John Bogle

Named by Fortune magazine as one of the investment industry’s four giants of the 20th century, John Bogle is a titan of the investment world and a hero to independent investors.

The founder and former chairman of The Vanguard Group–the world’s largest no-load mutual fund organization–John Bogle now shares with audiences his proven, common sense philosophies for investing. No matter what your investment experience, Bogle’s practical and unique insights can be used immediately as a springboard to success.

Bogle is the author of John Bogle on Investing and Common Sense on Mutual Funds. His most recent book is Character Counts, the story of how Vanguard was born, why it has flourished and which leadership principles and management practices fostered Vanguard’s development. In 2004, TIME magazine named Mr. Bogle as one of the world’s 100 most powerful and influential people. In the same year, he received the Woodrow Wilson Award from Princeton University for “distinguished achievement in the nation’s service.”

Bogle understands how important a simple investment strategy is and he shows audiences how a simple investment strategy can result in investment success – and how counterproductive emotions can forfeit that investment success.


Why We Lost Faith in Wall Street – And What To Do
Investing is an act of faith, and Wall Street broke that faith with speculative greed. In the midst of a crisis of faith, what is an investor to do? Bogle shares indispensable advice for investing in the current economic climate, with resolute faith in the strength and resilience of the American economy.

Enough: True Measures of Money, Business, and Life
For a critical element of American society, including many of its wealthiest and most powerful, there seems to be no limit today on what “enough” entails. The excesses are most starkly visible in the continuing crisis in banking and investment, to say nothing of the billion-dollar-plus annual paychecks that top hedge-fund managers draw down and the excessive compensation paid to CEOs, regardless of performance. Mr. Bogle offers his unparalleled insights on money, on the values we should emulate in our business and professional callings, and on what we should consider as the true treasures in our lives. By explaining what “enough” truly is, he demonstrates how close everyone can be to having it.

Character Counts: The Creation and Building of The Vanguard Group
Vanguard has grown to become the world’s largest no-load mutual fund organization and by far the world’s lowest-cost provider of financial services to independent investors. But far more than its unprecedented size and remarkable rate of growth, it is Vanguard’s concern for the rights of the independent investor that mark it as the most truly progressive company in the mutual fund industry.” Character Counts presents Bogle at his most straightforward and unvarnished.

The Battle for the Soul of Capitalism
In this speech Bogle talks about the failures of the American financial system and the grotesque abuses that have taken place in recent years. A zealous advocate for the small investor for more than fifty years, Bogle champions the restoration of integrity in industry practices. He tells the story of what went wrong but, more important, the story of why we lost our way and of how we can right our course.


Full Biography

John C. Bogle, is founder of The Vanguard Group, Inc., and president of Vanguard’s Bogle Financial Markets Research Center. He created Vanguard in 1974 and served as chairman and chief executive officer until 1996 and senior chairman until 2000. He had been associated with a predecessor company since 1951, immediately following his graduation from Princeton University, magna cum laude in Economics. He is a graduate of Blair Academy, Class of 1947.The Vanguard Group is one of the two largest mutual fund organizations in the world. Headquartered in Malvern, Pennsylvania, Vanguard comprises more than 100 mutual funds with current assets totaling about $950 billion.

Vanguard 500 Index Fund, the largest fund in the group, was founded by Bogle in 1975. It was the first index mutual fund. In 2004, TIME magazine named Bogle as one of the world’s 100 most powerful and influential people and Institutional Investor presented him with its Lifetime Achievement Award. In 1999, FORTUNE designated him as one of the investment industry’s four “Giants of the 20th Century.” In the same year, he received the Woodrow Wilson Award from Princeton University for “distinguished achievement in the nation’s service.” In 1997, he was named one of the “Financial Leaders of the 20th Century” in Leadership in Financial Services (Macmillan Press Ltd., 1997).

In 1998, Bogle was presented the Award for Professional Excellence from the Association for Investment Management and Research, and in 1999 he was inducted into the Hall of Fame of the Fixed Income Analysts Society, Inc. In 1993, he received the Philadelphia Investment Achievement Award from the Financial Analysts of Philadelphia.

Investors have purchased more than 500,000 copies of Bogle’s books. His first book, Bogle on Mutual Funds: New Perspectives/or the Intelligent Investor (Irwin Professional Publishing, 1993), has been a best-selling investment book since publication. Irwin is also the publisher of John Bogle and the Vanguard Experiment: One Man’s Quest to Transform the Mutual Fund Industry, by Robert Slater (1996). Bogle’s second book, Common Sense on Mutual Funds: New Imperatives for the Intelligent Investor (John Wiley & Sons, 1999), is also a best-seller, and his third book, John Bogle on Investing: The First 50 Years (McGraw-Hill, 2000), has also met with critical acclaim. His fourth book, Character Counts: The Creation and Building of The Vanguard Group (McGraw-Hill), was published in 2002. His fifth book, The Battle for the Soul of Capitalism (Yale University Press), was published in 2005.

Bogle served as chairman of the Board of Governors of the Investment Company Institute in 1969-1970, and as a member of the Board from 1969-1974. In 1997, he was appointed by then-U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission Chairman Arthur Levitt to serve on the Independence Standards Board. In 2000, he was named by the Commonwealth’s Chamber of Commerce as Pennsylvania’s Business Leader of the Year.

He has served as chairman of the Board of the National Constitution Center since September 1999, and is a director of Instinct Corporation, a member of The Conference Board’s Commission on Public Trust and Private Enterprise and a member of the American Philosophical Society. A Trustee of Blair Academy, he served as chairman from 1986-2001. He also serves on the Investment Committee of the Phi Beta Kappa Society. He has received honorary doctorate degrees from Princeton University, University of Delaware, University of Rochester, New School University, Susquehanna University, Eastern University, Widener University, Albright College, Pennsylvania State University and Drexel University.

Bogle was born in Montclair, New Jersey, on May 8, 1929. He now resides in Bryn Mawr, Pennsylvania, with his wife, Eve. They are the parents of six children and the grandparents of twelve.

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