John Hersey

Thirty years as a successful corporate leader and entrepreneur have given John Hersey a unique perspective on human behavior, leadership, motivation and change. At the age of 28, John was Vice President of Marketing for a $1 Billion Bank, the oldest and one of the largest mutual savings banks in North America. By age 34, he was Senior Vice President of Marketing for the 18th largest advertising agency in the U.S.

John shows his audiences why an environment of contagious leaders is not pie in the sky thinking, not complicated, not expensive, and above all, not an option. When John’s book, Creating Contagious Leadership, is a low-cost, high-return formula that brings clarity and simplicity to the challenge of cultivating company-wide leadership.

A veteran in business, John has been a hands-on student of effective leadership for 30 years. His experience ranges from middle to senior management, from large to small companies, in a variety of industries.

For several years John has worked closely with a number of regions at Wells Fargo Home Mortgage, the premiere mortgage company in the US. Within 12 months of implementing John’s Creating Contagious Leadership program, one region rose from #20 of 28 to #2 in the company.

If you’re looking for a business expert who…


  • Helps employees to excel and involve customers as their partners
  • Provides practical leadership solutions that get results
  • Entertains with warm and humorous anecdotes

…then John Hersey is the right presenter for you.

Anyone can deliver a speech. Awakening, Inspiring and Igniting leadership that produces measurable results, that’s a different matter.



Being an Unforgettable Leader
Being ordinary is dangerous, frustrating, and risky. Success is all about being unforgettable. How unforgettable is your company, are your employees? This is Johns most popular keynote presentation. It includes his unforgettable stories including Francos Bella, Bella Bella Restaurant story, the Provident Bank’s precious mistake, his Being Unforgettable 3-pronged formula and more. In it, he illuminates the price of being ordinary, importance of basic routine, relationships, changing your perspective, having fun, and more. John has the hottest presentation on the market today.

Creating Contagious Leadership
Infuse your organization with a renewed sense of commitment, excitement and possibility by challenging each person to practice the habits of contagious leadership. Your audience will laugh, learn and emerge having more focus, more fun, more involvement and more results. Optimism and creativity are renewed, teamwork is strengthened, productivity is increased and attrition is diminished.

More Sales, Less Selling
John will transform the way your audience thinks of itself and how they view customers and prospects. This keynote is highly interactive. Participants will learn to slow down to go fast, get to know the customer/prospect, and improve their sales productivity. If increased sales productivity is your goal, this step-by-step approach of applying behavioral techniques to the sales process offers a powerful solution.

Speak And Be Heard
In this highly interactive keynote John enhances your audiences leadership skills by helping participants: gain a deep insight into their own communication style, learn to quickly recognize the preferred communication style of others, and to adapt their style to the other person for increased effectiveness. Individuals develop a renewed sense of contribution to the organization; teamwork and productivity improve, and leave with an overall increase in optimism and creativity.


Full Biography

Thirty years as a successful corporate leader and entrepreneur have given John Hersey a unique perspective on human behavior, leadership, motivation and change.

John’s motivational speaking, coaching and consulting programs are rich with content and packed with actionable fresh insights. He knows about leadership because that is exactly what he has done throughout his career-lead organizations and teams.

At the age of 28, John was Vice President of Marketing for a $1 Billion Bank. By 34, he was Senior Vice President for one of the top advertising agencies in the country. He managed major advertising brands in the footwear, retail, consumer product, insurance and financial service sectors with collective media budgets in excess of $30 Million.

John led the team that helped Stanley Tools become an international household name and the brand of choice for millions worldwide. He co-founded The Hersey Custom Shoe Company , included in The Best of The Best and rated by Runners World Magazine as the best new shoe for 1982 and 1983. He founded BBH International, a distribution company with operations in the U.S. and 10 foreign countries. In addition, John was Director of Worldwide Marketing for a Nutrition Company operating in six countries.

As a skilled entrepreneur, John spearheaded the creation of Buyers Online, a publicly traded telecommunications company that is dedicated to connecting buyers and sellers. As a Certified Professional Behavioral and Values Analyst, he brings his expertise regarding the impact of behavior on communication, sales and leadership to every program and event.

In addition, John is:
The featured Leadership Columnist for the Phoenix Business Journal.
Author of “Finding and Keeping Great Leaders – CEO’s Explain How Corporate Culture Shapes Potential Leaders”.
Author of the highly acclaimed book, “Creating Contagious Leadership”.
Past President of the National Speakers Association Arizona Chapter.
Certified in TriMetrix, an advanced position benchmarking and talent management tool.

As Volunteers and Philanthropists, John and his wife, Beverly Belury, actively support the McKenzie Monks Foundation, which helps kids cope with cancer, Junior Achievement, The Fountain Hills Chamber of Commerce, and the Boys & Girls Clubs of Scottsdale, where serves as a speech mentor to the Youth of the Year contenders.

A few of John’s clients include American Express, CIGNA, Data Systems International, GlaxoSmithKlein, The International Council of Shopping Centers, Kaiser Permanente, MassMutual, PFPC, Scottsdale Insurance, University of Phoenix, and Wells Fargo Home Mortgage, among others.

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