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Kare Anderson’s TED talk on The Web of Humanity: Be an Opportunity Maker has attracted over 2.5 million views. She is an Emmy-winning former NBC and Wall Street Journal journalist, now a speaker on connective behavior and quotability. Her TEDx talk on Redefine Your Life Around a Mutuality Mindset is now a standard session for employees and invited clients at 14 national and global corporations. Her ideas have been cited in 16 books. Her clients are as diverse as Salesforce, Novartis, and The Skoll Foundation. She was a founding board member of Annie’s Homegrown and co-founder of nine women’s political PACs. For Obama’s first presidential campaign she created over 208 issues formation teams. She was Pacific Telesis’ first Cable TV and Wideband Division Director and a founding board member of Annie’s Homegrown. Kare is the author of How We Can Be Greater Together, Opportunity Makers, Mutuality Matters, Moving From Me to We, Beauty Inside Out, Walk Your Talk, Getting What You Want, and Resolving Conflict Sooner. She serves on the boards of The Business Innovation Factory, TEDxMarin, and World Affairs Council Marin.

Become More Quotable and Connected in This Increasingly Complex World. Attendees literally see how to become top-of-mind in their world as Kare Anderson, Emmy-winning former Wall Street Journal and NBC journalist literally demonstrates behavioral research-based ways to connect better with more kinds of people. From scientists to pro athletes, thousands of people have adopted Kare’s connective cues to become more quoted and accomplish great things. She honors three audience members by name as positive examples.

Kare leaves audiences laughing and feeling closer as they learn. As a trailblazer in media, business and government, Anderson offers cutting edge insights, unforgettable vignettes and actionable tips. She was the first Cable and Wideband director for Pacific Telesis, a founding board member of Annie’s Homegrown, co-founder of nine political action committees, a state senator’s chief of staff, and a journalist covering business and trends in five countries. For two venture capital firms she’s provided strategic communication coaching for their clients, 48 start-up companies and three pre-IPO teams.


Forge Smart Partnerships to Thrive in Tough Times
Become top-of-mind in your market by forging the partnerships that generate stand out value and visibility. Kare has crafted over 40 successful alliance strategies for clients as diverse as Legos, Siemens and Mayo Clinic. Discover the seven proven methods that any kind or size of organization can use to burnish their brand and attract more clients and per-client spending without spending more. Learn the steps, pitfalls to avoid, success stories and eight ways to jumpstart your first, partnership-based outreach action from the author of Walk Your Talk: Grow Your Business Faster Through Partnerships. Leave ready to jumpstart your first profitable partnership.

Create the On-Site Experience That Builds Bragging Rights
Just as a movie director storyboards the sequence of scenes to pull audiences into the story, you can increase the number of positive moments your audience feels when stepping into your place or event. From the first sight to the last touch, increase the multi-sensory cues that nudge people to participate, buy, return and refer others. Hospitals, hotel, conferences and stores have all evoked greater experiences, using Kare’s storyboarding method. Discover how to conduct an Exposures Audit, then craft the moment-by-moment, one-of-a-kind experiences that others rave about.

How Exhibitors Pull More Prospects Closer to Buying: 30 Tips in 30 Minutes
Show your exhibitors how much you appreciate their participation. Offer this idea-packed session after they’ve set up their exhibits and when the trade show floor not open.

Exhibitors learn how to keep hot prospects involved, even when others dominate conversation, and ho to make their booth, brochures, and staff image complementary, rather than clashing and confusing. They’ll hear about three no-fail traffic-builders, actions that ambush or intimidate, clothing patterns that shorten attention, and more. Kare has won rave reviews for this session at over 100 conferences where she’s also presented a program for all attendees. Bonus: Offer attendees Kare’s Hot Tip Sheet to exhibitors.

Customized Programs
Kare will customize keynotes, speeches, and break out sessions for your company or organization, to make the most out of your meetings and employee gatherings.


From scientists to salespeople, thousands have learned to become happier and higher-performing with others by adopting Kare Anderson’s life-affirming methods. This once “phobically shy,” Emmy-winning TV commentator turned public speaker shows how to communicate to connect. Through Kare you can discover how to become more clear, compelling, collaborative, client-attracting, and quotable.

Kare’s the publisher of the international “Say It Better” ezine. She’s the author of several books, including Getting What You Want (in 19 languages), Resolving Conflict Sooner, Walk Your Talk: Grow Your Business Faster Through Successful Cross-Promotional Partnerships, and Beauty Inside Out.

She’s a trailblazer in media, business, and politics and a former journalist for the Wall Street Journal, Le Monde, UPI, and other newspapers. Kare was Pacific Telesis’ first Wideband and Cable Division Director, a co-founder of a national public affairs and advertising firm, and now president of the Say it Better Center. In government, she was a state senator’s chief of staff, co-founder of nine political action committees and appointed commissioner. Kare’s a frequent strategic communication coach to leaders in business and government.

Kare has a joint MA in Urban Planning from Occidental College and the University of Southern California and a Certificate in Economics for Practicing Journalists from the London School of Economics, and she was a Fellow with the Coro Foundation in Public Affairs.

Her clients are as diverse as Sony, Nomura Securities, National Renewable Energy Labs, Pfizer, Hewlett Packard, and Ringling Brothers. As David Rockefeller Jr. said after hearing Kare speak, “She will forever change how you see yourself and your world.”

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