Gerard Senehi

Gerard Senehi has been the talk of the corporate and private party circuit since he landed in the Big Apple almost ten years ago. Internationally recognized as a “superstar” in psychic entertainment, he’s a master of telekinesis, thought reading, and telepathy, and often has members of his audience – to their total astonishment – mysteriously and successfully perform impossible feats. With a joyful and impromptu style, Senehi’s performances sweep people out of ordinary reality. “Could this possibly be for real?” people ask themselves after the dust settles and they regain the ground under their feet. After all, they witnessed it with their very own eyes!

His light-hearted approach to these serious demonstrations catches even the most resolute cynics off guard. Despite unconventional, in-depth studies and research in psychology and paranormal phenomena at Amherst College, an advanced degree in Psychology, and meetings with hundreds of psychics from around the world, he himself is never able to make sense of it all. This is fortunate since it means he is willing to boldly risk stretching the very fabric of reality to discover a place where entertainment happens in an altogether different dimension. So, you’re not really sure what he does? Welcome! You have just entered the Zone of the Experimentalist!


Expanding Possibilities
The “Expanding Possibilities” presentation weaves new insights and questions about possibilities ahead into one of the most entertaining and mystifying performances of mentalism today. Through playful and captivating demonstrations of impossible feats, Gerard’s work disarms everyone, leaving even the most resolute skeptic open and curious. Within that space, he encourages people to consider themselves and their world in a more expansive ways.

The Experimentalist
A show with the Experimentalist is a collective voyage into the unexpected and the inexplicable. It brings people together in a unique experience in which they are slightly unsettled by witnessing something that is impossible to explain, while at the same time thoroughly enjoying themselves. A master of telekinesis, thought reading and telepathy, Gerard will even have members of the audience successfully perform these impossible feats themselves! Venturing into and out of spectator’s minds, animating and altering inanimate objects, and being willing to experiment in all areas of the paranormal, he seems to effortlessly defy the laws of nature. Is all this really possible? One would say “no.” So how are we to explain it as there is no doubt that it is happening? Consider this: a certified letter containing a prediction arrives at a client’s office days before the show. The Experimentalist never goes near it. During the show the recipient opens the envelope and it contains a typed prediction like no other ever made, revealing cosmic coincidences, global events that happened since the letter was mailed, and unforeseeable events that occurred only minutes earlier during the very same show!

Walk Around and Closeup Shows
The Experimentalist brings mentalism to an intimate walk-around format. Unpredictable and spontaneous with a disarming lightness, Gerard innocently catches people off guard as he uses their own personal effects or thoughts to demonstrate impossible feats right in front of their eyes. Items in people’s hands will move, or change shape, thoughts are inexplicably revealed and so many areas of the paranormal are touched upon. With a no-prop impromptu approach, his work cannot be explained even as the most brilliant skill in “sleight of hand.”

Corporate Entertainment Taken to the Outer Limits
For your special corporate event, Gerard Senehi is a corporate entertainer who can transport an audience from their normal corporate environment to another dimension. Audiences know they have witnessed a one-of-a-kind event.

Is it Entertainment or Something More???
In corporate events, clients have made connections between Gerard’s performance and innovation, breaking limits, creativity, and being open to new possibilities. There has been no need to make contrived speeches about this connection, but merely to hint at it. The unexpected and captivating creativity, originality, and mystery of his mentalism makes the point in a very unexpected way.

A Stand-up and Stage show is ideal for a corporate event. It elevates a corporate event with the presence of something truly special and unique.

– It gives everyone a common experience of a truly special event
– It brings people together in sharing a rare experience outside their normal corporate relationships
– It expands the audience’s view of what is possible
– It promotes creativity and openness to new ideas

Gerard Senehi is one of few corporate entertainers worldwide to perform mentalism as walk-around, demonstrating many fields of the paranormal. In a corporate setting, a walk-around show is ideal when the format doesn’t lend itself to a formal presentation. It offers a special up close experience of inexplicable phenomena for a corporate event.

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