comfort Zones
  • Inspiring People to Control Their Own Destinies
  • The Importance of Eliminating Excuses