Kordell Norton

Kordell Norton is a high energy and entertaining international speaker on driving explosive business growth for your organization since 2004. He works with corporations, associations, governments, and educators. His presentations on Branding, Sales Growth, Marketing, and Leadership are interactive and get results. A professional member of the National Speakers Association, he is a CSP (Certified Speaking Professional) and a Past President of the Ohio Chapter.

Kordell works with executives as a Certified Graphic Facilitator, and has helped hundreds of organizations create their Branding, Strategy and Marketing Plans using a highly visual and dynamic process that builds inspiring leadership and high performance teams.

Kordell is author of four books including Throwing Gas on the Fire: Creating drastic change in Sales and Marketing, and Marketing Moxie: Connecting with Customers & Strategies for Explosive Business Growth. He was a senior executive with several multi-billion dollar companies with key corporate roles in sales, marketing, operations, HR, and call centers.

Program (Business Growth, Branding, Marketing)

The Four Elements of Branding

Hold onto your seat! In this fast-paced, humorous and mind-shaking session you will get insights on how to brand your organization for growth, customize your message with your various prospects, look at ways branding can help or hinder your efforts and learn easy methods to drastically improve your results.

  • Get tips on ways to brand your business with the least amount of effort for the greatest return.
  • Discover how to present your value so customers will take action now.

Come laugh and learn how Chocolate, Elephants, and Wrinkle Remover can get results and growth for your organization. Find out how “Cheesecake and Grocery Bags” can help you get more motivated customers who will “buy” now. Highly interactive, entertaining, and packed with insights and tools to help you move your group to the next level.

Program (Business Growth, Marketing, Branding, Meeting Management, Creativity)

Adding Pizzazz, Zing, and Zip to Your Next Event – Driving word of mouth advertising THROUGH THE ROOF

In this highly interactive session, participants get to C.A.S.E. (Copy and Steal Everything) ideas from each other. They take their best ideas and run them through the Event & Experience Builder Worksheet. This tool draws best in class practices and insights from the most successful organizations including Hollywood, Disney, Nicole Kidman, and others. At the end of the session, participants will have marketing plans and events that have WOW. Their events develop Word-of-mouth zing and advertising explodes. Help your participants get results, have fun, and develop creative events, marketing, and participation.

Program (Sales, the Consultative and Trusted Advisor, Business Growth)

Say Less . . . Sell More – Consultative Sales Skills for Strategic Relationships as a Trusted Advisor

“And I thought I had heard it all before,” said the 25 year sales veteran at the end of the training. “But this IS new.”

Research is now showing that the practices of most sales people do not work. “Closing techniques”, “overcoming objections”, “features and benefits” were invented in the 1920’s and not only don’t work, THEY DRIVE AWAY CUSTOMERS!

Cutting edge sales skills now require the consultative skills of a doctor or lawyer. To become a trusted advisor you have to know the four types of questions that are used by top achievers. You must learn how to pull out the customer’s priorities, passions, and problems . . . to become consultative.

In Say Less . . . Sell More you will:

· Learn how to comfortably “move up the food chain” and engage senior executives who have the economic ability to say “yes”. . . even when they don’t have the budget.

  • Motivate customer’s to take action NOW.
  • Find out the one thing that top producing sales representatives ALL do that sets them apart from mediocrity.
  • Discover how to create “champions” within your customers, who sell you internally.

This session will give you an easy to use method that is brilliant and yet simple, that gets results. You will find yourself selling in ways that make you a strategic partner. You will be able to proactively control the sale using your clients own vision and directions based on the skills you get in this session.

Come and see why 41 Universities now use this information to train their corporate clients.




Speaker, Author, Consultant

Kordell Norton, CSP – is a revenue mechanic for organizations who want to grow their sales, create powerful marketing, and move customer service past “wow” levels. His consulting firm works with organizations like IBM, L’Oreal, Mars, PNC Banks, University Hospitals as well as associations, government, education and corporate clients internationally. He is also a Charisma Coach for businesses and individuals who want to become more magnetic and . . . charismatic.

His entertaining, high energy, and motivating presentations are jam packed with insight . . . and humor, on how to grow organization revenue and size. A Certified Speaking Professional (CSP) member of the National Speakers Association and past President of the Ohio Chapter, he is the author of 7 books and adjunct faculty to 7 universities.

A former senior executive with several multibillion dollar companies, he has:

  • Managed a $31 million dollar marketing budget promoting little names like IBM, Hewlett Packard, Microsoft, Apple and others.
  • Vice President of 500 Call Center agents who fielded 250,000 phone calls a month
  • Regional and National Sales Management and Training
  • Director of Human Resources for 5,600 employees

Said one of his clients “watching Kordell present is like watching popcorn pop . . . without a lid.”

Expertise: Branding | BUSINESS | Creativity | Marketing | SALES / MARKETING