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Best-Selling Author Garrett Oliver is the brew-master of The Brooklyn Brewery, the Editor-in-Chief of “The Oxford Companion to Beer“, and the author of the award-winning book “The Brewmaster’s Table…

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This year the fall meeting season will again embrace 9/11, one of the most memorable dates in American history. Most Americans will never forget where they were on that fateful day. Take time to remember the tragedy, how we all pulled together as a nation, and began to remember why we are still the greatest nation.

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This year the fall meeting season will again embrace 9/11, one of the most memorable dates in American history.

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Tim Gard

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9/11 Survivor


From the rubble: 9/11 survivor picks up pieces. GENELLE GUZMAN, THE LAST PERSON RESCUED ON 9/11 experienced a miracle after 27 hours. Only one explanation really makes sense. . .
If you believe in miracles, Genelle’s survival was just that – a miracle. “Somebody had to be the last”

United States Veteran


A police officer trapped inside a burning vehicle, Jason suffered extreme burns to over 40% of his body, dramatically altering his appearance. His incredible story of survival is now his calling, sharing a new perspective on life, rebirth and transformation in an event you’ll never forget.

F-14 Tomcat Fighter Pilot


The first ever female F-14 Tomcat Fighter Pilot in the U.S. Navy, CAREY LOHRENZ brings her experience of fast-moving, dynamic environments, where poor decision-making can lead to catastrophe, to the world of business strategy.


CBA SPEAKERS BUREAU was founded with the single focus: making a resounding impression on organizations by providing keynote speakers, motivational speakers, celebrity speakers, sports stars, and corporate entertainers to clients all over the world for their meetings, conferences and events.

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